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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Fire, 867:But, inversely, if the lunar Lords of the lower self have been earlier subjugated and brought underFire, 867:these stages have to work out on all the three lower planes and in the three bodies; this they doFire, 870:then takes place which is a reflection (on a lower plane) of the great manasic initiations. TheFire, 870:altruistic endeavor, and to the negation of the lower self. This brings us to the third group ofFire, 874:must be transmuted and raised from the existing lower connotation to its true significance. Sex -Fire, 878:sacrifice involves also the disappearance of the lower triangle, or the severing of the connectionFire, 878:between the three permanent atoms in the lower part of the causal body or egoic lotus, and theFire, 878:causal body is completely destroyed. The four lower groups of solar Pitris return to the heart ofFire, 882:the function of linking the higher three and the lower four of a future race of men at some distantFire, 885:of force from the higher planes to the lower in the following order: From the logoic center, or theFire, 886:Suffice it to point out that the fires at the lower centers, - those below the diaphragm - have, byFire, 896:and that which bridges the higher and the lower strata of manifestation. We must center ourFire, 906:of the three higher planes, the three lower planes, the fourth plane of meeting between them. ThisFire, 907:some one or other of his senses, on the three lower subplanes; it is intended that he shall beFire, 908:inclination of the manipulatory devas of the lower generative organs to seek the throat center, andFire, 909:the very necessary transfer of force from a lower to a higher center, and prevent (throughFire, 917:and the triple negative receptive lower substance - that scientists will eventually arrive atFire, 917:whereby density and concretion on the three lower levels are brought about. The formulas forFire, 918:eventually consider the interplay between the lower three and the higher four in that great atomFire, 918:and has spent much time investigating the lower three planes. It has dealt principally with theFire, 919:occult sense these seven form (in their lower differentiations on etheric levels) the sumtotal ofFire, 920:of the Word who are found on the three lower subplanes of the plane Adi, or the logoic plane. GroupFire, 923:the four cosmic etheric planes and the three lower planes is grasped. This can be illuminated by aFire, 923:study of the four physical ethers and the three lower subplanes of our physical plane. Division 3Fire, 923:a spiritual triad, an egoic body and a threefold lower man. He can likewise approach the firstFire, 924:secondary [924] force or Ego, and a threefold lower energy, or personality, remembering that we areFire, 925:subhuman forms, holding the forms of the three lower kingdoms of nature together in coherency, andFire, 927:and thus set in motion substance of the three lower subplanes of the physical plane. They [928]Fire, 930:on the astral and physical plane and on the lower levels of the mental plane through the force ofFire, 931:for they exist in matter of the three lower subplanes and can therefore see on the objective planeFire, 937:particular Ego. They unitedly [937] produce the lower man, and bring into manifestation theFire, 937:rhythm and vibration upon different aspects of lower manifestation. Esoterically, this is allFire, 940:building of any of the four forms through which lower man (the Quaternary) functions, followFire, 941:group of builders concerned with the triple lower self, begin the work of aggregating and moldingFire, 941:necessary for egoic manifestation upon the lower planes. We have seen that the first three stagesFire, 946:to control the forces and builders of his lower nature, and to construct the Temple of Solomon,Fire, 948:nature, and kept alive by the prompting of his lower desires. This thought form has to be broken upFire, 951:The solar fires put out the lunar light, and the lower nature is eventually purified andFire, 951:in all their glory through the medium of the lower nature on the physical plane, that lower natureFire, 951:of the lower nature on the physical plane, that lower nature providing fuel to the flames. TheFire, 951:into forms of some kind or another emanates from lower levels, and is the result of powerful desireFire, 951:into a willing response, and the whole threefold lower nature is immediately engaged in the direFire, 951:a new rhythm upon his shadow and reflection, the lower man, and it is this imposition which in timeFire, 952:will the strength of the impulse emanating from lower levels die out and the "Dweller on theFire, 953:is mostly kama-manasic or desire coupled with lower mind, with a preponderance, as might beFire, 955:or render futile all impulses arising from the lower self which are of a centralized and purelyFire, 955:be enumerated as follows: First, to purify their lower desires so that they are enabled to seeFire, 957:infers the ability, therefore, of the threefold lower man to be subordinated to the Ego, so thatFire, 959:resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds. Lower types of humanity use the sutratma as itFire, 959:utilize the sutratma as it passes through the lower levels of the mental