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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Healing, 493:one to the other in time and space. Only in the lower three shall those related find their trueHealing, 501:identification of the soul with its vehicle, the lower triple man. The bodies become then steadilyHealing, 506:or that quality, of completely suppressing the "lower self," and similar phrases. Here I amHealing, 506:produces eventually the integration of the three lower sheaths into one functioning whole. The manHealing, 508:and students is, first of all, to integrate the lower threefold man, so that they may becomeHealing, 508:wherein the personality is dedicated to lower and selfish ends. Students who are more advanced areHealing, 511:upon what we call the mental plane: [511] The lower concrete mind, which is the attitude of thoughtHealing, 512:the Spiritual Triad. Accomplishment [512] upon a lower level ever makes possible accomplishmentHealing, 512:higher accomplishment until, step by step, the lower reflected aspect is mastered, used andHealing, 512:of mind of the soul during the processes of lower integration can be briefly summarized as follows:Healing, 513:has a reflex action on the rays of the threefold lower man, stimulating them, awakening them, andHealing, 514:three worlds, and three things then happen: The lower concrete mind becomes subject to illuminationHealing, 514:a steadily awakening state of awareness, as the lower mind develops; the man no longer drifts -Healing, 516:is now incapable of responding in any way to the lower vibrations of the three worlds, asHealing, 522:relationship of the higher or greater and the lower or lesser, will equally and assuredly dominateHealing, 534:the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, then you have disease, illHealing, 539:that, owing to the fact that the threefold lower man is not under control of his soul, disease canHealing, 546:bodies," and not so much from that of the lower threefold man, will be emphasized, particularly inHealing, 553:with the patient and with the psyche, the lower psyche of the patient. They are three in number:Healing, 571:and the left eye directs the energy of the lower mind. In between these two directing eyes is to beHealing, 571:the personality, and is bringing all the lower activities upon the physical plane under soulHealing, 572:for astral energy. The left eye - agent for lower mental energy. The ajna center - focusing pointHealing, 573:and the true in conflict with the forces of the lower man. This, we have also seen, is aHealing, 586:for the higher spiritual energies to the three lower kingdoms) will begin to appear, and men, inHealing, 589:mind. The soul - Egoic lotus. The personality - Lower or concrete mind. That vague abstraction, theHealing, 590:of the man who is kama-manasic (or emotion and lower mind) and then finally soul and concrete mindHealing, 607:the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, then you have disease and illHealing, 639:together. The higher is evolutionary; the lower is involutionary in nature. It is this whichHealing, 639:of dualism - a dualism of the higher and the lower at many differing and varying stages. The finalHealing, 647:his own little system to such an extent that his lower nature would be unduly energized - sometimesHealing, 659:higher aspect or the determining cause of the lower; the laws subsidiary to the Law of PerfectionHealing, 665:will have nothing in the three worlds (the three lower levels of the cosmic physical plane) [666]Healing, 672:to the sixth initiation, they have - on a lower turn of the spiral - their correspondences, and areHealing, 673:degrees. It can, however, be interpreted on a lower rung of the ladder of evolution and refers toHealing, 676:is not that of the will-to-good and its lower expression goodwill. The will-to-good signifies theHealing, 677:the healer use love, freed from its emotional or lower quality, and bring it through in its pureHealing, 681:as there has been no time to train the lower personality vehicles. A little thinking along theHealing, 682:body (meaning the form aspect of the threefold lower man) of the average intelligent aspirant,Healing, 682:as the urges and influences of the three lower levels of consciousness [683] weaken their hold, theHealing, 687:Existence which are invoking ceaselessly the lower center; one of the factors governing the wholeHealing, 699:aid to the basic method, and use the appropriate lower vehicle (either his own or that of theHealing, 700:and work through the rays of one of the lower bodies, and therefore be in a position to distributeHealing, 701:more liable to be entirely wrong where the three lower vehicles are involved than with the twoHercules, 5:Son [5] of God, who definitely takes the lower nature in hand and willingly subjects it to theHercules, 5:(which is essentially the will of God) upon the lower nature. Upon this path he submits himself toHercules, 11:the form, the symbol, for the dominance of the lower material nature made its presence felt withHercules, 32:duality and yearns to cease from satisfying the lower aspect of that duality and to meet the needHercules, 35:upon a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind, with its false ideas and erring humanHercules, 35:and destroying when emanating from the lower mind, but constructing and saving when coming from theHercules, 37:and cruelty, which have their origin in the lower aspects of man's nature. Hercules realized