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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Fire, 736:within the egoic sphere; contact with the three lower planes is still inherently possible by meansFire, 738:the Ego enters after its separation from its lower aspects or sheaths Fire, 745:upon the difference existing between the lower principles and the higher three; study and meditateFire, 745:meditate upon the place and position of these lower principles in the body of the planetary LogosFire, 750:Elementals and Fire Elementals What occurs on lower planes is but a reflection of higher processes,Fire, 750:paramountly through any one principle among the lower four; when this is the case the man's life onFire, 757:case of a chela who has brought all the three lower bodies into alignment, and necessitates theFire, 762:his lunar bodies, acquire knowledge on the lower three planes, and thus buy his experience, andFire, 764:of the process are interdependent, and as the lower self develops, or the personality becomes moreFire, 765:cumulative, and not ephemeral [765] as are the lower results, the egoic body becomes equally moreFire, 765:of energy is seen to be taking place; the lower forms become irradiated with light, and reflect theFire, 765:radiance; the egoic body is the Sun of the lower system, and its bodies reflect its rays, as theFire, 766:making its presence felt in the substance of the lower planes; the student should interpret theFire, 768:has gone on silently from the moment that the lower animal man, or the lower four principles, hadFire, 768:the moment that the lower animal man, or the lower four principles, had reached a point where theFire, 768:felt on mental levels. When the fire of the lower prepared sheaths (the threefold fire of substanceFire, 768:result of the downward pull of the higher by the lower, and as the response of the Spirit aspect toFire, 768:This process of radioactivity on the part of the lower, and of a downflow of energy from theFire, 768:Angels are working on Their Own plane and the lower Pitris are also working on theirs; one group isFire, 772:downward pull for the jiva concerned. Desire for lower manifestation and experience has no moreFire, 774:three permanent atoms, and vivifies the three lower spirillae, causing a slight response in theFire, 774:the flow of egoic energy is towards the lower, and consequently away from the higher. There is atFire, 775:The seven groups of lives who form the three lower bodies. The lunar Pitris or fathers of theFire, 775:Who unites the higher Spiritual Triad and the lower self? The fivefold Gods of the intelligence.Fire, 775:an accomplished fact. The fifth spirilla in the lower two atoms increases its vibration. As weFire, 777:by means of the material furnished by the lower self. When that lower Personality becomes graduallyFire, 777:material furnished by the lower self. When that lower Personality becomes gradually radioactive,Fire, 777:most active. They work in connection with the lower group who are the direct transmitters of energyFire, 777:In the central list of schemes the middle and lower group of Agnishvattas are active. In the othersFire, 779:lunar Pitris (who concern themselves with the lower three vehicles) enter upon their work, the keyFire, 779:These lunar Pitris embody the substance of man's lower bodies, just as the solar Pitris sacrificeFire, 779:energy of atomic substance, and in their lower are the negative [780] aspect of the same substance.Fire, 785:synthetically, and the brain, the heart and the lower centers are coordinated. The lower and theFire, 785:heart and the lower centers are coordinated. The lower and the higher are linked, and the channelsFire, 787:themselves, though the reflex action between the lower personal self and the higher is so close asFire, 787:according to the power of the ego over the lower self. In connection with the dense physicalFire, 787:of the Ego is transmitted from one sheath to a lower one. It is often overlooked that the path ofFire, 788:three Initiations. From the standpoint of the lower self, the two most vital moments in the work ofFire, 788:for purposes of objective work. That is the true lower man, these two in the etheric body. ButFire, 790:fourfold (the two legs being considered as one lower limb) or, if separated, as fivefold, and hasFire, 791:Pitris produces a very definite effect upon the lower group of lunar Pitris, and is one of theFire, 792:entirely on the higher planes, and leaves the lower. The word "moment" is used here in its occultFire, 796:and of the transmutation of all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, theFire, 796:not to be gained by the study of figures by the lower mind. It comes as the result of the intuitionFire, 802:atom from the rhythm imposed upon him by the lower "influences" which find their channel ofFire, 804:is demonstrating, producing effects upon the lower and higher bodies of a definite nature. In theFire, 805:the Atlantean root-race. Bringing certain of the lower centers to the necessary stage ofFire, 805:the early stages that which appeals most to his lower nature and that which he believes will bringFire, 806:of fire by friction. Reflex action between the lower and the higher during this middle periodFire, 806:is the only complete sphere in the threefold lower man, it is the most