plane, down through theFire, 959:use the sutratma as it passes through the two lower subplanes of the abstract levels of the mentalFire, 962:pouring through the sutratma from the lower mental, the astral, and the etheric planes. The pinealFire, 964:the physical brain emanated from the astral or lower mental levels, and was, therefore, more likelyFire, 964:till their energy tends to negate that of the lower centers, to absorb their vitality and deflectFire, 968:is responsive to the positive influence of the lower nature in the earlier evolutionary stages, orFire, 973:from either the solar plexus, or the still lower organs of generation. It is this constant streamFire, 973:in the astral body, as we know, and the lower centers are the most active; when an atmosphere orFire, 973:better atmosphere, and how easy it is for the lower aspects and appetites to flourish and to grow.Fire, 974:comes into the mind, and thus the entire lower life becomes irradiated. It is also the organFire, 975:eyes. In many people these three points - the lower organs, the solar plexus, and the physical eyesFire, 986:he is functioning in connection with the three lower planes. After the third Initiation, he worksFire, 986:the force of the first aspect. He impresses the lower substances, and manipulates the lesserFire, 988:The black magician uses the energy of the lower three centers (the organs of generation, theFire, 988:apparent power than the white brother on the two lower planes in the three worlds. The whiteFire, 991:negation of the attractive power of the three lower kingdoms (the mineral, the vegetable, and theFire, 991:should remember here the fact that the three lower planes of our solar system are not considered asFire, 991:are the sumtotal of the substance of the three lower subplanes of the cosmic physical plane (ourFire, 991:of the cosmic physical plane (our three lower systemic [992] planes), and it is under them that theFire, 992:the Ego severed itself from the personality or lower self, entailing a setback for a lesser period,Fire, 994:this way that which will feed the desires of the lower nature. He takes, therefore, the first stepFire, 994:love of man, and a steady negation of all lower desire. The third danger which menaces the unwaryFire, 994:he is dealing with that which is akin to his own lower nature. He, therefore, follows the line ofFire, 994:thereby increasing their response to the lower and to the material aspects of his nature. This heFire, 995:and so to transmute his emotions that the lower physical purity and the higher mentalFire, 995:aims at transmuting (as has often been said) lower desire into aspiration; at changing the lowerFire, 995:lower desire into aspiration; at changing the lower cruder colors which distinguish the astral bodyFire, 996:blazing vault of the second Heaven, put out the lower lunar fires, and render naught that lowerFire, 996:the lower lunar fires, and render naught that lower 'fire by friction.' The Brother of the MoonFire, 998:in meditation deep the work proceedeth. The lower light is thrown upward; the greater lightFire, 998:the main function of meditation is to bring the lower instrument into such a condition ofFire, 999:center of force generated by the man upon the lower mental plane, as he proceeds to form theFire, 1000:light of the One are the three persons of the lower Triad, the mental body, the astral body, andFire, 1001:rule and order, the focal point of energy on the lower mental plane gains in strength; its light orFire, 1003:spiritual, and have gained control over their lower nature, the magical words which galvanize intoFire, 1005:the influences and vibrations emanating from the lower man, then the "devas of kama" can carry onFire, 1008:in the words: [1008] RULE VI The devas of the lower four feel the force when the eye opens; theyFire, 1009:pineal gland is formed of matter of the three lower subplanes of the physical plane. The latter,Fire, 1009:Self takes a more complete grasp of its lower vehicle, and descends to a point in the head or brainFire, 1009:the head. Later, when the Ego descends a little lower, the etheric center which is active inFire, 1017:back to the Monad. Two courses are open to the lower discarded self - S. D., III, 525, 527. If withFire, 1049:to respond to the self-engendered energy of the lower form, the two rhythms contacted,Fire, 1049:the action, or the interplay between the rotary lower atomic form, and the influence of the Monad,Fire, 1051:and stimulated by the life of any of the three lower kingdoms in nature, - all of which produceFire, 1056:Will. This shifting causes disruption in His lower manifestation, which is a condition on theFire, 1063:of the four higher planes and of the three lower. There is a form which combines all forms. - S.Fire, 1065:four stages enumerated above. Within the three lower kingdoms of nature, the process is undergoneFire, 1069:one life has been duly worked out, calls in the lower spark of life, and withdraws the centralFire, 1069:on the moon though there are a few of the lower forms of the vegetable life (of a kindFire, 1085:seven according to the theosophical plane of a lower four dominated over by a higher triad, we getFire, 1085:triad, we get form, food, rain and yagna as the lower four and karma, Veda and eternal substance as
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