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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Glamour, 87:angle the battle of the opposites upon the lower spiral, in which the physical body in its twoGlamour, 87:from our point of view) with the problem of this lower pair of opposites. Their battle is foughtGlamour, 90:be defined as the sumtotal of the forces of the lower nature as expressed in [91] the personality,Glamour, 102:is away from identification with the lower forms of experience into that of identification, withGlamour, 102:pairs of opposites on the physical, astral and lower mental planes. Now he faces his climaxingGlamour, 102:and this Angel must be brought together; the lower entity must be "blotted out" in the "light," orGlamour, 103:complete at-one-ment between the higher and lower aspect of the soul in manifestation and sees theGlamour, 104:soul energy to offset, subdue and dominate the lower forces of the personality, then correctionGlamour, 109:of an urge to higher living or a tendency to lower activity. This nebulous conscience developedGlamour, 109:was that which enfolded and over-emphasized the lower at the expense of the higher, and served toGlamour, 115:of the different forces which constitute a man's lower nature, of which he is becoming increasinglyGlamour, 116:of maya, referred to above. The forces of the lower mental nature, of the chitta or mind-stuff ofGlamour, 123:The glamor of interference. The glamor of the lower pairs of opposites. The glamor of World SaviorsGlamour, 125:3. The Contrasts between the Higher and the Lower Glamors In the preceding part of this section weGlamour, 127:has to work. Once he grasps the relation of the lower major duality (that of the personality andGlamour, 127:is a term denoting a steady progress from a lower state of being and of consciousness to a higher.Glamour, 128:holds the clue to the true understanding of the lower nature. We will study, therefore, the basicGlamour, 133:It will, therefore, be apparent to you that the lower or concrete levels of the mental plane willGlamour, 135:- that cloud of wisdom which hovers over the lower mental plane and which can be tapped and used byGlamour, 135:that loving service which must be given in the lower worlds of conscious, manifested effort. TheGlamour, 150:soul. To transfer or transmute the forces of the lower centers, which control the personality, intoGlamour, 154:energies, constituting the sumtotal of the lower nature. The Dweller takes form when aGlamour, 155:more and more influenced by the soul than by its lower nature. When the final stage is reached (andGlamour, 155:steady in the light" and thus controlling the lower nature). In this way the constant fluidGlamour, 173:impress it on the highest aspect of the personal lower self. Illusion is, therefore, the failure ofGlamour, 175:of phenomena into the world of reality. The lower use of the mind and its processes of unfoldmentGlamour, 176:after due growth and response of the personal lower self, will come the revelation of the Presence.Glamour, 178:upon the thought-form-building activity of the lower mind. The masses are just beginning to useGlamour, 178:mind. The masses are just beginning to use that lower mind and illusion is, therefore, for them aGlamour, 179:of the soul, which remains the attitude of the lower self for the entire remaining period of work,Glamour, 184:in himself the power to recognize that which the lower mind cannot give him. Some thought ofGlamour, 202:to satisfy desire - innate and inherent in the lower nature - gave [203] place to planned effortsGlamour, 206:the eyes of humanity. The light of the personal lower self reveals to man the world of form, ofGlamour, 216:personality, so that the three aspects of the lower nature are seen as constituting one functioningGlamour, 221:ascending mass of instinctual demands from the lower aspect of the human unit and from humanity asGlamour, 223:to reveal - the divine spiritual Self. Their lower concrete mind interposes itself between them andGlamour, 258:to centers below the diaphragm, thus feeding the lower nature, enriching and strengthening itsGlamour, 258:much harder as he seeks to sublimate the lower nature and anchor or focus the life of the centersGlamour, 258:own aura, his auric ring-pass-not; he feeds the lower nature and sets up a vicious circle withinGlamour, 258:constantly establishing and re-establishing. The lower centers are steadily vitalized and becomeGlamour, 258:phenomenal results bar out all thought, except lower reactions of a kama-manasic nature; emotion isGlamour, 259:as now taught, is an expression of some of the lower aspects of the breath, and the breathing inGlamour, 262:the ordered and cyclic rhythm of a controlled lower nature. That breathing exercises may eventuallyGlamour, 267:all phases of thought and of self-will, all lower potencies and ancient habits of any of the threeGlamour, 268:is strong enough for him to submit his personal lower self to the fires of the final purification.Glamour, 269:"midway point" that the great submission of the lower to the higher takes place. It does not happenHealing, 2:much by refusing to let go of that which the lower mind cherishes. When they do succeed in beingHealing, 45:between the eyes Ajna center Pituitary body Lower brain Left eye Nose Nervous system Soul forceHealing, 51:Mysticism. Fifth ray. Knowledge. Throat Lower psychism. Wrong metabolism. Certain cancers.Healing, 70:Worry and Irritation are dangerous because: They