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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Meditation, 122:makes the mistake of rendering his entire lower personality receptive. Instead of making it firmlyMeditation, 122:firmly positive to environing factors and to all lower contacts, and instead of only allowing theMeditation, 123:Who seeks to inspire, or to occupy or employ his lower vehicles. The motive is ever the greaterMeditation, 125:entity (clothed in mental matter) enters the two lower vehicles. In the case of emotional obsessionMeditation, 125:the magnetic link that attaches the Ego to the lower physical body, leaving him in his emotionalMeditation, 126:looks [126] on, and in agony of mind sees his lower vehicle dishonoring the fair name of its realMeditation, 126:where kindred vibration may be felt. Some of the lower devas, harmless but mischievous who, fromMeditation, 133:the former frequently the calm reasoning of the lower mind may suffice to dispel the trouble. Here,Meditation, 136:on these subplanes the attacks of elementals on lower planes may be felt but effect no harm, henceMeditation, 136:Mighty dark magicians may be located on the lower mental levels, but on the higher, the White LodgeMeditation, 137:this is so, coordination will be present in the lower vehicles and the indwelling Thinker himselfMeditation, 141:that at-one-ment between the higher and the lower that is the aim of all evolution. I desire toMeditation, 143:the expansion of the mind until it dominates the lower, and into the faculty of abstract conceptionMeditation, 143:and it is that blending of the higher and the lower and the equipping of that lower until itMeditation, 143:higher and the lower and the equipping of that lower until it provides a fitting expression for theMeditation, 145:of the day to prevent the falling back into the lower vibration. It entails a constant battle withMeditation, 145:vibration. It entails a constant battle with the lower self that drags down; it is a ceaselessMeditation, 145:till that consciousness is so stable that the lower mind, desire and the physical elementals,Meditation, 145:through lack of nourishment that the threefold lower nature becomes simply the means whereby theMeditation, 145:provides a vehicle whereby he steps out of the lower consciousness into the higher, a kind ofMeditation, 148:and uses, and he has to master and control all lower forms of manifestation, and learn the rulesMeditation, 156:foundation outlines designed for working on the lower mind. These forms will be based on theMeditation, 156:the mental plane and driving from thence to the lower ethers. The etheric body will thus beMeditation, 157:on his emotional body, driving out foreign or lower matter, and stabilizing his vibration. TheyMeditation, 160:which it originates, and to the effects on the lower bodies or body. In apportioning formsMeditation, 161:in the Ego, and the polarization shifts from the lower to the higher that the work becomesMeditation, 167:races. The Mahachohan, who synthesizes the four lower rays, deals with mind or intelligence, and,Meditation, 168:lines of contact between the higher and the lower, all finding their focal point through the sameMeditation, 172:and by brooding over it and by the employment of lower mind, finds out all that can be known andMeditation, 175:harmony out of discord, beauty out of chaos. The lower kingdoms of the devas work, guided by theMeditation, 175:line. Fire elementals, water sprites, and the lower elementals can all be harnessed by rites. TheMeditation, 176:at all times find a response in one of the three lower bodies of men, these bodies (regarded asMeditation, 184:matter, and of greatest physical heat, so the lower generative organs are the secondary center inMeditation, 187:the Triad and thus effect an at-one-ment of the lower, the higher and the fifth principle. This isMeditation, 189:that purifies, and burns on one of the three lower planes. This is effected through the activity ofMeditation, 192:or empty funnel between the higher and the lower is formed, force or power of some manifestation ofMeditation, 193:for adjustments [193] in the matter of the three lower planes have to be made in this creation of aMeditation, 194:kingdom forms a link between the higher and the lower, and, in conjunction with the deva kingdom,Meditation, 198:movement the effect is to align the three lower vehicles with the causal vehicle, and this liningMeditation, 202:strengthening of the channel between higher and lower mind will be greatly aided. The intuitionMeditation, 207:of the monadic ray. The colors of higher or lower mind are at times spoken of in terms of the planeMeditation, 208:emphasized that in dealing with esoteric matters lower manas helps not. Only he who has the higherMeditation, 209:of the earth, on the emotional plane, and on the lower level of the mental plane. They areMeditation, 209:mental plane. They are negations. Their tone is lower than the note of Nature. They are theMeditation, 211:seven bands, striking down athwart the five lower planes till they contact the earth plane and areMeditation, 226:the corresponding change of color from the lower to the higher. Couple up this information that IMeditation, 227:no resemblance to that termed red or rose on the lower plane. The red, the green and the indigo ofMeditation, 227:the plane of mind which links the higher and the lower. The correspondence will always be foundMeditation, 229:Lipika Lords. The four Maharajahs. The fourfold lower man, the quaternary. The five planes of humanMeditation, 230:effects: The dropping out of colors from the lower sheaths which are the left-overs