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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Rays, 7:of perception. [7] III. A Realignment of the Lower Sheaths so that the contact with the Real Man,Rays, 7:understood. As meditation is practiced, as the lower bodies are painstakingly dominated, and as theRays, 7:become increasingly possible to bring into the lower personality on the physical plane thatRays, 7:will be increased until eventually the entire lower man will be transformed, his sheaths will beRays, 8:occult connotation. If one or other of the three lower elementals (the physical, the astral and theRays, 8:the Ego and sweep into increasing dominance the lower man. The "lunar lords" will becomeRays, 8:surrounded in time with thought-forms of a lower order (from the standpoint of the soul) and beforeRays, 9:should [9] understand the nature of the lower man and should grasp the fact that every coherentRays, 9:of energy inherently possible dominates. If the lower energy of the aggregate of the form-atoms isRays, 9:the captives of all the three. In studying the lower threefold man and the energies or lives thatRays, 9:"the four sides of the square." They are the "lower quaternary" "the imprisoning cubes," or theRays, 9:who is that which we understand by the term the 'lower personality'; he (if the personal pronounRays, 10:the 'fiery energies' of the body to feed the lower three centers. The etheric body has a unique andRays, 10:the "formless One" above the strife of all the lower voices, comes the opportunity for the aspirantRays, 18:These same Rules or Formulas of Approach are the lower correspondences of higher rules to whichRays, 22:Let the disciple transfer the fire from the lower triangle to the higher and preserve that which isRays, 27:of the antahkarana as it contacts the manas or lower mind and is thus the agent of the purpose ofRays, 29:fire of the mind, burning up those things in the lower nature of which it becomes increasinglyRays, 33:involves the negation of the activity of the lower or concrete mind, of the lower personal self,Rays, 33:activity of the lower or concrete mind, of the lower personal self, and the subordination of theRays, 42:familiar, but that has been working with the lower aspects of the symbolism, even if aspirants didRays, 43:before them opens out the Way." This is the lower correspondence of the higher initiate-experienceRays, 43:brought about by the aid of the soul and of the lower mind and through the revealing power of theRays, 45:the limitations, still existent, of the personal lower self. Into the cold. This means that theRays, 50:clearly defined stages: The stage wherein the lower will aspect which is focused in the mental bodyRays, 56:all human beings, aspirants, disciples and the lower grades of initiates; from one expansion ofRays, 61:proceeds, and each triple stage of the lower unfoldment makes possible later (in time and space)Rays, 61:together by the antahkarana. Each of these three lower aspects has its own note and it is theseRays, 63:He demands, therefore, upon the note of the lower aspect of the personality (I am talking inRays, 69:being - head, heart and throat - to the three lower centers - solar plexus, sacral center and theRays, 69:is to be seen in the lifting up of the three lower energies and their evocative response to theRays, 74:meeting of the two lights, the higher and the lower. These are the higher correspondence of theRays, 78:misleading in the extreme; there is no higher or lower and no greater or lesser in our universe ofRays, 99:personalities, because certain aspects of the lower nature are now so controlled and purified thatRays, 113:who have bridged the gap between the concrete lower mind and the higher mind or - to word itRays, 114:mind in its two aspects: concrete and abstract, lower and higher. The nature of life as the MonadRays, 119:and at the same time advancing towards the lower center, Humanity. Both these activities have beenRays, 122:fusion of the personality with the soul, of the lower self with the higher Self, and of form withRays, 126:and his spiritual habits offset all the lower physical tendencies; automatically these developedRays, 126:desires which work out in the fulfilment of lower desire. No one is accepted into the circle of theRays, 129:down the scale - sacrifice always of the lower to the higher. It therefore behooves the individualRays, 137:"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is." The lower mind should be the organ of heart expressionRays, 158:and right distribution of these forces in the lower three worlds. These are, under the evolutionaryRays, 159:between all seven. These four include the three lower kingdoms of nature and a certain basic centerRays, 167:Briefly, we have considered certain of the lower aspects of the Laws of Life as they appear to theRays, 167:It was of real difficulty when presented in its lower form to applicants. That rule, as you mayRays, 171:and of the Ashrams of the Masters supersedes the lower attractions and the lesser focal points ofRays, 184:initiate who has consciously discarded all these lower septenates and works now [185] with theRays, 191:been used, and should not be interpreted by the lower mind, but with the aid of the initiateRays, 199:four veils upon the etheric plane are only the lower symbolic correspondences