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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Patanjalicurrents are the results of the obstacles in the lower psychic nature. 32. To overcome thePatanjaliand rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. 38. PeacePatanjali, 8:the daily life and soul powers manifested, The lower psychic nature can be subdued, and the higherPatanjali, 8:Ego (Soul) Personality Divine self Higher self Lower self Life Consciousness Form Energy ForcePatanjali, 9:and control of the mental body, and therefore of lower manas or mind. The student should rememberPatanjali, 9:borne in mind that, occultly speaking, when the lower nature is controlled it can manifest thePatanjali, 9:the higher. When the second aspect of the lower personal self, the emotional body, is subjugated orPatanjali, 10:revealed. Equally, when the first aspect of the lower personal self, the mental body, isPatanjali, 11:through the conscious intelligent control of the lower nature. Patanjali, 13:and the embryo yogi can begin his work. The lower forms are constantly and ceaselessly active,Patanjali, 13:is controlled and the tumult of the lower nature stilled that it becomes possible for the innerPatanjali, 13:thralldom, and impose his vibration upon the lower modifications. This is achieved throughPatanjali, 13:perceiver and of seer. When he can do this the lower "spectacle" of the rapidly changing forms ofPatanjali, 14:of the fact that we are [14] dealing with the lower psychic nature, which is the term occultlyPatanjali, 14:which is the term occultly applied to the lower mind processes as well as to the astral orPatanjali, 14:or emotional reactions. All activity in the lower nature is the result of kama-manas, or of mindPatanjali, 14:tinged with feeling, of the desire-will of the lower man. The goal of the Raja Yoga system is thatPatanjali, 14:nature, manifests as a duality. This duality is: Lower concrete mind, demonstrating as the activityPatanjali, 15:[15] The mental body, the highest aspect of the lower personal self. The mental body itself hasPatanjali, 15:plane, the mental. The modifications are the lower shadow of manas (or mind in the microcosmicPatanjali, 15:man who overcomes the five modifications of the lower mind, who through non-attachment to thePatanjali, 15:lower mind, who through non-attachment to the lower, identifies himself with the higher, and whoPatanjali, 18:forward into the world of psychic endeavor (both lower and higher) then we shall have aPatanjali, 19:which is acquired through the medium of the lower faculties and which is based upon the form aspectPatanjali, 21:on the Threshold!" Being created [21] by the lower personal self and not by the soul, it isPatanjali, 21:and is simply held together by the man's lower energy. When the man begins to function as the soulPatanjali, 23:of the plan, and endeavors to bring the lower man into line with the nature and will of the innerPatanjali, 23:scientific withdrawal of the real man from his lower threefold sheath in order to work on highPatanjali, 23:preparatory to some active service upon the lower; The sleep of the Nirmankayas, which is aPatanjali, 23:of human endeavor but likewise from the two lower expressions of the spiritual Triad. For purposesPatanjali, 24:upon the physical plane. Kama-manasic (or desire-lower mind) images of past desires and theirPatanjali, 24:holds and recognizes as emanating from the five lower sense perceptions. Those mental images,Patanjali, 24:attain liberation from limitation and from all lower activity. This is the goal. [25] Finally (forPatanjali, 27:the fluctuations of the mind and to control the lower psychic versatile nature in order fully toPatanjali, 27:a sixth sense) the same restraint that the five lower senses are subjected to: their outward goingPatanjali, 28:the mind and consequently upon his [28] entire lower nature. When this appreciation is true enoughPatanjali, 29:man turns his back upon all the forms in the lower three worlds and becomes a true savior. In thePatanjali, 30:to heaven. It is realized as enjoyed by the lower self, and by the man when bereft only of hisPatanjali, 31:word, yet nevertheless it is still within the lower world of form and will be transcended whenPatanjali, 31:into which the adept passes when the three lower worlds are no longer "attached" to him through hisPatanjali, 33:the mind as the mind is to the soul. Thus is the lower man gradually identified with the spiritualPatanjali, 38:of intense concentration and the stilling of the lower modifications, but until the soul or MasterPatanjali, 39:- having controlled and transmuted the entire lower nature - make a contact with their monad,Patanjali, 39:those who are in process of synthesizing the six lower centers into the head center, through thePatanjali, 39:head center, through the transmutation of the lower four into the higher three, and then of thePatanjali, 40:realization and not to the reactions of the lower man and the physical brain. Belief. On his ownPatanjali, 47:under control of the forces and energies of the lower nature. There is given in this and thePatanjali, 48:no longer "cribbed, cabined and confined" by the lower quaternary. He is no longer crucified uponPatanjali, 48:crucified upon the cross of matter. The four lower sheaths - dense, etheric, emotional and mental -Patanjali, 48:a son of God dominating and controlling the lower creations. Free from Karma. Through knowledge