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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Psychology2, 134:(the bridge connecting the higher and the lower) is in definite process of construction, the truePsychology2, 134:the personality, and to bring all the three lower aspects of the man into one serving whole. ThisPsychology2, 151:spiritual laws reflect themselves in the three lower spiritual laws, finding their way into thePsychology2, 151:lower spiritual laws, finding their way into the lower consciousness via the egoic lotus and thePsychology2, 152:and stabilizes. The Law of Love, whereby the lower desire nature is transmuted. The Law ofPsychology2, 153:astral or emotional-desire subplanes. The four lower mental subplanes. The eighteen degrees inPsychology2, 160:of the antahkarana between higher and lower manas by the divine Agnishvatta, the solar angel,Psychology2, 161:unreal and the undesirable, to discipline the lower nature till those choices are readily andPsychology2, 164:use of the mind Fifth ray force The Law of the Lower Four "The soul is in deep meditation" 8.Psychology2, 189:are completely at-one. Mind to mind, on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves thePsychology2, 189:the complete integration of the personality or lower self, so that mind and brain are at-one.Psychology2, 190:intermediary between the higher mind and the lower mind, and with the building of the antahkarana;Psychology2, 190:plane, - the higher mind, the soul, and the lower mind - so that there is established a groupPsychology2, 199:of Expansive Response, or with The Law of the Lower Four, beyond giving two ancient stanzas whichPsychology2, 200:Laws of Soul or Group Life 7. The Law of the Lower Four "Four sons of God went forth. But only onePsychology2, 202:the ages. It does not, however, exist in the lower types of human beings, and it possibly possessesPsychology2, 225:out on the physical plane, thus producing the lower unifications, just as the at-one-ments wroughtPsychology2, 233:Instinct controls, via the solar plexus and the lower centers. Intellect, which is intelligentPsychology2, 234:forth into full flower and expression. All the lower instincts with which man battles are but thePsychology2, 234:the beautiful and the true, we transmute our lower instincts into higher divine qualities. ThePsychology2, 243:personality. They must begin to condition the lower man so that his life, his habits, his [244]Psychology2, 245:of the life of God as it steadily beats upon the lower rhythms and will finally obliterate them.Psychology2, 246:and the academic activities of the lower mind. But one thing is oft forgotten in the greatPsychology2, 256:who have, in their own lives, transcended the lower reflection of the dualities can even begin toPsychology2, 264:and impotently upon their way, swayed by their lower and dense desire nature, of which the physicalPsychology2, 265:a man has sufficient will power to subject his lower nature to such a discipline that he can fulfilPsychology2, 265:bring in an inflow of force which stimulates the lower nature, even whilst increasing [266] soulPsychology2, 266:not, however, powerful enough to subordinate the lower nature entirely. A personality is aPsychology2, 266:Atlantean times; it is going on today among the lower groupings in the human family. It should bePsychology2, 267:influences the personality and pervades all the lower manifestation, then and only then, does thePsychology2, 268:soul tightens its hold upon its instrument, the lower form nature. b. The impact of the soul isPsychology2, 270:and the soul, and between the forces of the lower nature and the energy of the soul. It is withPsychology2, 286:the urges, impulses and sentiency of the three lower types of energy, plus the energy of the mind.Psychology2, 287:of the personality shifted out of the lower awareness into that of the soul. Psychology2, 290:lords which compose, constitute and control the lower nature. These, in their triple totality, formPsychology2, 291:provides exactly the right impulse to govern the lower life, both in the case of an undevelopedPsychology2, 292:to his group. The power to create. In the lower types, this is connected with the impulse, or thePsychology2, 292:it expresses itself in the relation between the lower and higher selves. This eventuates in thePsychology2, 297:great opportunity and much difficulty. In the lower expression of the man whose psychological chartPsychology2, 304:the rays governing the elemental of the three lower bodies and that of the personality. The life ofPsychology2, 3o8:divided into two stages: That in which the lower concrete mind is developing. That in which the manPsychology2, 3o8:each of these latter two stages, the rays of the lower nature become increasingly powerful.Psychology2, 3o8:and clearer, and the three elementals of the lower nature, the force of the so-called "three lunarPsychology2, 3o8:in its turn has dominated the rays of the three lower bodies. At the stage of Initiation, thePsychology2, 309:undeveloped man is concerned, and from the lower astral world where the more developed or thePsychology2, 309:the dense physical body, and the battle of the lower pair of opposites takes place. It isPsychology2, 310:angle, the battle of the opposites upon the lower spiral (in which the physical body in its dualPsychology2, 310:from our point of view) with the problem of the lower pairs of opposites. Their battle is foughtPsychology2, 310:in his own life this earlier battle with the lower pairs of opposites, and begins to discipline hisPsychology2, 312:be defined as the sum total of the forces of the lower nature