lower the vitality of the man to such a point thatHealing, 70:from the astral point of view that they lower in a peculiar manner the astral atmosphere, and thusHealing, 94:a higher energy and of a higher rhythm upon the lower forces that disease can be controlled.Healing, 117:when this condition is present, the personal lower self expresses itself through a basic conditionHealing, 118:discovery of the higher correspondences to the lower difficulties and diseases, and the recognitionHealing, 119:factor whose energy sweeps through the lower life of the personality and carries away wrongHealing, 127:learning to lift the energies, gathered from the lower centers, into the solar plexus and from thatHealing, 127:of decentralization and "elevation" of the lower consciousness to the higher which produces theHealing, 127:and not to the part. This sublimation of the lower life into the higher is one of deepest moment toHealing, 129:the personality, some aspect of the personal lower self, or by the soul, via the brain, are manyHealing, 156:soul control, and the desire of the personal lower self has been transmuted into love. It is theHealing, 161:are seeking to escape from the "prison of the lower regions" through a process of transmutation.Healing, 163:or that part which lies above the diaphragm. The lower torso, or that part lying below theHealing, 164:is that triple division, the head, upper and lower torso. A man can function and live without hisHealing, 164:are: The throat The lungs The heart Within the lower body are: The spleen The stomach The sexHealing, 165:to the soul or psychic nature (higher and lower). The two eyes are the physical planeHealing, 166:of life, is the correspondence to spirit. In the lower torso again we have this triple systemHealing, 170:second great human race was developing. These lower centers are not so specifically related toHealing, 171:deal here with the processes of attracting the lower energies, the mode of centralizing them in theHealing, 172:for collection, for a gathering-in of all the lower energies, and is finally a focal point for theHealing, 174:of synthesis and gathers into itself all the lower energies at a certain point in the higherHealing, 174:remain statically self-centered, or to take the lower way which leads to the blotting out of theHealing, 176:The Sacral Center. This center is located in the lower part of the lumbar area and is a veryHealing, 177:is a flow of energy between three points in the lower part of the human body: The spleen, the organHealing, 179:the first aspect. Here [179] again you have the lower centers reflecting the throat, heart and headHealing, 179:centers and thus completing the higher and the lower manifestation of the divine Trinity in man.Healing, 191:the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, then you have disease, illHealing, 192:when the soul of the individual controls and the lower personal self becomes as much an automatonHealing, 212:criticism), if they are decentralized from the lower self in the three worlds, and if they areHealing, 217:predisposing factor in ill health) floods the lower nature with ill-directed energy (or should IHealing, 237:in which he satisfies some demand of his lower nature, and the fact of this possibility will act asHealing, 238:is definitely a result of the activity of the lower concrete mind and of the stimulation of theHealing, 283:the higher center - reduce the vitality of the lower. If, for instance, there is disease or troubleHealing, 284:eventually be the recipient of the energy of the lower creative aspect or correspondence. This isHealing, 292:karmic rhythm, that today all the aspects of the lower nature are involved; and among the commonestHealing, 292:and through the created world, including the lower three worlds where work the lunar pitris and theHealing, 294:was unseen within the triple ring. (The three lower worlds. A.A.B.) The seven imperfections enteredHealing, 309:method, which is based on sensitivity in the lower nature, which enables the healer to register inHealing, 316:be the case, for the physical sex organs are a lower correspondence of the negative-positiveHealing, 324:medicine, and through inoculation. These are the lower correspondences to methods of activityHealing, 337:of the personality, and the agent of the lower concrete mind. You will find it interesting to readHealing, 395:the elimination of all control by the threefold lower man, and the process of refocusing itselfHealing, 404:people in incarnation and of those whose lower, concrete minds are powerful in caliber. ChildrenHealing, 404:(through the medium of the interpretive lower mind), usually have no sense of time. The initiateHealing, 406:counterpart to this experience upon a much lower level in the death of all astral emotion whichHealing, 408:occult theory) the levels on which the concrete, lower mind functions, the emotional nature reactsHealing, 415:and the physical plane - demonstrating on the lower plane as the Law of Sacrifice and Death - butHealing, 425:the insistence of the mind in its higher and lower aspects, is beginning to control. This willHealing, 445:personalities, because certain aspects of the lower nature are now so controlled and purified thatHealing, 452:vehicle) only begins to coordinate as the lower impulses fade out...Attachment to form or theHealing, 488:the higher levels of the astral plane and the lower levels of the mental plane. I would again
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