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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Magic, 142:physical plane. Only when the many voices of the lower nature and of our environment are silenced,Magic, 169:with the use of cooperative intelligence, the lower powers must be quiescent. They can only beMagic, 169:no need to employ the powers inherent in the lower sheaths. They can use the infallible knowledgeMagic, 171:shuts the door in the majority of cases through lower psychism, physical disability, and lack ofMagic, 171:has to work constantly and ceaselessly with his lower self. He finds that one of the first thingsMagic, 175:of no higher evolution, and frequently of lower, than themselves. Some are simply abstracting theMagic, 184:thought-forms and entities which depict the lower life, and which (in their aggregate) form theMagic, 185:can be followed back until the source of the lower manifestation is reached and the soulMagic, 188:hindrances in one or other, or all of the three lower bodies, or to wait for that time when hisMagic, 191:the higher centers, subordinating the [191] lower ones. This has to be done also without laying theMagic, 191:the transference of the positive energy of the lower centers into that of the higher, and secondlyMagic, 196:solar plexus center as a clearing-house for the lower energies be touched upon. [197] I am anxiousMagic, 199:heart and throat centers or lotuses. These two lower centers in their turn are responding to theMagic, 202:and to the impulses and tendencies of the lower self. Virtue is the calling in of new energies andMagic, 203:work of imposing the higher vibration on the lower is character building, the first prerequisiteMagic, 211:- The Work of the Eye RULE SIX The devas of the lower four feel the force when the eye opens; theyMagic, 212:of the long struggle between the higher and the lower man has been to make the lower responsive toMagic, 212:higher and the lower man has been to make the lower responsive to and sensitively aware of theMagic, 215:makes itself felt, controlling the lives of the lower bodies, driving forth the lower fourMagic, 215:the lives of the lower bodies, driving forth the lower four elementals (of earth, water, fire, air)Magic, 220:controller of his own destinies, and swings the lower energies into forms and activities throughMagic, 220:resulting in an interaction between higher and lower. Rule 3 - Radiation, resulting in a soundingMagic, 241:activity of the soul, as it seeks to draw the lower self into full realization. PhysicallyMagic, 249:aspirant becomes aware of is a tendency to the lower psychism. It is a reaction from the solarMagic, 250:and entirely submerged in the interests of the lower psychical experiences. It is here that manyMagic, 252:to the prototype, and which serves to model the lower man and force conformity to the ideal. As heMagic, 252:at work upon the energies which constitute his lower nature, until all is subordinated and heMagic, 264:for millennia of years, are spent under the lower vibrations. As evolution progresses, more rapidMagic, 282:or refining in their influence, and raise or lower the physical vibration of the united cell body.Magic, 284:Head center Pineal gland. 6. Self-expression Lower brain Throat center Thyroid. 7.Magic, 285:of forces, to be held and used for the other and lower kingdoms in nature. Magic, 285:Adrenals. 2. Self-expression (creative work) Lower brain Throat center Thyorid. 3. Self-consciousMagic, 285:This, curiously enough, can only occur when the lower spinal center is aroused, when the energy ofMagic, 287:act of the combined will of the soul and of the lower man, unification and realization are broughtMagic, 287:This phrase relates to the transmutation of the lower creative energy into the higher creativeMagic, 288:being the organ of the astral body and of the lower psychism, gathers together all lower forces andMagic, 288:and of the lower psychism, gathers together all lower forces and redirects them under the impulseMagic, 291:the human kingdom is to transmit energy to the lower kingdoms in Nature, whilst the work of theMagic, 292:are: [292] Astral energy. The energy of the lower concrete mind, of the chitta, the mind-stuff. TheMagic, 310:so until the higher psychic powers supersede the lower [311] and man functions as a soul. Then theMagic, 315:and so aid its work of reorientation, or they lower its standard so that progress is hindered andMagic, 317:an impulse, an emotion, a desire originate in a lower aspect of the form side. They differ from anMagic, 320:Elsewhere the blending feeds the fuel of his lower life. Then focus on the plan. Thus will he seeMagic, 322:of the soul may be poured upon and through the lower threefold nature. This pouring through willMagic, 323:contacted. This self-forgetfulness refers to the lower self. Self-recollectedness andMagic, 331:to its mechanism of expression, the threefold lower man, he automatically passes into theMagic, 334:status as a bridging kingdom between the three lower kingdoms of nature and the fifth or spiritualMagic, 345:the higher must be called in to deal with the lower. Hence the necessity for always keeping theMagic, 345:pure white light, and, pouring it through your lower vehicles, you will cleanse away all thatMagic, 350:astral corruption and the foul cesspools of the lower levels of the mental plane infect all, andMagic, 