powerful body inherently forFire, 808:upon the lunar Pitris, who endow man with his lower sheaths and principles through which the energyFire, 808:First, the effect of the higher energy upon the lower bodies, as it gradually makes itself feltFire, 810:in the causal body but utilizing the three lower vehicles only as a means of contact with the threeFire, 810:only as a means of contact with the three lower planes, we will have government, politics,Fire, 810:Elementals and Fire Elementals III. Man in his lower nature, and in his three vehicles, is anFire, 814:lunar bodies, and the methods of aligning the lower bodies so that the Ego can communicate directFire, 814:with the physical brain, and thus control the lower nature and work out its purposes. Men will beFire, 816:of those entities who form the [816] fourfold lower nature, the personality, and a closeFire, 816:body is the result of dual energy, that of the lower self with its reflex action upon the higherFire, 816:the fourfold Quaternary, or the Pitris of the lower vehicles. Through a conscious effort of theFire, 816:effort of the planetary Logoi, these Dhyanis and lower Pitris are brought into a closeFire, 819:lunar Pitris are represented and constitute the lower self, the personality, or those vehicles byFire, 819:the Ego in turn is to acquire experience on the lower planes. Yet these three are one inFire, 819:a vehicle of enlightenment, and the Ego uses the lower Quaternary as its medium of expression. TheFire, 819:lunar Pitris function primarily, and prepare the lower sheaths for occupancy. The lower vibrationsFire, 819:and prepare the lower sheaths for occupancy. The lower vibrations control, and "fire by friction"Fire, 819:it lights up in due course of evolution the lower sheaths; it gradually increases its heat, andFire, 820:themselves to the lunar Lords of all the lower planes. They die, but resurrect. They pass without,Fire, 820:descends. The blaze bursts forth. Gone is the lower fire through the flame of solar burning, goneFire, 822:intelligently to dominate the entire threefold lower man. Colors: Yellow and the four colors,Fire, 825:Ego and its reflection, the personal self (the lower threefold man) is such that the consciousnessFire, 828:a dual work has been consummated in the personal lower life and in the egoic: The permanent atomsFire, 828:in the egoic: The permanent atoms have the four lower spirillae fully active (two groups of twoFire, 829:and achieves the final liberation from all the lower forms which seek to hold him prisoner. ThisFire, 830:or gathers in the life forces of the fourfold lower man. The Mahachohan's Ray on Earth synthesizesFire, 830:Ray on Earth synthesizes the life forces of the lower four. This Ray is the third subray of ourFire, 830:blends and unites in Himself the work of the lower four. The reflection of all this in theFire, 832:of the Ego in group service. The pull of the lower nature is superseded, and the attraction of thatFire, 833:of soul. The lunar Pitris, who form the personal lower self, being the aggregate of the lowerFire, 833:personal lower self, being the aggregate of the lower sheaths, are energized and used by the solarFire, 837:Pitris: The lunar Pitris are on a level with the lower Principles. - S. D., II, 82. They create ourFire, 837:Principles. - S. D., II, 82. They create our lower principles - S. D., II, 92. They possessFire, 845:groups will become major planetary Logoi; the lower four groups will become minor planetary Logoi.Fire, 845:higher grades will become animal-men, and the lower four will contribute to the quaternic forms ofFire, 845:solar systems of our solar Logos. 12. The tree lower grades of the lesser Builders The physicalFire, 846:this "life" or the informing entity of the lower life of the physical plane of the solar system isFire, 847:penetrated to those secrets which lie behind the lower kingdoms in nature, when he has solved theFire, 850:the fruit of manas and its use, supplants the lower kamic urge. Man weighs and balances, and in theFire, 856:unit: The lunar record. This deals with all the lower vehicles and forms, employed by the humanFire, 858:Its technique, The effects produced within the lower self of the man himself and also upon others,Fire, 859:to transfer the force or energy out of the two lower - the spinal and the solar plexus - into theFire, 862:two things in connection with his threefold lower nature: [863] He must align his three bodies soFire, 863:result in a knowledge of how to transmute the lower force into the higher, of how to transfer hisFire, 863:inner God demonstrates more and more through the lower personality, the "heat radiations" become soFire, 864:as follows: The etheric web, separating the lower physical consciousness of the brain from theFire, 864:of the transference of the heat or energy of the lower centers into the higher may be divided intoFire, 864:parts: first, that in which the centers in the lower part of the body (those below the diaphragm)Fire, 864:note that the throat center is situated in the lower part of the throat, and properly belongs toFire, 865:second stage is that in which the energy of the lower six centers: The throat, The heart, The solarFire, 865:monad. These are the chambers prepared by the lower energy which are to be the recipients of "soul
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