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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LUNAR

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Astrology, 35:Will to manifest Fire Mental Plane 3 11 VI Lunar Lords Sacrificial Fires (C.F. 378) 6. SagittariusAstrology, 37:their activities reflected in the work of the Lunar Lords and the elemental lives. You will noteAstrology, 132:but its influence has steadily superseded all lunar control, for the personality or form side ofAstrology, 186:Mars, ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunar Lords (the elementals of the threefoldAstrology, 210:as ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunar lords of the form nature who must eventually beAstrology, 218:the man into control or closer touch with the lunar lords, the sixth Creative Hierarchy. StudentsAstrology, 277:that is what the word means) the activity of the lunar lords who build the body of man out of theirDiscipleship2, 55:the Sun and the Moon, completely "irradiated the lunar surface" (to use the ancient formula) andDiscipleship2, 55:concerns the relation of the Solar Angel to the lunar forces, of the Sun and the Moon and theirDiscipleship2, 224:Lords, through manas (the mind) will control the lunar lords of elemental substance, and not aloneExternalisation, 56:or between life, the solar energies and the lunar forces. This involves a difficult task and muchFire, 48:Point The Triad The Quaternary Monad Solar Angel Lunar Lords Fire, 148:the solar entities; the third Logos controls the lunar entities and their correspondences elsewhereFire, 273:D., I, 470. They are the sumtotal of solar and lunar entities. - S. D., I, 152, 470. Compare II,Fire, 433:ideas, or of entities, whether cosmic, systemic, lunar, or subhuman. The planetary Logos of thisFire, 445:guides the life forces of certain solar and lunar entities from form to form, and is the linkFire, 470:This is necessarily the karma of the different lunar Lords who ensoul these kingdoms, and who areFire, 470:have touched therefore upon cosmic, solar, and lunar karma. In the latter is hid the great mysteryFire, 482:The interaction of the three fires, the lunar words, the solar words, and later a cosmic word. TheFire, 525:who recognize as yet only the control of the lunar Lords. In terms of Fire: those who warmFire, 532:in the greater atoms of solar entities or of lunar entities, while the sumtotal of the permanentFire, 533:or above the higher mental. They [533] concern lunar entities on the lower mental, the astral andFire, 535:We have not dealt with the subhuman, or with the lunar lords or lesser pitris, for their day is notFire, 562:cosmic and solar lords formulate thoughts. The lunar Lords and all lesser intelligences do not doFire, 606:not reached back to the egoic consciousness. The lunar Lords have had their day; now Agni, as theFire, 613:solar Pitris, whilst the lesser Builders are the lunar ancestors. I would here explain the occultFire, 613:which he can shine or radiate. 92, 93, 94 91 The Lunar Pitris. "The great Chohans called the LordsFire, 613:- Stanza III, 12, 13, S. D., II, 79, 81. 92 The Lunar Pitris created the physical man. - S. D., I,Fire, 613:I, 248. The Earth gives the dense physical. The Lunar Gods give him three lower principles: EthericFire, 617:and four corporeal. These are usually called the Lunar Pitris or Ancestors and must not beFire, 617:we have the key to the mystery of the solar and lunar pitris, and a hint as to the place of theFire, 617:Builders correspond to the Virgin Mary. The lunar Pitris, and lesser builders from the systemicFire, 617:covering a vast period of time, the work of the lunar Pitris is slowly coming to a conclusion asFire, 618:spiritual power; the systemic correspondence to lunar pitric activity will occultly die out. TheFire, 618:lunar pitric activity will occultly die out. The lunar Pitris, 98,99 the builders of man's lunarFire, 618:The lunar Pitris, 98,99 the builders of man's lunar body and their correspondence in the otherFire, 618:That system stands to the present one as the lunar chain to ours. That is why the physical body isFire, 618:is considered evil, and why man must "slay his lunar body." 1 Evil is that which can be controlledFire, 620:basis of the evolutionary process. [620] 98 The Lunar, or Barhishad Pitris have the followingFire, 620:that Path is entered, thou must destroy thy lunar body, cleanse thy mind body, and make clean thyFire, 622:Angels are dual in Nature. "Manas is dual - Lunar in the lower, Solar in its upper portion." - S.Fire, 627:are the agents specifically of solar and of lunar force. Solar force implies the variousFire, 633:period, and there are seven world periods. 7 The Lunar Angels have to reach the plane of the SolarFire, 670:of incarnating man. They are a branch of the lunar Pitris, but the fact should be remembered thatFire, 681:tendency who are grouped roughly together as the lunar Pitris. 20 These lunar Pitris are dividedFire, 681:roughly together as the lunar Pitris. 20 These lunar Pitris are divided into four groups and areFire, 682:lower body of man. They form part of his lunar body. They are directly linked with the highestFire, 683:- Some Thoughts on the Gita, page 137. 