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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOYALTIES

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Autobiography, 157:and distressing time. Our affection and personal loyalties were with our friends and co-executives,Autobiography, 158:the "Outer Head" of the E.S. when the only loyalties which should be required are those dedicatedAutobiography, 178:do not touch the truth; they do not change the loyalties of those who know; they do not change theAutobiography, 257:or a disciple. They care nothing for personal loyalties but are dedicated solely to [258] theAutobiography, 263:tainted by personality emphasis, demanded loyalties and misapplied and misinterpreted teaching.Autobiography, 286:is the reason why we have students with so many loyalties actively associated with us as students,Autobiography, 290:to be a competitive organization with related loyalties to local lodges, local meetings and localDiscipleship1, 790:or a disciple. They care nothing for personal loyalties but are dedicated solely to the relief ofDiscipleship2, 600:personality origins, to your so-called racial loyalties and characteristics, acquired throughDiscipleship2, 682:to awaken you to the fact that your feelings and loyalties are based on a class idea and on classDiscipleship2, 682:through to the facts which should condition all loyalties and partisanships. It is not theDiscipleship2, 682:is not the objectives or the decisions of those loyalties with which I am dealing. Those areDiscipleship2, 685:from many angles your allegiances and your loyalties are motivated by the sixth ray and based onExternalisation, 201:the theological adherents are so fierce in their loyalties and partisanships, that the emergence ofExternalisation, 205:in no way interferes with the allegiance and loyalties of any man. It is a banding together of allExternalisation, 210:to set to work. I call you to no organizational loyalties, but only to love your fellowmen, be theyExternalisation, 223:all religious beliefs, political views and group loyalties. It is safely anchored upon the physicalExternalisation, 224:exception in their longing to see their own loyalties emerge triumphant; they work doubtingly,Externalisation, 368:enables them to make a personal choice as to loyalties. The democratic position, with its emphasisExternalisation, 368:by men everywhere, and their decisions as to loyalties and adherence are clarified. The spirit ofExternalisation, 586:that he is affiliated with the Hierarchy, his loyalties, his service and his life intention areGlamour, 123:persons. The glamor of idealism. The glamor of loyalties, of creeds. The glamor of emotionalProblems, 24:by a free plebiscite to decide their own loyalties and adherences, and if freedom of speech,Problems, 30:the people to determine their nationalities and loyalties. The cleaning up process carried on inPsychology2, 630:with its tarnished allegiances and its unchecked loyalties. The forces of evil are, in the lastPsychology2, 639:will, without interfering with their specific loyalties and endeavors, though probably modifyingPsychology2, 706:to be as follows: Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties, inner warfare and a collision of divergentPsychology2, 728:with their individual group purposes, loyalties and obligations. Careful work must be put behindPsychology2, 728:and carefully developed. Group integrity, loyalties and purpose must be preserved, but theRays, 644:and with the force of its revealing power, new loyalties arise, new goals are seen, and that which
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