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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Fire, 1085:govern the development of the world, develops a lower four and this four is started by yagna - theFire, 1085:spirit of evolution that connects the higher and lower or in Puranic fashion, the spirit that seeksFire, 1090:with care meditate upon the fact that the three lower planes - the mental, the astral, and theFire, 1090:through the process of the absorption of the lower solar life forces by the centers of higherFire, 1095:forms, concerns only those forms on the three lower subplanes of the lowest systemic planes; theFire, 1095:completely negatives the vibration of the three lower subplanes of the physical plane; it passesFire, 1096:freeing himself from the vibration of the three lower planes of our solar system, from that part ofFire, 1097:Gradually it will shake itself free from the lower and coarser reactions, and become an organ ofFire, 1098:the solar units who are the sumtotal of the four lower subplanes of the mental plane, andFire, 1102:its own separate existence apart from the two lower sheaths, astral and physical. Thus it can beFire, 1103:self-centered, and self-conscious in the lower connotation of the term. Later, as higher energiesFire, 1110:a. One stream of energy emanates from the lower triad of permanent atoms, particularly the physicalFire, 1110:petal. The stream of force engendered in the lower self circulates in a triple stream (theFire, 1110:in a triple stream (the reflection in the lower self of the threefold Path to God) around theFire, 1111:through the inner circle of petals; its stage of lower awareness is revealed in a similar way. TheFire, 1112:of life or energy from three sources: The lower self - Lunar Pitri - Knowledge petals. Ego - SolarFire, 1114:wise student, and a clue to the nature of the lower aspect of the solar Angel. Fire, 1114:energy, reaching this circle, emanates from the lower self, via the astral permanent atom, and theFire, 1119:the process of revelation is completed. The lower fires die out; the central fire is absorbed, andFire, 1120:groups. One of the effects produced in the lower man via the centers, through the unified activityFire, 1120:of the causal body, is the coordination of the lower energies of the human being. These lowerFire, 1120:of the lower energies of the human being. These lower energies, as we know, demonstrate through theFire, 1121:thus bringing every part of the nature of the lower man into subjection. Thirdly, they bring aboutFire, 1121:solar energy or fire, manifesting as a medium of lower energy or fire by friction. Where theseFire, 1121:that which vibrates to what is regarded as a lower rhythm. Thus He gradually swings the entireFire, 1121:rhythm. Thus He gradually swings the entire lower form-substance into His control. Fire, 1122:(four on the mental and seven on each of the two lower planes) are radiant wheels of fire, eachFire, 1127:three worlds, producing thus absorption of the lower four centers on each plane. The head center,Fire, 1127:the vivification and irradiation of the entire lower nature. These three groups of forces in man,Fire, 1127:free and untrammeled through every part of the lower threefold manifestation. As it circulates, itFire, 1129:force only begins to make itself felt after the lower four are fully active. A second factor whichFire, 1133:the closest study. Let us consider the three lower kingdoms first and pass later to the methods andFire, 1133:The units, therefore, in the three lower kingdoms possess no permanent atoms but contribute to theFire, 1134:This energy which is contributed by the three lower kingdoms is formed of the very highestFire, 1134:all of which are allied to one or other of the lower kingdoms. The mental body - mental unit -Fire, 1134:Man is then closely linked with the three lower kingdoms by the best that they can provide, andFire, 1135:from the point of view of the personality, the lower self, or not-self. In illustration of thisFire, 1136:It is useful to remember that in the three lower kingdoms, manifestation, or appearance on theFire, 1137:involutionary elemental kingdoms. These three lower groups achieve concretion, and enter the upwardFire, 1137:the upward arc, through the medium of the three lower kingdoms. The fourth group is the mostFire, 1138:[1138] that which he has borrowed from the three lower kingdoms, he cannot comprehend the natureFire, 1138:The three higher groups are sattvic. The three lower groups are tamasic. The fourth group, orFire, 1138:of the logoic permanent atom. The three lower groups are energized by energy entering by the threeFire, 1138:buddhic vibrations may dominate the other, and lower, three. It is this imposition which eventuallyFire, 1139:groups (through the medium of the three lower kingdoms) is, therefore, governed by factors hiddenFire, 1139:and as he progresses and evolves so do the lower kingdoms. The lunar pitris are to the planetaryFire, 1141:plane things; pictures. Numerical symbolism - lower mental. Man used himself to count by.Fire, 1155:when a man is no longer polarized in the lower personal self but views all things from theFire, 1156:have been told, there are literally ten, but the lower three are not considered as subjects for theFire, 1156:form and have a close connection with: The three lower kingdoms in nature. The three