ofPatanjali, 51:light within. The spiritual Man Utilizing the lower man. [52] Patanjali, 58:Law of Vibration, and the gradual tuning of the lower vibrations of the sheaths or vestures ofPatanjali, 60:and has learnt how to unify the soul and the lower man so that they function as a coordinated unitPatanjali, 60:felt, and the aspirant submits his entire lower nature to the control of that new ruler. It shouldPatanjali, 61:that fleeting vision a permanent reality in the lower plane experience, The battle of Kurukshetra,Patanjali, 63:task of purifying and regulating the threefold lower nature has been worked at (as outlined in thePatanjali, 65:wrong questioning is that which is based upon lower perception and the identification of the realPatanjali, 66:as to that slothfulness of the entire lower man which prevents him from measuring up to thePatanjali, 67:with form, as long as the lesser lives of the lower vestures of consciousness can hold him inPatanjali, 68:of sight upon the astral plane and is one of the lower "siddhis" or psychic powers. It is achievedPatanjali, 71:produced in each of the four bodies [71] of the lower nature. in the case of the man who has notPatanjali, 71:currents are the results of the obstacles in the lower psychic nature. Each of these four resultsPatanjali, 71:four results expresses the condition of the lower man; they deal with the effects of wrongPatanjali, 74:2. Kama desire astral body astral plane. 3. Lower Manas concrete mind mental body mental plane. 4.Patanjali, 75:or upon the quality seeking expression. Thus the lower manifestation is brought into line with thePatanjali, 76:our attitude to all the reactions of the lower personal self. The comprehensiveness of this sutraPatanjali, 77:of the breath, or the vitalization of the lower man through inhalation and exhalation. Man knowsPatanjali, 79:vehicles or of the sheaths is attained, and the lower man can then adequately reflect the higher orPatanjali, 82:and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. Method VI.Patanjali, 84:and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. ThisPatanjali, 84:is overcome. He stands then free from his lower sense nature. This results in a correspondingPatanjali, 87:condition wherein the adept can put the entire lower man to sleep, and himself pass into that realmPatanjali, 87:But with all things pertaining to [87] the lower desires, the peace is but temporary, a new desirePatanjali, 93:Monad Ego Personality. Divine Self Higher Self Lower Self. Perceiver Perception That which isPatanjali, 93:That on the astral or emotional plane, the lower powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience are usedPatanjali, 93:perceiver to arrive at an understanding of the lower mental levels. That only when these three arePatanjali, 93:levels. That only when these three are seen as lower and as constituting the form aspect does thePatanjali, 95:the earlier meditative state and, because the lower mind is utilized in the process, is thePatanjali, 101:be transcended and only God Himself be seen; the lower vibrations will no longer be sensed; colorPatanjali, 108:of the reality, and express only those lower impulses and reactions which emanate from the lowerPatanjali, 108:impulses and reactions which emanate from the lower kingdoms in nature. Students should rememberPatanjali, 109:or thread is functioning adequately and the lower bodies are aligned upon it, producing a directPatanjali, 120:Inner Ruler. This science coordinates the entire lower threefold man, forcing him into a positionPatanjali, 121:in the heart. It is the sublimation of all the lower loves and the bringing captive of all longingsPatanjali, 124:in the true science of yoga. Subjugation of the lower man to the will of the inner God is taughtPatanjali, 125:or to things material? Am I bringing my entire lower nature under the control of Ishvara or thePatanjali, 127:men to identify themselves with that which is lower and material, and to forget the divinePatanjali, 132:the transient, suffering, unclean, material, lower man (his three sheaths in their totality) asPatanjali, 139:vehicle) only begins to coordinate as the lower impulses fade out. It is consistent also with thePatanjali, 143:are the cause of all the activities of the lower personality or the lower man. Everything he doesPatanjali, 143:the activities of the lower personality or the lower man. Everything he does is based on one orPatanjali, 144:the physical vehicle in its two aspects. Lower manas, or concrete mind is the basic factor in thePatanjali, 148:of inertia (or tamas) characterizes the lower personal self, the sheaths of the threefold lowerPatanjali, 148:personal self, the sheaths of the threefold lower man. The attribute of activity is the primePatanjali, 150:non-attachment, and a steady discipline of the lower nature. This will bring about a mentalPatanjali, 151:possible for the spiritual man so to govern the lower man that the happenings of karma (or thePatanjali, 159:or pure reason, the intellect apart from the lower mind, sometimes called the intuition, whosePatanjali, 160:it through the avenues of the senses or of the lower mind; he is in himself knowledge, clear visionPatanjali, 163:information and reactions to the mind via the lower instrument of the brain. Having reached thisPatanjali, 163:world of effects and instead of studying his own lower nature, he can now, owing to the mental
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