theHercules, 37:so he gave them to Abderis, the symbol of the lower personal self, to hold. But Hercules, the soul,Hercules, 44:soul. Leo, as the lion, is the strength of the lower nature, and is the serpent of force which, ifHercules, 44:Scorpio (that adversary that can drag man down lower than the beasts), but when transmuted is theHercules, 46:is apparent how closely linked with sex, in its lower and in its higher aspects, is this importantHercules, 49:of God. But the soul must control, and not the lower nature. People forget that some of theHercules, 53:was not only the disciple, but he was, in his lower nature, the bull, and in his higher nature theHercules, Known:is very apt to be taken in by astralism and lower psychism in one form or another. As HerculesHercules, 65:with in the sign Gemini. The at-one-ment of the lower with the higher self, of the mortal and theHercules, 65:sometimes under the illusion and glamor of the lower self. The duality which is emphasized inHercules, 67:Nereus, the higher teacher, and Busiris, the lower or psychic teacher; and thus we again haveHercules, 68:of the aspirant as [68] he unifies higher and lower, passes through the five stages in this test,Hercules, 69:All these words are characteristics of the lower self chased eternally by the higher self; theHercules, 73:the serpent of desire. It is with the glamors of lower psychism that he has to wrestle, and theseHercules, 73:within the veil, they become engrossed with the lower side of spiritualism and pass much time inHercules, 88:his physical body and, subjectively, his lower mind and emotional being. The unevolved CancerHercules, 99:fear; weaker and weaker grew the enemy of man; lower and lower sank the lion, yet Hercules held on.Hercules, 99:and weaker grew the enemy of man; lower and lower sank the lion, yet Hercules held on. And thus heHercules, 100:God, plus the quaternary which consists of the lower fourfold nature, the mental body, emotionalHercules, 103:expressing itself through desire, we see the lower aspect of the divine creative force, sexualHercules, 104:cosmic mind working out in the individual as the lower reasoning mind, and this lower aspect hasHercules, 104:individual as the lower reasoning mind, and this lower aspect has likewise to be sacrificed and theHercules, 104:or cosmic attraction. There it is shown in its lower aspect, and this we call the great Illusion;Hercules, 104:of the reflection to the reality, of the lower aspect to the higher, and of the individual unit toHercules, 104:the problem of the sign; the crucifixion of the lower self and the conquering of individualHercules, 108:individual. With the triple aspects of the lower personal self fused and blended and, therefore,Hercules, 119:other, when we abandon the complexities of the lower mind. Virgo is also called the "goddess of theHercules, 137:need the spiritual arousal, yet not distort or lower the character of the message; to use theHercules, 144:jewel of great value. No attempt to dominate the lower nature and discover that jewel is everHercules, 148:the sake of the life which animates it. Upon the lower arc, it is assuredly destructive; upon theHercules, 153:the form or the Christ, the higher Self or the lower self, the real or the unreal, the true or theHercules, 176:is the second initiation, the raising up of the lower psychic nature, on which we have to work soHercules, 178:life; the materiality that holds us down; the lower psychic nature that causes such destruction;Hercules, 190:spurning the earth, at home in the air. On a lower level we are reminded of the winged feet ofHercules, 198:of the red cattle is plainly that of the lower desires, desire being ever an outstandingHercules, 198:minds held steady in the light, transmitting to lower kingdoms in nature that spiritual energyHercules, 201:energy, which will save and vitalize all lower kingdoms of nature. The Second Coming of the ChristHercules, 207:and momentary distresses which may try the lower nature. One of the great revelations which hasHercules, 208:stage in the evolutionary cycle, takes his lower nature in hand and willingly subjects himself toHercules, 210:that the seizing of anything for the separated lower self is no part of the mission of a son ofHercules, 214:and Libra). Quality: Will to serve, first the lower self, then the higher Self. World service.Hercules, 223:[223] Gemini The interplay between higher and lower. Virgo The form which nurtures the ChristHercules, 225:his enterprise the three aspects of the personal lower self, the physical body, the desire-feelingHercules, 226:intuition. The higher correspondences of all the lower powers have to be developed and utilized.Hercules, 226:he testifies through this labor also that the lower can be subordinated to the higher. Through theInitiation, viii:calls for a strenuous discipline of the entire lower nature, and a life of self-effacing andInitiation, viii:until by the third initiation the control of the lower self by the higher is perfected, and theInitiation, viii:Ego reflects itself in III. The Personality, or lower self, physical plane man. This aspect is alsoInitiation, viii:man. This aspect is also threefold A mental body lower - manas An emotional body - astral body AInitiation, viii:realization of the Egoic aspect and to bring the lower nature under its control. [1] Initiation, 7:from consciousness polarized in the personality, lower self, or body, to that polarized in the
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