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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Fire, 586:Triad, the Law of Magnetic Control - love. Again lower down on the second plane of the Personality,Fire, 588:of the Mahachohan being the synthesizer of the lower four in our planetary scheme) have aFire, 588:fourth Kingdom form a point of harmony for the lower three, and all four then pass into the majorFire, 589:the human, and with the three laws of the three lower worlds. 83 The Three Outpourings. "In theFire, 589:the side on our right hand until it reaches the lower mental level. It will be noted that in bothFire, 590:activity and love, of the Logos. In their lower aspect these centers are known as the centers ofFire, 595:plane comes the powerful working out in the lower Triad, the Personality, of the Law of Love. OnFire, 596:the fivefold destruction of forms in the five lower worlds, and the Law of Death controls similarlyFire, 599:of contact between the Spiritual Triad and the Lower Quaternary. The fifth root race marks a pointFire, 599:fifth root race marks a point where higher and lower manas approximate, and where the concreteFire, 604:by a dense material sheath (for the three lower planes are but the dense body of the Logos) do weFire, 608:Personality Will. Mental body. Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought. Love. Astral body. Solar fire.Fire, 611:growth of the higher life at the expense of the lower. Thus also can it be taught along occult, andFire, 613:dense physical. The Lunar Gods give him three lower principles: Etheric body Prana Kama - manas TheFire, 613:- manas The Solar Gods give him two principles: Lower mind Higher mind The Monad is the unified twoFire, 616:affects the negative substance of the four lower planes and brings about likewise: The formation ofFire, 618:for man or the solar Logos); that is why the lower nature is considered evil, and why man mustFire, 618:the Mother aspect or matter, was perfected. The lower Pitris dominated. In this system forceFire, 620:82. They build his external form. They give the lower principle. - S. D., II, 92. 99 TemporarilyFire, 622:dual in Nature. "Manas is dual - Lunar in the lower, Solar in its upper portion." - S. D., II, 520,Fire, 622:The other descends into, or is attracted by the lower animal. The Solar Angels form the "Soul" orFire, 624:four higher subplanes) which are positive to the lower three, impregnating these lower three planesFire, 624:positive to the lower three, impregnating these lower three planes (a reflection in substance, orFire, 625:center is found here and their blending with the lower centers so that the note of the higherFire, 625:that the note of the higher sounds out, and the lower produces only harmony. Upon the note ofFire, 625:(which is found through the development of the lower center, which is its reflection orFire, 625:the result of correct activity. That is why the lower centers of man are (in the early stages ofFire, 625:the higher takes the prominent place, and the lower only serves the purpose of providing that whichFire, 626:make here is that in connection with these three lower planes and their many groups of devas itFire, 627:will eventually function freed from the triple lower man. The true meaning of the words "DivineFire, 630:find Their originating incentive on: The cosmic lower mental levels. The logoic "Jewel in theFire, 638:life that energizes the substance of the three lower subplanes. This recognition by science thatFire, 639:action on the part of negative substance for the lower three are negative to the higher four.Fire, 640:agency of fire; they are the alchemists of the lower regions, and through contact with them, andFire, 641:becomes centered in the higher, and not in the lower nature, and as the force from the higherFire, 641:planes can more easily impose itself on the lower, the facts concerning these Lives and Builders,Fire, 643:the home of lost souls, or those shells of the lower man which have become separated from theirFire, 643:the transmuters and transmitters of the lower into the higher. They build between each kingdom -Fire, 643:antahkarana, or the bridge linking higher and lower manas, and which therefore is the channel forFire, 643:for the transmission of the life from out of the lower human kingdom into the higher spiritual one.Fire, 644:As the result of an impulse emanating from the lower, or originating in the active desire of theFire, 644:or originating in the active desire of the lower to embrace or contact the higher. This is ofFire, 644:it is brought about by the activity of the lower which calls forth a response from the higher. AllFire, 645:was never intended. The relation of man to the lower kingdoms, and particularly to the animal andFire, 648:scheme assimilates the life-activity of the lower four, this kundalini fire will be withdrawn, andFire, 649:of [649] the logoic Quaternary, or of His Lower Self. Herein is found the mystery of present evil,Fire, 649:activity in stimulating His physical body - our lower three systemic planes - and the four petalsFire, 649:(the buddhic plane) stimulates at present His lower quaternary, our three worlds of human endeavor.Fire, 654:clearly defined. We have touched upon the two lower groups of devas. Now, we might take up theFire, 656:any student that if the permanent atoms of the lower