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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Intellect, 72:at-one-ment has been brought about between the lower or personal self [73] and the higher or divineIntellect, 77:says: "The transfer of the consciousness from a lower vehicle into a higher is part of the creativeIntellect, 80:his destiny. The instinct which causes the lower self to thrust itself forward, and force its wayIntellect, 80:spiritual Self. The assertion of the little or lower self will give way to that of the higher Self.Intellect, 83:himself with his soul aspect and not simply his lower characteristics. It is a quick process forIntellect, 84:vision. The higher correspondences of the lower physical and psychical powers are brought [85] intoIntellect, 85:through meditation, and so supersede their lower expressions. These powers unfold normally andIntellect, 85:by Meister Eckhart in these words: "The soul's lower powers should be ordered to her higher and herIntellect, 93:There must be a breathing out from the lower self before there can be a breathing in by the higherIntellect, 93:the purificatory furnace into which the lower self has to go in order that all dross may be burnedIntellect, 94:These three friends are symbols of the threefold lower man. The name Meschach means "agile," aIntellect, 98:of all, clearly, it is detachment from the lower and sensible Ego - that is, the habitualIntellect, 98:spiritual point of view, the coordination of the lower multiplicity under a higher unity." "Again,Intellect, 111:the inward senses or noble powers of the soul, lower and higher. Take the lower powers first. TheseIntellect, 111:powers of the soul, lower and higher. Take the lower powers first. These are intermediate betweenIntellect, 130:as "upwards " and "downwards," "higher" and "lower," we are talking symbolically. One of the firstIntellect, 130:"within" and "without," the "higher" and the "lower" are only figures of [131] speech, by whichIntellect, 137:Deity. The Higher Self becomes active, and the lower or personal self is entirely quiescent andIntellect, 138:through which contact has to be made if those lower states of consciousness are to be known. Later,Intellect, 152:It entails the purifying or rarefaction of the lower body nature, and the wearing away of the veilIntellect, 154:light." The consciousness then slips out of the lower self (out of the realm of awareness of theIntellect, 164:functioning coordinating center of the entire lower nature to be in the region of the pituitaryIntellect, 166:and instinct; between the intellect in its lower aspects and the higher or abstract mind. The lineIntellect, 192:departure from the habitual pleasures of the lower soul and the forms of this world, and for theIntellect, 192:necessary to him who prays: annihilation of the lower soul, loss of the natural powers, purity ofIntellect, 192:and perfect contemplation.' Annihilation of the lower soul is to be attained only by concentrationIntellect, 193:bottomless well of divine goodness." "The soul's lower powers should be ordered to her higher, andIntellect, 205:we begin to coordinate the three aspects of the lower nature, and to unify mind, emotion andIntellect, 211:of the intuition in the higher brain, and the lower mental faculties and the higher emotionalIntellect, 211:and the higher emotional reactions in the lower brain. This is in line with the eastern teachingIntellect, 212:of the pituitary body, we have the seat of the lower faculties, when coordinated in the higher typeIntellect, 223:we picture to ourselves the threefold lower man, aligned or in direct communication with the soul.Intellect, 225:of force to which is linked the triangle of the lower nature - linked by the "silver cord"Intellect, 228:and regular. Visualization of the threefold lower self (physical, emotional and mental) as InIntellect, 243:for a moment at some of the phenomena of the lower mind which students are so constantlyIntellect, 262:from that high place control all aspects of the lower nature, and guide the daily life in the waysMagic, 13:will deal with the growth and development of the lower psychic nature or the soul of the vehiclesMagic, 24:the separation into larger units than the lower is capable of grasping. Therefore the initiate,Magic, 25:the medium of the mind, correctly employed. On a lower level altogether, we know it is easy toMagic, 26:from the plane of the monad as the initiate of lower degree works from the plane of the soul andMagic, 38:or mother-nature, and between that called the lower self and the spiritual man. GroupMagic, 39:of the soul or of expressing more than its lower vibration, tone or color. The infinitely small isMagic, 39:a triplicity, the higher correspondences of the lower. There is first of all what might be calledMagic, 41:soul is made and the soul functions through the lower personal nature. The soul hides withinMagic, 42:or that part which lies above the diaphragm. The lower torso, or that part lying below theMagic, 42:is that triple division, the head, upper and lower torso. A man can function and live without hisMagic, 43:The throat. The lungs. The heart. Within the lower body are: The spleen. The stomach. The sexMagic, 44:to the soul or psychic nature (higher and lower). The two eyes are the physical planeMagic, 44:of life, is the correspondence of spirit. In the lower torso again we have this triple systemMagic, 47:the