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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Meditation, 4:colors, and a fight between the Higher and the Lower. But as time progresses, and later with theMeditation, 6:of unselfish endeavor) the higher and the lower form a line direct. Usually the emotional body,Meditation, 6:the percolation down from the higher to the lower, and so to the physical brain. It takes manyMeditation, 9:of circumstances he is polarized entirely in the lower self, that polarization being in either theMeditation, 10:the depths of the life lived entirely for the lower self and found it unsatisfying. Then he beginsMeditation, 10:a man to contact the Ego and to align the three lower bodies. 2. It puts a man into an attitude ofMeditation, 10:higher and higher, until the time comes when the lower point of [11] attraction in the swinging andMeditation, 11:under the Law of Causes. 3. It stabilizes the lower vibrations on the subplanes of the emotionalMeditation, 11:of the third subplane on each of the three lower planes, until that subplane is dominated. TheMeditation, 11:in the concrete sense of the word, and from the lower vision. That particular incarnation will beMeditation, 11:the man achieves the fullest expression of his lower self, - physically perfect, emotionallyMeditation, 12:after the attainment of the highest the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate.Meditation, 13:or Higher Self. The Ray of the Personality or Lower Self. Karmic condition of the threefold man.Meditation, 15:or Higher Self. The Ray of his Personality or Lower Self. The Karmic condition of his threefoldMeditation, 15:Self. The Karmic condition of his threefold lower nature. The condition of his Causal Body. TheMeditation, 15:application of the will in a dynamic form to the lower vehicles; it is largely what we termMeditation, 16:will in the first case; by the expansion of the lower auric egg, the causal body, in the secondMeditation, 17:of the causal body, dissociation from the lower and the attainment of perfection. Its exponentsMeditation, 18:mental quality and the [18] controlling of the lower nature so that one supreme endeavor is made toMeditation, 20:of the Love or Wisdom Ray, whilst the ray of his lower self is that of the fifth or the Ray ofMeditation, 23:egoic consciousness and its relationship to the lower self. Later I will deal with the sameMeditation, 23:relationship of the Higher Self to the threefold lower man, and the gradually increasing strengthMeditation, 24:is largely in the emotional body and when lower mind desire is being developed. Later AtlanteanMeditation, 27:and function in full liberation on the three lower planes; he realizes that the Ego must haveMeditation, 30:the time ripe for taking possession of the lower vehicles. The Lords of the Flame were called inMeditation, 30:effected the transfer of polarization from the lower atom of the Triad to the lowest atom of theMeditation, 30:Even then, the indwelling Flame could come no lower than the third subplane of the mental plane.Meditation, 30:indwelling Thinker cannot control in the three lower worlds without the aid of the lower self. TheMeditation, 30:in the three lower worlds without the aid of the lower self. The life of the first Logos must beMeditation, 32:and above all the occult permeability of the lower auric egg that permits of contact with otherMeditation, 33:body in its relationship to the Personality or lower self, showing the interplay between the twoMeditation, 33:and through the gradual stilling of the lower mind, through concentration and the wise following ofMeditation, 33:eventually a shifting of polarization from the lower to the higher and later to completeMeditation, 33:consciousness. We dealt with the matter from the lower point of view, seeing it from the standpointMeditation, 35:personality, the Ego is consequently aided on lower levels by two different disciples, one workingMeditation, 36:[36] definitely works at the subjugation of the lower self, at the enlargement of the communicatingMeditation, 36:vibration, and to force the oft-rebelling lower vehicles to respond and measure up to the rapidlyMeditation, 37:By frequent attempts to definitely control the lower self, a thing distasteful to the Ego, whoseMeditation, 39:of the causal body in its relationship to the lower self and to the Hierarchy. The state of theMeditation, 40:and the relationship of that body to its three lower expressions, finishing yesterday with a fewMeditation, 54:its relation to our solar system, whilst on the lower planes it demonstrates as the astral light,Meditation, 54:which we call Time. In direct relation to the lower vehicle it manifests as electricity, prana andMeditation, 55:possible. It is the basic note of the five lower planes. It marked activity or adaptability.Meditation, 58:created, not so much between the higher and the lower vehicles as between them and the intuitionalMeditation, 58:finer matter and repudiate that which is of a lower vibration. He should so sound the Word thatMeditation, 62:characteristic of so many will be gone and the lower vehicle will be relaxed. The eyes should beMeditation, 62:is a creator, seeking to create; that he is the lower aspect of Deity seeking alignment with theMeditation, 62:causing it to vibrate. The stilling of the lower mind. [63] Linking up with the Ego to a more orMeditation, 66:and a linking of all three groups - the lower, the higher and the Brotherhood - in a triangle forMeditation, 66:definite effect on the physical vehicles of the lower group; it intensifies the vibration