man are within the causal periphery the devasFire, 660:the mental plane being divided into higher and lower, rupa and arupa, concrete and abstract, andFire, 664:The heart of the sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing thatFire, 665:out a point in connection with the devas of the lower planes (those with whom man is peculiarlyFire, 665:body of the Logos - being the substance of the lower three subplanes of the cosmic physical. TheFire, 665:"The spheres of fire seek location upon the lower three. They originate by medium of the fifth, yetFire, 669:distinguishes man in all grades; it shows in its lower manifestation as the sex instinct as we knowFire, 670:it should be pointed out that these three lower deva orders - the lower fifth, the sixth and theFire, 670:out that these three lower deva orders - the lower fifth, the sixth and the seventh - have a closeFire, 670:matter of the three worlds) construct the lower three bodies of incarnating man. They are a branchFire, 671:will be seen also as the Macrocosm for the three lower kingdoms. This is simply one way of studyingFire, 672:These three orders of deva substance - the lower fifth, the sixth and seventh - are a veryFire, 681:physical body, with his astral body and with his lower mental body; these sheaths are energized byFire, 681:in their three groups - etheric, astral and lower mental. The work of the Agnishvattas (theFire, 681:three principles - atma, buddhi, manas - and the lower three, and thus become in very truth theFire, 681:considered a principle. The devas of the lower mental levels in relation to [682] man work throughFire, 682:in fact the first condensation of the threefold lower body of man. They form part of his lunarFire, 685:be seen. When a certain point is reached and the lower three planes are vibrating, or energized,Fire, 686:life before the response comes from the lower. The lunar Pitris have to carry on their work in ourFire, 686:in its fullness in the solar system, and the lower four and higher three are synthesized. TheFire, 687:love"; they will have to wait until the five lower planes of the system have reached a stage ofFire, 687:nirvanis in this system waited until the three lower planes became adequate in vibratory response.Fire, 688:guide and use the deva substances of which his lower sheaths are made; this goal involves theFire, 689:planes are the correspondences to the three lower spirillae in the physical permanent atom of theFire, 689:unison sought to know and to be known. The lower Three (for we count not here the eighth) knew notFire, 690:this body is composed of matter of our three lower planes. As the etheric centers of theFire, 695:logos and of the planetary Logos. Therefore, the lower three planes are synthesized with the higherFire, 695:incarnation of the Logos is completed. The lower three kingdoms, being negative to the higherFire, 695:atmic permanent atoms; the cube stands for the lower material man, and the five-pointed star hasFire, 696:with the astral and physical bodies and with the lower mental, and effect their control. The chiefFire, 697:fifth spirilla in all the atoms of the threefold lower man; when they [698] have unfolded three ofFire, 698:Triad, or divine Self, and the Quaternary, or lower self. Where the Logos is concerned, whetherFire, 698:of flame as it descends from the higher into the lower, and again as it ascends from the lower intoFire, 698:into the lower, and again as it ascends from the lower into the higher. They are connected in theirFire, 700:group of Pitris effected a transition of the lower into the higher through a downflow of energy viaFire, 701:for self-expression, and when the sound of the lower manifestation had blended with it, and hadFire, 706:for the remainder of the manvantara, and the lower material nature and mind will be held inFire, 708:the matter of this subplane, the fifth from the lower standpoint. This produces "the ninefold egoicFire, 709:it produces an answering vibration from both the lower and the higher. This triangle is the nucleusFire, 709:body, and from thence again work through the lower personal self. Third. At a certain stage ofFire, 709:the clairvoyant as three points of light in the lower part of the bud, [710] beneath the centralFire, 712:and this, in conjunction with the energy of the lower quaternary produced the appearance of theFire, 713:bring about the union of the divine Ego and the lower personal self. This has been dealt with.Fire, 717:and to energize the sheaths of the threefold lower man, so that they may in due course of timeFire, 720:by the Logos on cosmic levels of His threefold lower nature. In the first, the correspondence liesFire, 722:and solar avatars are liberated from the two lower planes of the cosmic planes. While the planetaryFire, 722:of human endeavor. In a strictly technical and lower sense, a Master in physical plane incarnationFire, 725:and appears on the higher planes (never on the lower) when the heart activity is making itselfFire, 728:dynamic energy which holds together the three lower kingdoms, viewing these kingdoms as units andFire, 728:points for the energy which animates the three lower kingdoms, and which produces their differingFire, 732:period of manifestation which concerns the three lower subplanes of the: Cosmic physical plane, in
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