as expressed in the personality,Psychology2, 314:is that the soul is active on all the three lower planes, and that it is a type of energy,Psychology2, 314:of experience in the life of the monad; the lower bodies are centers of expression in the life ofPsychology2, 314:and the lesser centers of experience (the lower bodies) assume less and less importance. The soulPsychology2, 317:the soul, nor the vehicles of expression, the lower threefold man, will be considered from thePsychology2, 317:this stage when for many of us, as yet, the lower expressions of divine manifestations are dominantPsychology2, 321:basic duality then becomes responsive to The lower concrete mind, [322] The separative impulses ofPsychology2, 322:three energies which constitute the threefold lower man. This triplicity then becomes responsive toPsychology2, 322:Then the rhythm set up by the fusion of the lower energies (the astral and the mental) becomesPsychology2, 328:scope, and are essentially sublimations of the lower aspects of the unfoldment of consciousness.Psychology2, 337:active in some one or other of these lower aspects, to that of integrated personality, selfishlyPsychology2, 339:factor. The stage of dense materiality, of lower desire and of physical urge is in full expression.Psychology2, 339:becomes the great clearing house for all the lower forces and marks the period of the shift into aPsychology2, 339:the throat center and the shift of much of the lower energy into the throat activity. The ajnaPsychology2, 340:the brain, thus producing the subjugation of the lower nature, the awakening of the brainPsychology2, 345:of integration which is going on within the lower nature of intelligent humanity, leadingPsychology2, 345:be dealing with the integration of the threefold lower nature into an active, consciousPsychology2, 347:applied to the rapidly aligning bodies of the lower man. We will divide our theme, for the sake ofPsychology2, 358:the needed integrations of the threefold lower nature. It is at this moment of "integration as thePsychology2, 363:higher kingdoms upon our planet and the three lower kingdoms of nature, thus acting as a clearingPsychology2, 369:of the soul energy available is poured into the lower nature, the natural man, it might result inPsychology2, 370:the glamor and to produce fanaticism. [370] The lower psychic man - physical and astral - mustPsychology2, 377:center into a maelstrom of magical work of the lower kind - sex magic and many forms of blackPsychology2, 380:realized potency and thus completes the fourfold lower man. These four types of energy are thenPsychology2, 380:is Response and interplay between the threefold lower man. A gradual emergence of the dominant notePsychology2, 380:A gradual emergence of the dominant note of the lower man which will, in time, indicate the naturePsychology2, 381:which we refer when we speak of the higher and lower selves. It is a duality which is utilized uponPsychology2, 382:clarified and usable. The three aspects of the lower nature are working in closer unity all thePsychology2, 390:egoic lotus. From these vortexes of force to the lower or concrete mind - that in which the averagePsychology2, 390:of Integration are completed and the rays of the lower man are welded or fused into the PersonalityPsychology2, 390:the major and minor rays. The rays of the triple lower nature then form one single avenue throughPsychology2, 392:but also producing a steady subordination of the lower to the higher, of the minor to the major. IPsychology2, 400:of Love, Beauty or Synthesis today. On a much lower plane, those of you who are occupied with thePsychology2, 406:desire nature. Between these three and the lower concrete mind. Present Integrations. Between thesePsychology2, 410:when the integration of the mind with the three lower aspects has been brought about, and somePsychology2, 412:directed to the domination of the lower nature, and with the objective of the domination of thePsychology2, 413:amazingly interesting knowledge they have of the lower man, an occidental interpretation of thePsychology2, 413:through which the subjective aspects of man - lower, personal and divine - are to be expressed,Psychology2, 415:reception of these three energies, the triple lower nature has been prepared and the intelligencePsychology2, 422:one case the cleavage begins to appear in the lower aspects of his desire nature. In the other itPsychology2, 422:which appeal to the various aspects of his lower nature and eventually between the higher and thePsychology2, 422:nature and eventually between the higher and the lower duality. He must learn to grasp thePsychology2, 426:cleavage between the mind and the rest of the lower nature - physical, vital, astral or emotional.Psychology2, 428:integrated is essentially more powerful than the lower waiting aspects, for they are negative orPsychology2, 428:the creative imagination, the bridge between the lower aspect and higher can be built andPsychology2, 435:through, its phenomenal appearance, the fourfold lower man. Psychology2, 436:appears. The at-oning of the higher and the lower nature will produce results which will bePsychology2, 441:inferiority complex. This is the reaction of the lower, integrated aspects to the higher one. HePsychology2, 442:the case of those who have integrated the entire lower nature and have fused the energies of thePsychology2, 444:fourfold field of energy which constitutes the lower self. You will, therefore, have a man who isPsychology2, 445:energies which are endeavoring to control the lower energies and therefore indicating a cleavage in
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