from a previousMeditation, 232:differences on the higher planes and on the lower. The resistance of matter to the downflow ofMeditation, 232:greater facility. It is therefore on the three lower planes a question of practical living and aMeditation, 240:the Ego, and the Monad. To resolve then the lower quaternary into the three, the first stage ofMeditation, 240:to withdraw into the Ego and so atrophy the lower self. The student begins by eliminating theMeditation, 241:he has withdrawn all his consciousness from the lower vehicles into the monadic sheath. It was notMeditation, 259:kingdom. He has worked His way through the four lower kingdoms: - the mineral, the vegetable, theMeditation, 260:laws of the Universal Mind as demonstrated in lower manifestation. The Laws of Mind are mastered inMeditation, 260:through its five grades and has transmuted lower mind into mind pure and unalloyed, has transmutedMeditation, 268:the causal body. He must learn to contact the lower mind simply as an instrument whereby he canMeditation, 268:pupil has to raise himself from his world (the lower) into Their world (the higher). Now both theseMeditation, 269:to that of his Master, to purify his three lower bodies so that they form no hindrance to thatMeditation, 269:to that contact, and so to dominate his lower mind that it is no longer a barrier to the downflowMeditation, 273:only on emotional and physical levels and on the lower mental. After the fifth initiation he willMeditation, 274:to effect the transfer of polarization from the lower three atoms of the Personality to the higherMeditation, 275:whilst making the channel between higher and lower mind, whilst he builds and employs this channelMeditation, 275:of communication between the higher and the lower. The causal body is itself eventually done awayMeditation, 276:to the ability of the student to shut off the lower and contact the higher, so will come theMeditation, 277:with occult accuracy be brings his three lower bodies into alignment and - with emphasis IMeditation, 282:struggle, diligent disciplining of the threefold lower man, and consecrated service to the world.Meditation, 284:being the only complete unit in the threefold lower nature will be apprehended, and the fact madeMeditation, 284:certain results. Ponder on this. The place of lower mind in the scheme of things will be studied,Meditation, 287:transference, and of much mental display in the lower worlds. Only when the student, who progressesMeditation, 287:up the five effects in the three bodies in the lower worlds that the student of meditation will beMeditation, 294:who sounds not the note in either the higher or lower octave. This applies to groups consecrated toMeditation, 295:the necessary vibrating material into his three lower bodies, when he has aligned them with theMeditation, 299:of the vision and disproportionate discussion. Lower mind, instead of being a means to an end and aMeditation, 300:movement that has in view the harnessing of the lower mind through the instrumentality of theMeditation, 300:the subjective is the true reality and that the lower is but the stepping stone to the higher. ThisMeditation, 310:in the rigid adjustment of the details of the lower world life comes, at the end, attainment of theMeditation, 311:Ego seeks to do through each expression on the lower plane goes forward as desired, and thatMeditation, 312:concentrates on the development of the threefold lower man, and his training in service. TheMeditation, 313:of the school sees that the rounding out of the lower auric egg approaches the desired point, thenMeditation, 315:As their work will be largely to develop the lower mind of the pupil and to link it up with theMeditation, 316:and practiced by proficient teachers, and the lower mind will be developed as much as possible, andMeditation, 317:of instructors who will deal largely with the lower mind and in the emotional, physical and mentalMeditation, 318:preparatory school, and graduated from all the lower grades. Probably these three will comprise theMeditation, 324:curriculum deals much with the development of lower [325] mind, with the laying of the foundationsMeditation, 326:will be more given over to the things concerning lower mind and to an effort to hold the gain ofMeditation, 332:all that concerns it, and as the junction of the lower and the higher. It is like a busy railroadMeditation, 334:the higher subplanes and the elimination of the lower and coarser matter. This is needed because itMeditation, 338:of a high order, and by the inhibition of the lower. By a constant daily attempt to contact theMeditation, 339:thus welding all, at the fourth initiation the lower vehicles go, and the adept stands in hisMeditation, 345:fail from physical disability. He sees that his lower vehicle gets sufficient rest, and adequateMeditation, 347:previous lives, and lastly, a steadying of the lower mind so that the higher may dominate and theMeditation, 349:The path, or bridge, between higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication betweenMeditation, 355:into two parts, higher or abstract mind, and lower or concrete mind. Mantrams Verses from theMeditation, 356:or hindrance. It is built by the power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter.Meditation, 356:immortal part of man which reincarnates in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through themMeditation, 358:verb "vas," to dwell. Quaternary The fourfold lower self, or man, in the three worlds. There areMeditation, 358:the best is to enumerate the four as follows: Lower mind. Emotional or kamic body. Prana, or the
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