353:demonstrating the complete control of the three lower vehicles. Then comes the Transfiguration,Magic, 360:on the involutionary arc correspond to the three lower centers, and the mineral kingdom - abstruseMagic, 361:into three aspects also. We have therefore: The lower concrete mind, called the chitta orMagic, 361:Deity. The lines of force from these three lower aspects lead back (if one may use so inadequate anMagic, 366:concentration in order to focus or orient the lower mind to the higher. Temporarily the normalMagic, 369:which satisfy it in one part or other of its lower nature; it comes when there is a sense ofMagic, 370:we seek to live as souls, the contentment of the lower man is discounted and we find joy in ourMagic, 375:and we talk then in terms of the higher and the lower self; we speak of the self and its sheaths,Magic, 382:be what he is, a God walking on earth, his lower nature (physical, astral and mental) completelyMagic, 386:mean to me, for one I cannot reach, and for the lower of the two I have no longer any love. "Torn IMagic, 389:It must not be forgotten, however, that, on a lower scale of the evolutionary ladder, are otherMagic, 390:of union between the three higher and the three lower, but, at this present moment, the plane ofMagic, 403:vibration, and that freedom from the lower psychism which are the needed prerequisites to intensiveMagic, 420:will he offend against established custom, nor lower the standard which the world has set for itsMagic, 424:full of illusion as any of the more definitely lower psychic experiences. The slowly growingMagic, 438:lives below the diaphragm, and who utilizes the lower four centers: - the center at the base of theMagic, 457:all vain imaginings and the formulations of the lower mind, so equipping oneself to leap readilyMagic, 466:or involutionary kingdoms, through the three lower kingdoms in nature and on into the humanMagic, 466:in nature and on into the human kingdom. In the lower human stages and in the stage of animal man,Magic, 474:not thy fate. The thoughts of self and of thy lower destiny prevent the inner [475] voice of thineMagic, 484:by reactions which have their seat in their lower nature, and are based on selfishness and lack ofMagic, 491:is that of the public consciousness and of the lower mind. The aspirant must function free in bothMagic, 501:Death In psychics and in the case of mediums and lower seers (clairvoyant and clairaudient people)Magic, 519:purely selfish purpose, have learnt to use the lower of the two soul interludes - that whichMagic, 519:and black magicians, as you see, employ the lower interlude, and both know the significance of theMagic, 530:is intimately linked with that of will and its lower reflection, desire. Will is desire, formulatedMagic, 544:disasters which they brought about, one in the lower and one in the higher astral world.Magic, 545:ever the world of illusion. They work, from the lower mental plane, on desire matter, and on theMagic, 545:intellectual aspiration, and love of the lower psychism, and this only when the man has been heldMagic, 549:world. Here again we have a higher three and a lower one, which ever indicates the three aspects orMagic, 553:call the four higher planes of our system. The lower three, constituting the cosmic dense physicalMagic, 560:Because criticism being a faculty of the lower mind can hurt and wound and no man can proceed uponMagic, 570:and of manifestation, and that the three lower bodies are energy bodies, each forming a vehicle forMagic, 570:transmitters of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of the third aspect, the HolyMagic, 570:plane and this through the utilization of the lower triple sheath." (P. 227.) This gives a generalMagic, 583:submerge [583] and to lose sight of the personal lower self in the task of world guidance, underMagic, 585:between: Instinct and intuition. Higher and lower mind. Desire and spiritual impulse. SelfishMagic, 624:a tendency to break [624] down physically, or to lower his ideal so as to conform to weaknesses. ToMagic, 630:change their plans, alter their viewpoint, and lower their standard until it conforms to theirMagic, 632:there remains the important work, on a lower level, of working with their kind. Their attributesMeditationvehicles, the physical, the emotional, and the lower mind body, within the causal periphery, andMeditationthinkers of the race, the true exponents of lower mind, are fundamentally those whose three lowerMeditationlower mind, are fundamentally those whose three lower bodies are aligned; that is to say, thoseMeditation, 2:extends to the mental body, the threefold lower man is reaching his apotheosis, and has rung mostMeditation, 2:when the Ego is nearing alignment with the lower bodies, the pineal gland and the pituitary bodyMeditation, 2:Ego takes continued notice of the personality or lower self. When that abstraction involves theMeditation, 3:done on the two planes. This involves the use of lower mind, and the three lower vehicles thusMeditation, 3:involves the use of lower mind, and the three lower vehicles thus become aligned. The vibrations ofMeditation, 4:I mean the adaptation of the Personality or Lower Self, to the Ego, or Higher Self, the dominatingMeditation, 4:of the Higher Self with the secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty is achieved. At first,
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