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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Psychology1, 296:the same point in the work of transmuting the lower into the higher centers; a marriage will bePsychology1, 306:that of the higher nature to the demands of the lower, and the refusal of the spiritual man to bePsychology1, 306:to offset and rectify past errors and give the lower nature time to readjust itself. But again itPsychology1, 318:shifting ever into the higher centers, and the lower centers fading away into quiescence, until thePsychology1, 320:is the harmonizing of the higher and the lower aspects, or principles, both in the individual andPsychology1, 322:is that of adaptation. All forms in the three lower subhuman kingdoms are also subjected to thePsychology1, 324:thing. The true motive is to train the threefold lower nature, the integrated personality, to thePsychology1, 330:in whom the senses (slowly developed in the lower kingdoms) are already functioning, the outerPsychology1, 337:and his liberation from the thralldom of the lower loves into the liberty of love itself, and intoPsychology1, 345:they turn their eyes towards the Earth. "The Lower Four take form between the lives that are notPsychology1, 345:The higher and the middle four meet in the lower four upon the fourth great globe. "The battle nowPsychology1, 345:expression will this fusion be completed. The lower four, merged in the middle four, will leave thePsychology1, 345:crisis of the battle will be seen, and then the lower four and the middle four will begin to unitePsychology1, 345:sixth race, the dust of battle dies away. The lower four, the middle four and the higher four willPsychology1, 346:or separative. He is the perfected four of the lower three and the soul. Putting the truth quitePsychology1, 355:the great fusion between the higher and the lower aspects of mankind was made. It is interesting toPsychology1, 356:phrase simply means a blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curious synthesis which characterizesPsychology1, 356:the world. The intellect (concrete and abstract, lower and higher) is steadily unfolding, and as itPsychology1, 375:the bulk of human beings are polarized on the lower levels of the astral plane, but are consciousPsychology1, 375:of manifestation. The subordination of the lower life to the ritual of service is literally thePsychology1, 381:movement, and for the enormous increase in the lower psychic powers. Old Atlantean magic and thePsychology1, 381:psychic powers. Old Atlantean magic and the lower psychism are upon us again in the great turningPsychology1, 389:(see Pages 382-383), and consider the higher and lower expressions of the rays, noting how theyPsychology1, 389:of the egoic ray of the German nation. Its lower expression is that of architectural construction,Psychology1, 402:constitute the three aspects or rays of the lower personal self. When the personality ray becomesPsychology1, 403:the dominating factor, and the rays of the lower bodies become the subrays of this controlling ray.Psychology1, 411:The science of statesmanship, and of government. Lower expression: Modern diplomacy and politics.Psychology1, 411:as taught by the Hierarchy of Masters. Lower expression: Religion. Ray III - Higher expression:Psychology1, 411:telephone and means of transportation. Lower expression: The use and spread of money and gold. RayPsychology1, 411:of the Hierarchy and related to Ray II. Lower expression: Architectural construction. Modern cityPsychology1, 411:The science of the Soul. Esoteric psychology. Lower expression: Modern educational systems. Ray VIPsychology1, 411:diversified religions. Note relation to Ray II. Lower expression: Churches and religiousPsychology1, 412:- Higher expression: All forms of white magic. Lower expression: Spiritualism in its lower aspects.Psychology1, 412:magic. Lower expression: Spiritualism in its lower aspects. Psychology1, 414:kingdom form a point of harmony for the three lower kingdoms. (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 588.)Psychology1, 419:Black. Esoteric Color: Green. Human Principle: Lower mind. Divine Principle: Universal mind.Psychology1, 420:Instrument of Sensation: Astral body. Plane: Lower mental plane. Sense: Consciousness as responsePsychology2, 8:laid the emphasis. These forces constitute the lower man. The solar angel is a dual combination ofPsychology2, 11:the many. He, today, indicates the goal for the lower self, for the personality. Psychology2, 13:of inner contact, but have not yet whipped the lower nature into shape. They are, therefore, unablePsychology2, 14:soul is beginning to dominate and to control the lower types of force, and - according to the rayPsychology2, 16:every individual is a living soul, actuating the lower sheaths of bodies, and proceeding to BuildPsychology2, 16:of ambition to bring this about. Reorient the lower individual self so that the realm of itsPsychology2, 17:disciples. As the three rays which govern the lower triplicity blend and synthesize and produce thePsychology2, 17:dominate the ray of the dense physical body, the lower man enters into a prolonged condition ofPsychology2, 17:and all the potencies and attributes of the lower rays become subsidiary to and colored by the soulPsychology2, 18:itself: The many rays which constitute the lower separative man are fused and blended into thePsychology2, 21:growth, stimulation and development in the three lower kingdoms, becomes focused in the fourthPsychology2, 26:of energies begins to shift gradually out of the lower centers into the higher. Mankind isPsychology2, 42:through the higher spiritual triad and the lower