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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Patanjali, 163:seer can transmit to the physical brain of the lower personal self (the reflection in the world ofPatanjali, 167:of the spiritual Self. This realization of the lower nature is part of the great evolutionaryPatanjali, 170:and discipline administered to the personal lower self by the soul, directed by his guru or master,Patanjali, 171:soul and the body, between the sum total of the lower manifestation (physical, astral and mentalPatanjali, 171:mental man) and the real self, the cause of the lower manifestation. He seeks in the affairs ofPatanjali, 176:the consciousness shifts completely out of the lower personality and becomes the true spiritualPatanjali, 178:union is brought about, The discipline of the lower threefold man so that impurity in any of thePatanjali, 179:individualizing process, wherein animal man, the lower quaternary (physical, etheric, astral andPatanjali, 179:lower quaternary (physical, etheric, astral and lower mental) received that twofold expression ofPatanjali, 181:at once, [181] so that the entire threefold lower man practices the means as they refer to thePatanjali, 181:relate to the triple aligned and coordinated lower man, remembering that it is only as the lowerPatanjali, 181:lower man, remembering that it is only as the lower man forms a coherent rhythmic instrument thatPatanjali, 182:of this means coordinates and perfects the lower threefold man so that the three sheaths can form aPatanjali, 183:concepts. This means concerns higher and lower mind. [184] Means VIII. Contemplation. Samadhi. ThisPatanjali, 184:note their relation to one or other part of the lower threefold manifestation of the ego. I.Patanjali, 187:above, these five rules govern the life of the lower personal self and form the basis of character.Patanjali, 190:briefly stated to constitute the attitude of the lower threefold self to the service of the ego,Patanjali, 190:be triple in its manifestation, bringing that lower personal self into a life of obedience to thePatanjali, 190:plane expression; those tending away from the lower three planes and therefore from the form aspectPatanjali, 192:an entire transformation in the threefold lower man, and eventually the truth of the ChristianPatanjali, 197:of the universe; when he makes no demand for the lower nature and claims nothing for the three oldPatanjali, 199:act, the inability to [199] resist the lower desires and pleasures, and a loss of self control. ThePatanjali, 199:the fact that he has completely subdued the lower sex nature. The right use of the sex principlePatanjali, 200:can be dissipated through the activity of the lower center is concentrated and transmuted into thePatanjali, 203:by psychic development, lays no emphasis on the lower psychic powers and seeks to train thePatanjali, 203:of the psyche or soul, and a control of the lower psychic nature. The great "push" of thePatanjali, 203:soul-contact and the consequent control of the lower psychic powers, their unfoldment parallelingPatanjali, 204:the Rules (Yama and Nyama) have to do with the lower fourfold self, functioning in the threePatanjali, 204:in the three worlds, and frequently called the lower quaternary. We have seen in the precedingPatanjali, 205:The emotional vehicle, 3. Concentration The lower mind or the mental body, 4. Ability to see thePatanjali, 205:subplanes of the physical plane and not with the lower astral as is now the case. The correct orderPatanjali, 206:(using the middle vehicle of the threefold lower man) to the buddhic principle using the middlePatanjali, 206:nature ever precede the reorientation of the lower. Before the desire of a man can be towardsPatanjali, 208:Now the fiery ordeal is undergone and the entire lower nature is passed through the fire. This isPatanjali, 209:of the disciple. The soul then "inspires" the lower man. The secondary meaning has of course directPatanjali, 211:to identify himself with the symbol which is his lower nature. He begins to function consciously asPatanjali, 211:as the divine inner subjective self, using the lower man to veil and hide his form, and dailyPatanjali, 211:concern a man's attitude towards: 1. His own lower nature internal and external purification, 2.Patanjali, 212:of the thinker is transferred out of the lower brain consciousness into that of the spiritual manPatanjali, 213:meaning is true but taken in reference to the lower threefold nature it might be said that itPatanjali, 215:the soul. Thus in this root-race, the entire lower man, the personality is subjugated and thePatanjali, 216:so will be the response to the higher or the lower call. The astral body is either attentive to thePatanjali, 219:that the key to the just response of the lower to the higher, lies in rhythm, and in the ability ofPatanjali, 222:There is a menace in the premature growth of the lower psychic powers before the higher nature isPatanjali, 223:bodies and the consequent unity of the entire lower man through attention to the etheric breath andPatanjali, 225:expedited. III. The process of illuminating the lower man becomes possible through the rightPatanjali, 225:airs in the head are "at peace" and the entire lower man awaits one of two processes: ThePatanjali, 225:some higher plane, Or the bringing down into the lower brain consciousness, of light, illuminationPatanjali, 226:balanced. This triple process brings the entire lower personal man into a condition, first ofPatanjali, 226:the imposition of a new rate of vibration on the lower, the sounding