20 The Lunar Pitris are all Nature Spirits. - S. D., II,Fire, 686:before the response comes from the lower. The lunar Pitris have to carry on their work in ourFire, 688:then have a position analogous to that of the lunar Pitris now, for all will form a part of theFire, 761:Egoic impulse. The activity of the solar and lunar Angels. Karma, or the place which antecedentFire, 762:of the forms in the three worlds and the lunar bodies, but which has an added quality of "I-ness"Fire, 762:communication between the solar Angels and the lunar Pitris. By means of these permanent atoms theFire, 762:to its state of evolution can construct his lunar bodies, acquire knowledge on the lower threeFire, 768:of threefold energy, the work of the solar and lunar Pitris is coordinated, and the three permanentFire, 771:mantram, which is the basis of their work, the lunar Pitris respond [772] to certain sounds in thatFire, 772:In time, the formulas are completed, and the lunar Pitris respond no more to the sounds or mantramsFire, 773:unit at the base of the lotus bud, and the lunar Pitris are called into activity. They begin toFire, 773:Pitris The joint activity of the solar and the lunar Pitris 53 in the process pursued by theFire, 775:in mind. 53 The joint activity of solar and lunar Pitris. - S. D., II, 258. "The spark hangs fromFire, 775:of lives who form the three lower bodies. The lunar Pitris or fathers of the material forms. WhoFire, 775:involution of Spirit. Soma - Moon. The work of lunar Pitris, providing bodies. Read stanza VII, 6,Fire, 775:of the mental unit. Then and only then do the lunar Pitris begin their work, and commence theFire, 776:concerned are stimulated into activity, and the lunar Pitris become aware of the work to be done inFire, 779:three groups changes are brought about and the lunar Pitris (who concern themselves with the lowerFire, 779:being given to them by the solar Angels. These lunar Pitris embody the substance of man's lowerFire, 779:They are substance in its dual aspect, and the Lunar Pitris in their higher grades are the positiveFire, 780:connection with our peculiar Earth scheme, those lunar Pitris. who reached their present stage ofFire, 781:could give to man his consciousness; the lunar Pitris could give to him the instinctualFire, 782:otherwise: the response of the highest group of lunar Pitris to the chord of the Ego. ThisFire, 782:not correctly termed Pitris at all. The true lunar Pitris are those of the first and highest group,Fire, 784:two and a very definite stage is reached. The lunar Pitris on every scheme, and throughout theFire, 784:of the work of the two higher groups of lunar Pitris, and the "Pitris of the Dual Heat" are nowFire, 786:substance. The greater part of the work of the lunar Pitris stands now accomplished. The wordFire, 790:in this consideration of the work of the lunar Pitris in building man's body. In connection withFire, 791:of the energy of the solar Pitris and of the lunar Pitris produces a very definite effect upon theFire, 791:a very definite effect upon the lower group of lunar Pitris, and is one of the means whereby theyFire, 802:channel of approach through his vehicles, or lunar bodies, and his consequent willing recognitionFire, 808:essence. We [808] have touched briefly upon the lunar Pitris, who endow man with his lower sheathsFire, 808:man in an occult sense, and also "elevates" the lunar Pitris. Second, the effect of this energy onFire, 814:of the Ego on its own plane, the nature of the lunar bodies, and the methods of aligning the lowerFire, 815:the work of bringing about a domination of the lunar lords through the radiant control of the solarFire, 819:of human evolution. In fire by friction, the lunar Pitris are represented and constitute the lowerFire, 819:into three stages: First. The stage in which the lunar Pitris function primarily, and prepare theFire, 819:of its blaze puts out the other fires. The lunar Pitris have fulfiled their work, the solar PitrisFire, 820:their task and sacrifice themselves to the lunar Lords of all the lower planes. They die, butFire, 820:come again. Yet the Lord of Life sits still. The lunar Lords begin to die; their power begins toFire, 820:the solar Lords, and they perish as did the lunar Lords. He speaks a Word; the fire descends. TheFire, 833:for Spirit manifests by means of soul. The lunar Pitris, who form the personal lower self, beingFire, 834:identify ourselves with the solar Lords of the lunar Pitris, but must recognize also: The solarFire, 834:The solar Angels of the solar system. The lunar lords of the scheme and system. The word "lunar" isFire, 834:lunar lords of the scheme and system. The word "lunar" is here an anachronism and is technicallyFire, 834:wages cosmically as yet between the systemic "lunar" lords, and those Entities who are analogous toFire, 834:the solar mystery. Until the force of the cosmic lunar Lords is sought for, the fact of there beingFire, 837:XXIX, p. 50. 66 The Goal for the Pitris: The lunar Pitris are on a level with the lower Principles.Fire, 838:to our solar system, [838] just as the lunar life force was transferred to our earth, and this itFire, 842:who embody this type are linked with a group of lunar Lords who respond magnetically to the devasFire, 845:to be breathed out again into activity. 7. The lunar Pitris To become men. They will in theirFire, 845:into that force-matter which we call that of the lunar Pitris, and its place has gradually beenFire, 854:Pitris who are the substance of the group. The lunar Pitris, who are linked with the solar Pitris
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