of theMeditation, 66:This results in equilibrium; it stimulates the lower mind, yet at the same time opens theMeditation, 66:which higher, entering in, stabilizes the lower concrete mind. It attracts the attention of certainMeditation, 66:the contact between the higher and the lower is an instrument in the hand of the Logos for theMeditation, 68:to clear the channel betwixt the higher and the lower. Groups for the treatment of obsessions andMeditation, 72:system. In the first solar system the three lower centers were developed and with them theMeditation, 72:They form the basis of the development of the lower quaternary before individualization, but areMeditation, 72:the conscious, thinking, threefold man and his lower vehicles, regarding those lower vehicles asMeditation, 72:man and his lower vehicles, regarding those lower vehicles as the Not-Self, and as themselvesMeditation, 75:nuclei of light, and the corresponding four lower head centers are equally alive. Period V - marksMeditation, 79:consciousness of the Higher Self into the three lower vehicles, drawing it downward into fullerMeditation, 79:causal body what the Ego is doing for the three lower vehicles. It forces the unification of theMeditation, 79:It forces the unification of the higher and lower, and it attracts the spiritual life itself. WhenMeditation, 80:multiples of four, for four is the number of the lower self, of the quaternary. The total number ofMeditation, 80:which has a purpose all its own, and the three lower organs of creation, is one thousand, oneMeditation, 81:the goal for this manvantara is reached. The lower lotus is full blown, and reflects the greaterMeditation, 81:is at present for the majority polarized in the lower vehicles and not in the causal. The states ofMeditation, 82:be lightly altered when the Ego - working in the lower consciousness - seeks to effect a change.Meditation, 85:two head centers which are the synthesis of the lower crosses. The four-armed cross of the thirdMeditation, 86:and love blended in harmonious service, and the lower physical activity is transmuted into idealismMeditation, 88:not for the pondering and logical reasoning of lower mind; they also contain elements of danger ifMeditation, 90:is the transference of the consciousness of the lower self into the higher. This carries with itMeditation, 93:concept that runs ahead of the capacity of the lower vehicles, especially of the dense physical.Meditation, 94:of his effort and the one that controls the two lower bodies. The true student seeks to draw hisMeditation, 94:body into the realms of thought, or into the lower mind body. Having achieved that much, he seeksMeditation, 94:that much, he seeks then to transcend that lower mind and to become polarized in the causal body,Meditation, 94:of communication between the higher and the lower, the physical brain being then but the quiescentMeditation, 95:where they directly inhibit the processes of the lower mind. If you picture the mental body as anMeditation, 96:bring in the direct action of the Ego upon the lower three vehicles. As long as he can keep hisMeditation, 96:held in a state of equilibrium. It will hold no lower vibration analogous to the thought-formsMeditation, 96:and will automatically throw off all that is lower and undesirable. b. What do I mean by theMeditation, 97:run the risk of breaking connection with the two lower vehicles. These lower bodies exist forMeditation, 97:connection with the two lower vehicles. These lower bodies exist for purposes of contact, for theMeditation, 97:for the apprehension of knowledge on the lower planes and for reasons of experience in order thatMeditation, 97:that if the indwelling consciousness comes no lower than the mental plane and neglects the body ofMeditation, 97:the dense physical, two things will result. The lower vehicles will be neglected and useless andMeditation, 97:of fact on the physical plane, bringing the two lower vehicles under control of the mental andMeditation, 99:make the emotional ovoid positive to all that is lower and to its environment and only receptive toMeditation, 99:and contact is alert to watch and guard the lower vehicles. "Watch and pray," the Great Lord saidMeditation, 100:of the mental plane and the fire latent in the lower vehicles merge with the sacred fire of theMeditation, 101:of life is concealed within the heart. When that lower point vibrates, when the Sacred TriangleMeditation, 103:a purifier and the great connector between the lower and the Higher Self. In meditation the studentMeditation, 103:before the alignment between the higher and lower bodies via the emotional is completed, this fireMeditation, 106:its corresponding head center, instead of to the lower organs of generation. Therefore, it will beMeditation, 111:levels making the effort to control the two lower. In the Aryan root-race, the attempt is beingMeditation, 111:to bridge the gap between the higher and the lower and, by centering the consciousness in the lowerMeditation, 111:lower and, by centering the consciousness in the lower mind and later in the causal, to tap theMeditation, 111:triangles were not correctly followed, and the lower centers were caught in the reaction of theMeditation, 112:organizing factor, the instrument of the lower mind, the accumulator of facts. The difference inMeditation, 119:there are so much more potent than on the lower levels. The egoic group to which he belongs. ThisMeditation, 122:and in his endeavor to eliminate all thought and lower vibrations, the student makes the mistake of
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