forth of a new note, emanatingPatanjali, 226:in the three sheaths which constitute the lower self and which veil the divinity which is man.Patanjali, 227:and of manifestation, and that the three lower bodies are energy bodies, each forming a vehicle forPatanjali, 227:transmitters of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of the third aspect, the HolyPatanjali, 227:plane and this through the utilization of the lower triple sheath. This triple sheath is the HolyPatanjali, 227:and container of the life of God. When the lower man is brought into proper response throughPatanjali, 232:the mind. [232] The alignment of the threefold lower man so that the three bodies function as aPatanjali, 232:followed, bring a man to the point where his lower psychic nature is being controlled, the sensesPatanjali, 232:aspirant becomes complete master of the entire lower man are taken up in the next book. ThePatanjali, 234:and the demonstration of psychic faculties, both lower and higher. The first step towards thisPatanjali, 246:All these objects entail the use of the lower concrete mind and this is the necessary preliminaryPatanjali, 246:carried on within the brain, brings the entire lower man into a state of one-pointed coherentPatanjali, 249:full use of the brain, sheaths and mind of the lower self, his vehicle or instrument. He is,Patanjali, 249:soul aspect. All sense of separateness or of the lower personal self are lost sight of, and hePatanjali, 250:which is free from form, from desire and from lower concrete mental substance. Realization ofPatanjali, 251:desires, feelings and form which constitute the lower man. He has learnt to recognize that lowerPatanjali, 251:the lower man. He has learnt to recognize that lower man (the sum total of mental states, ofPatanjali, 251:for communicating at will with the three lower planes. He has acquired the faculty of contemplationPatanjali, 257:higher psychism and some along the line of the lower); the next seven sutras therefore, [258] dealPatanjali, 258:means of yoga do produce definite effects in the lower nature and that this causes certainPatanjali, 258:eye, upon these planes. The presence of the lower psychic power may, however, mean that the soul isPatanjali, 259:interest. 3. He then slips suddenly out of the lower state of consciousness and realizes hisPatanjali, 266:of the higher self, through the medium of the lower self, produces the revelation of the divine orPatanjali, 273:science of psychism, both in its higher and lower aspects. When a man is a lower psychic he isPatanjali, 273:in its higher and lower aspects. When a man is a lower psychic he is aware of, and responds to thePatanjali, 273:of this, to the reality of which the lower is but the shadow, he is in touch with the ChristPatanjali, 273:this, two things must be remembered. If he is a lower psychic he is in touch with the second aspectPatanjali, 273:he is in touch with the second aspect of the lower man, the astral body, the middle principle inPatanjali, 273:the astral body, the middle principle in the lower [274] man, linking the mental body and thePatanjali, 274:of this can be found in the manifestations of lower psychism such as are seen in the averagePatanjali, 274:which links the higher three centers and the lower. It accounts also for the fact that flowers arePatanjali, 288:noted that dispassion brings in the quality of lower mind, tenderness is the emotional result ofPatanjali, 290:the powers of the soul, the siddhis, higher and lower, so that an efficient server of the race isPatanjali, 294:as follows: 1. Through the subjugation of the lower nature which transfers the activity of all thePatanjali, 295:we tread upon that which the heart desires (in a lower sense) that path leads us on to the PathPatanjali, 300:free from impurity, or the limitations of the lower forms. "Upwards there is no impediment to theirPatanjali, 307:is most active in all. It is through it that the lower bodily functions are aroused - desire toPatanjali, 307:to drink, and to procreate, and through it the lower centers are contacted and work with them isPatanjali, 307:forward the great work of transmuting all the lower and animal desires into the higher. Through itPatanjali, 308:literally [308] must be passed the forces of the lower nature. It gathers up the forces of the bodyPatanjali, 309:produces the greater part of the trouble in his lower nature, and when he can grasp the technicalPatanjali, 310:which deal with psychic powers are capable of a lower and a higher interpretation. This is nowherePatanjali, 311:part of his physical body. But these concern the lower siddhis or powers and with these the studentPatanjali, 311:the danger to the physical organism when their lower or physical aspect is emphasized. The truePatanjali, 312:human body, with its three higher centers, its lower energy focal points and that great middlePatanjali, 321:is because we fail to distinguish between the lower nature and the higher, between the personalPatanjali, 322:meditates and links the highest aspect with the lower, The Holy Ghost, over-shadowing the Mother,Patanjali, 323:and that is, that the psychic powers, higher and lower, are hindrances to the highest spiritualPatanjali, 331:to that mixed nature of kama-manas, desire and lower mind, which causes the unique problem ofPatanjali, 334:planes are those of divine manifestation and the lower triplicity constitute the reflection of thatPatanjali, 336:the second aspect of the reflection, the three lower planes) are superseded by the Voice of the
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