to certain greatRays, 216:that cycle the will demonstrated first as the lower man; then it focused itself in the Son of Mind,Rays, 216:between the Monad and the personality, the lower mind becomes fused with the abstract mind orRays, 216:and the Monad; the essential life of both the lower aspects (creative in nature and expressive ofRays, 216:(reflected in the Triad) can now work upon the lower planes through the medium of a definitelyRays, 218:and divine indifference has been achieved to all lower reactions of the component parts of theRays, 244:into manifestation through the medium of the lower concrete mind as it controls desire and bringsRays, 249:of those who form the Hierarchy. The lower analytical concrete mind which questions and separatesRays, 256:two aspects of the mental equipment (higher and lower mind), but that they have been carried alsoRays, 262:and not a process; the work of transmuting the lower nature into the higher and desire into love,Rays, 268:They represent in action: The concrete or lower mind of the planetary Logos, That energy which weRays, 272:some of its paralleling higher qualities. The lower concrete mind in its more developed stage, asRays, 278:in which the disciple transforms his lower threefold "appearance" or personality and begins toRays, 278:Transmutation - the method whereby that which is lower is absorbed by the higher, whereby force isRays, 278:into energy, whereby the energy of the three lower centers is carried up into the three higherRays, 280:the expression of the life force upon the three lower planes of human living and evolution.Rays, 280:three aspects of mind upon the mental plane: The lower mind The son of mind, the soul The higherRays, 280:To this might be added the fact that: The three lower planes of transmutation are the dense, liquidRays, 280:state of consciousness) whereon or wherein the lower planes are [281] subjected to impression fromRays, 281:from the three higher. The higher three and the lower three are subjected to a definitely esotericRays, 281:of the various kingdoms in nature in the three lower worlds. They forget that the majority are notRays, 285:resolved our spiritual problems, transmuted our lower natures and undergone the lower aspects ofRays, 285:transmuted our lower natures and undergone the lower aspects of both transformations, and areRays, 302:wise, experienced and sad. This is my self, my lower self, my ancient tried appearance upon theRays, 305:to the treading of the Probationary Path) by the lower concrete mind. They cover a familiar caseRays, 305:or one which is realized for what they are at a lower level of life expression by the man who paysRays, 310:soul functioning outside the three worlds of the lower, concrete mind, the astral world and theRays, 311:of these aspects can be regarded as higher or lower, for all are equally divine. Understanding ofRays, 312:to which he is pledged: The disciplining of his lower nature so that the unfoldingRays, 326:the mode of bridging the gap between the lower three worlds and the world of the Spiritual Triad.Rays, 326:plane. The level of the concretizing mind, the lower mind. The level on which the soul is to beRays, 326:Between the higher three and the lower three and embracing the mental plane was a definite gap, aRays, 329:light of the soul combines with the light of the lower man, then that fused and blended light willRays, 343:fleeting and rapidly disturbed by the critical lower mind, and a wall of thought-forms, created byRays, 359:and under the Law of Correspondences, the three lower planes - mental, emotional and physical -Rays, 359:substance," as it is occultly called. The three lower planes of our seven planes are, from theRays, 359:from the planes of unprincipled substance (the lower subplanes of the cosmic physical plane),Rays, 360:work with intelligence [360] and love on the two lower levels of the cosmic etheric plane - theRays, 363:an occult theory is to an aspirant on very much lower levels. The only way in which I can give anyRays, 363:consciousness will be through reference to lower grasped capacities and the presentation ofRays, 363:power behind all the evolutionary processes on lower levels. Yet, the life and consciousness of theRays, 398:of Impression, which disciples upon their lower level have to master. This aspect of impression is,Rays, 431:from the mind. Through its medium the personal lower self becomes aware of its environment, of theRays, 441:plane, brings into increasing rapport: His lower concrete mind and the higher abstract mind.Rays, 442:which has linked the higher mind and the lower. This involves much work, much interpretive capacityRays, 443:mind, the soul or the Son of Mind, and the lower concrete mind), combined with the intelligentRays, 444:is imprisoned and subject to the control of the lower three energies for the major part of itsRays, 444:can "pass to higher worlds at will, leaving the lower worlds far behind; or he can come again andRays, 444:to light, from light to dark, and from the under lower worlds into the realms of light." [445] ThusRays, 445:turn, is a union of three energies of which the lower three are the reflection. It is a synthesisRays, 445:and spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lower nature is the mind or the principle of
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