higher three kingdoms in nature and the lower three. The higher three are: The SpiritualMagic, 48:principle is in process of revelation now. The lower aspect is functioning. The higher remainsMagic, 51:matter what may be the reaction of and upon the lower self. Only those who can clearlyMagic, 55:interest the minds and brains (and therefore the lower self) of students in the higher self,Magic, 55:To teach them how to link up the personal lower self with the over-shadowing soul so that in theMagic, 59:through this process, becomes aware of his lower nature and begins to realize the extent of hisMagic, 60:which is the motivating impulse behind the lower manifestation. The "disk of golden light" pierced;Magic, 60:on the physical plane. Thus the activity of the lower nature decreases, and the man little byMagic, 60:the "lighting of the lamp" - the aligning of the lower and higher and the downflow of illuminationMagic, 70:choice of action depends upon a sound use of the lower mind, the employment of a sane common senseMagic, 71:in meditation deep the work proceedeth. The lower light is thrown upward; the greater lightMagic, 71:and, secondly, to the throwing upward of the "lower light". The "greater light" is that of theMagic, 71:light of the Logos illuminates the whole. The "lower light" is that which is hidden within theMagic, 75:of this response is a reorientation of the lower man in order to produce a synthesis of the ThreeMagic, 76:academical. The significance of the words, "the lower light is thrown upward." These deal with theMagic, 79:the Nirmanakayas that its downflow may sweep out lower grade matter, and thus permit the free playMagic, 79:facility the bridge between the higher and the lower mind. The two types need each other, and theirMagic, 80:but is barred by the disquisitions of the lower mind. When the fire of mind burns too fiercely, itMagic, 80:counteracts the higher downflow, and forces the lower fire back into seclusion. Only when the threeMagic, 80:from above - the triadal light - the fire of the lower self, - kundalini - and the fire of mind, -Magic, 80:- a faculty of the concrete mental body - the lower bodies are trained in the art of distinguishingMagic, 80:of the Ego is centered necessarily on the lower self and its vehicles, and wherein, therefore, theMagic, 82:and effects as they condition and regulate his lower vehicle. He aspires to the occult path andMagic, 85:will take up later the "throwing upward of the lower light". This is in line also with the law ofMagic, 85:control. The man therefore is utilizing the lower mind, the reasoning mind, whilst the soul isMagic, 86:point of that meditation so positive that the lower mind can be impressed, and so the lower man canMagic, 86:that the lower mind can be impressed, and so the lower man can be brought into line with theMagic, 87:above. The relation between the higher and the lower mind, involving steady and increasing soulMagic, 89:Contact must be made by the soul between the lower aspect of its triple nature and the aspect whichMagic, 89:the brain, and, when this is the case, the lower man has synchronized his meditation with that ofMagic, 98:two things: Blend and fuse the energies of the lower two centers of force, and Raise these fusedMagic, 104:the diaphragm symbolize primarily the personal lower self, and in their synthesizing center, theMagic, 105:the words at the end of the previous rule: "The lower light is thrown upward and the greater lightMagic, 105:the work of the four proceedeth." What of this lower light? The student should remember that forMagic, 115:are at present emphasizing, the use of the lower mind involves the danger of criticism, theMagic, 116:kinds and the higher must be reached via the lower: a. Principles governing the lower personalMagic, 116:via the lower: a. Principles governing the lower personal self, dealing with the actions or activeMagic, 116:dealing with the actions or active life of that lower self. They embody the third aspect or theMagic, 118:men are confused. Certain first principles, the lower activity fundamentals are ingrained andMagic, 118:deal with the good of the group and the lower with the good of the individual, mayhap clarity willMagic, 118:the individual, mayhap clarity will ensue. The lower activity of personal life, no matter how goodMagic, 118:clash, the victory of the higher is sure; the lower principle must give way to the higher. One isMagic, 119:principles governing the life of activity of the lower self, and the ego works with the law of loveMagic, 120:are possible; initiations on the astral and lower mental planes can be taken; some of the visionMagic, 130:medium. When that organization is completed the lower concrete mind will be nothing but aMagic, 130:of much that is now incomprehensible to our lower plane vision. [131] In all great movements youMagic, 131:general public. It has therefore now reached the lower levels of the mental plane, and a furtherMagic, 133:in reception from above, whilst negative to lower vibrations, he who has an astral body that isMagic, 136:higher vision and to achieve at the cost of the lower, the consciousness of that higher plane. TheyMagic, 136:plane. They will have to remember that the lower objective, owing to its proximity, will loom inMagic, 136:mystics of the world and not so much among the lower aspirants. The trouble has not lain in lack of
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