lowerFire, 1156:The three lower kingdoms in nature. The three lower subplanes of the physical plane. The thirdFire, 1156:are themselves found to exist in two groups: a lower four, which are related to the four Rays ofFire, 1158:substance, finds its consummation when the four lower centers are fully active. The sevenfoldFire, 1159:that which must be bridged between the triple lower man and the egoic body, or between the mentalFire, 1161:energy in conjunction with the energy of the lower man, which forms a kind of medium by which theFire, 1163:plane - the solar Angels. Manasic force - two lower planes - the four kingdoms of nature. PhysicalFire, 1163:centers of the Logos, and four constitute the lower centers. Saturn is of interest to us hereFire, 1165:is greater, or they will be led into error. The lower down one seeks to carry the correspondence,Fire, 1169:The stage of treading the Path. The lower four groups concern themselves with the earlier stages,Fire, 1170:will have for the highest lives of the next lower kingdom. It governs the radioactivity ofFire, 1171:the law which enables the lotus to draw from the lower nature (the matter aspect and the waterFire, 1175:between the third etheric and the four lower subplanes of the physical plane. This [1176] round isFire, 1186:3. Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Lunar Angels. Lower Threefold Man. Fire by Friction. Negative.Fire, 1189:which is an energy generator also; there are the lower organs of generation which are equally aFire, 1192:also into two groups, those which concern the lower principles, and are, therefore, four in number,Fire, 1192:Monad (unmanifested from the standpoint of the lower man). That Monad can - at a certain veryFire, 1200:into generation, the fact behind the taking of a lower nature by the Ego. The fourth and the fifthFire, 1200:Hierarchy and the four wicks, or the two dual lower hierarchies. Thus it can be seen that where manFire, 1202:of the hierarchies are not. [1202] The four lower hierarchies are all concerned with manifestationFire, 1202:the forms are composed of substance of the three lower planes (that which the Logos does not regardFire, 1202:of the earlier system. This means that the four lower hierarchies are links between the life of theFire, 1204:conjunction with the highest aspect - lifts the lower aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries areFire, 1206:the higher four and those which are found on the lower three subplanes. There is a vital andFire, 1213:between the two kingdoms, sought unity in the lower aspects, and neglected the real method. Fire, 1219:The Law of Expansive Response. 7. The Law of the Lower Four. These laws only become operative inFire, 1220:energy 3rd Ray. Adapting factor. 7. Law of the Lower Four. The Law of Etheric Union. A Male andFire, 1229:devoid of form and therefore incognisable by the lower concrete mind. The nature of Spirit can onlyFire, 1229:students, disciples and the initiates of lower degree are developing contact with the soul, or theFire, 1231:of life is concealed within the heart. When the lower point vibrates, when the Sacred TriangleFire, 1248:This he does through the medium of a purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter.Fire, 1253:the reactions and the essential virtues of the lower three centers. This point must be borne inFire, 1258:other. It is a relation analogous to that which lower mind holds to higher mind. The lower isFire, 1258:that which lower mind holds to higher mind. The lower is receptive to, or negatively polarized toFire, 1258:antahkarana, or the path which links higher and lower mind and which is constructed by the ThinkerFire, 1261:are not taking into consideration initiates of lower degrees nor disciples of many grades. It isFire, 1262:touch them. Students can get some idea of the lower correspondence to this as they study theFire, 1263:as a symbol of the emotions, which are but a lower manifestation of love-desire. Aquarius is aFire, 1274:stretches forth inert. Its coils smother the lower fire and choke the sparks... Silence reigns. TheGlamour, 2:has no relation to psychism, either higher or lower; the seeing of a vision, the hearing of theGlamour, 32:have their roots and draw their life from the lower personality life and desire nature of theGlamour, 47:impose itself upon him, and that the rule of the lower nature has only to be exchanged for the ruleGlamour, 53:of the soul as it seeks to pour through the lower self. Any effort to call attention to the missionGlamour, 53:so many manifesting these two qualities of the lower nature. Glamour, 54:psychic bewilderment, the dominance of the lower psychic powers, and many other forms of the worldGlamour, 54:moment a man has aligned himself and brought the lower nature into touch with the higher. IdeasGlamour, 55:still an abstraction, from the angle of the lower mind. This point should be carefully noted by theGlamour, 67:presence felt when glamor no longer grips the lower man, and a man's low or high desires,Glamour, 74:that higher rhythm is commensurate with the lower rhythmic glamor, and hence the whole world isGlamour, 87:undeveloped man is concerned, or from the lower astral where the more developed or average man isGlamour, 87:the dense physical body, and the battle of the lower pairs of opposites takes place. It is
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