triplicity. Ray Five The energy of ignorance,Psychology2, 46:Thus is the Whole revealed. The higher and the lower meet; form and the formless merge and blend,Psychology2, 46:spirit, plus the ego in the causal body, and the lower mind are here blended and fused.) [47] ThePsychology2, 49:such point. This concerns the passing down to a lower plane, or from a lower plane onto a higher.Psychology2, 49:the passing down to a lower plane, or from a lower plane onto a higher. Indications of thePsychology2, 49:Masonry to another, as in raising a Lodge from a lower to a higher degree. Another such point ofPsychology2, 50:(or the antahkarana) is established between the lower mental body, the causal body, and the higherPsychology2, 56:in this phase the causal body as well as the lower vehicles) then is dispersed and disappears. ThePsychology2, 66:levels, as well as in the three aspects of lower mind, causal consciousness and nirvanicPsychology2, 67:symbolically) which exists between the personal lower self and the higher Self, as the latterPsychology2, 68:These four types of energy form what we call the lower personal self, but it is the higher mentalPsychology2, 68:this personality and the soul. It is the lower consciousness which (when developed) enables a manPsychology2, 68:conscious contact with the higher. It is the lower concretizing mind which must be awakened,Psychology2, 68:in the human heart. The four energies of the lower self - atomic energy, vital energy, feelingPsychology2, 69:imprisoned by and subject to the control of the lower energies for the major part of itsPsychology2, 69:can "pass to higher worlds at will, leaving the lower worlds far behind; or he can come again andPsychology2, 69:light, from light to dark, and from the under, lower worlds into the realms of light". Thus the twoPsychology2, 69:plus the energy of spirit, of which the lower three are the reflection. It is a synthesis of thePsychology2, 70:and of spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lower nature is the mind or the principle ofPsychology2, 70:that higher triplicity which is reflected in the lower three, and which focuses through the soulPsychology2, 70:perfectly the higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. The three worlds of thePsychology2, 72:set up. This response between the higher and lower mind is symbolically spoken of in terms ofPsychology2, 73:and link the two shores of the higher and the lower stages of consciousness, between the old agePsychology2, 74:[74] both in the higher worlds and in the lower, is primarily brought about by a definitelyPsychology2, 74:can achieve this linking of the higher and lower aspects of the human nature, the more rapidly willPsychology2, 75:is established between the higher nature and the lower, between the world of the soul and thePsychology2, 79:Complete liberation from the control of the lower mind. The period wherein the center of interestPsychology2, 88:and such is the contaminating influence of the lower separative man, that this divine law ofPsychology2, 92:took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms of life nearer to the goal. These were andPsychology2, 94:remains the same, - the death of that which is lower in order to release that which is higher, or -Psychology2, 94:of being, in order to release that which is lower. But the lesson needs to be learned (and it isPsychology2, 98:not e'en to listen nor to hear. But from the lower sphere of darkness and of pain a voice camePsychology2, 100:application and the complete sacrifice of the lower separated self through the power to "stand inPsychology2, 104:ages, the soul has identified itself with the lower personal self, and through the agency of thatPsychology2, 104:personal self, and through the agency of that lower self has gained experience and acquired muchPsychology2, 105:may they cherish the gain of contact with the lower personal self. They are learning to transcendPsychology2, 105:and that love holds them prisoners in the lower worlds. They do not stop to recognize that theirPsychology2, 116:The solar angel. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels. The personality, integrated andPsychology2, 117:and the two aspects of his nature, higher and lower, which constitute the two poles with which hePsychology2, 118:which must take place between higher and lower mind. The science of Service, which is a definitePsychology2, 125:desire is the outstanding characteristic of the lower nature. It is group desire, just as in thePsychology2, 125:lower nature. It is group desire, just as in the lower nature it is personality desire. It is thePsychology2, 126:somewhat in the nature of it reflection in the lower nature of a higher consciousness, andPsychology2, 127:principle of divinity, and then to prepare the lower threefold nature so that it can automaticallyPsychology2, 127:has been laid upon the process whereby the lower nature is to be subjugated to the higher Law ofPsychology2, 127:necessary and inevitable clashing between the lower nature, working under its own laws, and thePsychology2, 127:the spiritual laws. Then the sacrifice of the lower to the higher assumes great proportions, andPsychology2, 128:mind element is too active. When the personal lower self is subordinated to the higher rhythms andPsychology2, 129:filled. Let the "Spirit of Peace" use the lower nature as an instrument, and there will be peacePsychology2, 129:harmlessness is the key to the release of the lower nature from the grip of the world illusion andPsychology2, 133:causes. These are, primarily, a change in the lower consciousness, a tendency to turn away from the
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