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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LUNAR

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Fire, 856:of the following facts concerning each unit: The lunar record. This deals with all the lowerFire, 856:type, Their key number, The particular group of lunar Lords who are concerned with those bodies,Fire, 856:the working out of karma. The history of the lunar bodies is stored up in the permanent atoms. TheFire, 866:a stimulator of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris who form the bodies of his brothersFire, 867:well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords of the lower self have been earlierFire, 874:three worlds - has to do with the work of the lunar Pitris and the solar Lords. It signifiesFire, 877:As it involves what is termed "a solar and lunar act of abnegation" it involves, therefore, a dueFire, 877:therefore, a due comprehension of solar and of lunar energy, and a bringing of both these twoFire, 877:this particular type of energy is released. The lunar Lords of the three bodies have beenFire, 878:karma are broken, and the man is liberated. The "lunar Lords return to their own place" or - as theFire, 879:the disruption of the tie between them and the lunar lords (who are esoterically spoken of as "deadFire, 886:the evolution of matter itself. It affects the lunar bodies, and therefore relates to the lunarFire, 886:the lunar bodies, and therefore relates to the lunar Lords or Pitris, causing a weakening of theirFire, 886:which will eventually result in a return of the lunar Pitris of all degrees to the central pointFire, 886:so is the center affected. The force of the lunar Lords, which has succeeded in keeping these threeFire, 937:the action of the solar Angel, or Lord, upon the lunar angels, and the process whereby the solarFire, 950:precision and force their conflict with the lunar gods. This is the true war in heaven. As theFire, 951:assume a steadily increasing control of the lunar natures, the thoughts and desires of men areFire, 951:and refined. The solar fires put out the lunar light, and the lower nature is eventually purifiedFire, 951:vibration (due to the force of two groups of lunar lords) that the third group of lunar entitiesFire, 951:groups of lunar lords) that the third group of lunar entities who construct the mental body areFire, 953:"The solar Angel must put out the light of the lunar angels and then for lack of warmth and light,Fire, 964:therefore, more likely to be the impulse of some lunar Lord, even if of a high order, than theFire, 968:the substance of the sheaths, the impress of the lunar Lords. It responds in the later stages toFire, 996:and he effects it through the control of the lunar angels and their complete subjugation. They areFire, 996:brother works through the inherent force of the lunar lords, which are allied in nature to all thatFire, 996:vault of the second Heaven, put out the lower lunar fires, and render naught that lower 'fire byFire, 996:pursues his cycle. The fires of hell await, and lunar fire dies out. Then neither sun nor moonFire, 998:impulses emanating from one or other of the lunar Pitris; the downflow of the impressing energyFire, 1007:into solar substance. The Ego contemplates his lunar bodies, and gradually the work isFire, 1072:This will become apparent if the method of lunar individualization, is studied. The vegetableFire, 1082:Units of the fire-mist stage, Points of lunar origin, Sons of the sun, Devas of the fourth degree,Fire, 1098:of purpose and place to the particular set of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body isFire, 1100:compose the mental body. The energies of the lunar father who is the coherent [1101] life of theFire, 1112:or energy from three sources: The lower self - Lunar Pitri - Knowledge petals. Ego - Solar Angel -Fire, 1112:as yet been much considered. They are not the lunar pitris, as that term is commonly understood,Fire, 1114:but originate in differing groups of lives (lunar and solar). a. The lowest form of energy,Fire, 1139:three factors: The moon, for these are the many lunar fathers. The ray in manifestation at anyFire, 1139:and evolves so do the lower kingdoms. The lunar pitris are to the planetary entity what the threeFire, 1139:major centers are to man or to the Logoi. The lunar Pitris who contribute the human form are (toFire, 1169:a personality, and though it is an expression of lunar force, is, nevertheless, of a much higherFire, 1169:it is demonstrated by the three major groups of lunar pitris. These three groups are not concernedFire, 1184:energy. This stream of force is called "lunar" force for lack of a better term. They form the bodyFire, 1186:Force. 3. Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Lunar Angels. Lower Threefold Man. Fire by Friction.Fire, 1186:Elemental Essence. Molecular Substance. Lunar Force. The Mother's Heat. ATOMS: 1. Atom. Nucleus.Fire, 1194:The seven groups of lives which we call the lunar Fathers: Three incorporeal who are the elementalHealing, 178:much to be unfolded anent the relation of the "lunar Lords," the Barhishad Pitris, to the solarHealing, 191:and right activity. When the builders are the lunar lords and those who work under the control ofHealing, 292:including the lower three worlds where work the lunar pitris and the elemental essences of allHealing, 339:will concern itself with the law of cycles, lunar and solar. It will then be demonstrated as aHealing, 534:and right activity. When the builders are the lunar lords and those who work under the control ofHealing, 607:and right activity. When the builders are the lunar lords and those who work under the control ofHealing, 608:be ill health. The builders of the form are the "lunar lords," the physical, astral and mentalHealing, 609:All forms in all kingdoms are built by the lunar lords under an impulse emanating from theHealing, 609:Spirit of the Earth - the sumtotal of all the lunar lords and of the three types of energizedHealing, 611:attempting to aid him to do? In so doing, the "lunar lords" and the forces of substance mustHealing, 624:karmic law works in close cooperation with the lunar Lords, who build and construct the bodiesHealing, 641:to distinguish between the force or life of the "lunar lords," inherent in every atom of which allHealing, 641:there are times in which the life of these lunar lords are so dominant that the life of the soul isHealing, 641:another way - the friction which ensues when the lunar lords are not compliant produces disease.Healing, 641:death is not indicative of a full victory of the lunar lords, but rather that under the plan of theHealing, 641:of the soul is entirely withdrawn, leaving the lunar lords alone. At times (because it is also inHealing, 641:it is also in the planning of the soul) the lunar lords temporarily are the victors, though deathHealing, 642:energy and its subsequent control [642] of the lunar lords. This aspect of soul energy is not thatHealing, 642:all-inclusiveness of the divine Life, for the lunar lords are aspects of that Life as much as isHealing, 642:of burial. Cremation returns the life of the lunar lords more rapidly to the central reservoir ofHealing, 646:the spirit of the earth, the Ruler of all the lunar lords. Under certain formulas and given aHealing, 647:would probably only succeed in stimulating the lunar lords of his own little system to such anHealing, 647:of bestowing life. They are to the involutionary lunar lords what the great Lives at Shamballa areHealing, 652:of the soul life; the life of the atoms of the lunar lords can be fostered for a long time, andHealing, 691:final act), bringing complete liberation. The "Lunar Lord" of the personality has achieved hisHealing, 691:It marks a moment of high initiation for this Lunar Lord when he shatters the connection [692] andInitiation, 79:a stimulator of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or little lives which form the bodiesInitiation, 79:well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords, or lives of the lower self, have beenInitiation, 136:which form the body of what has been called the lunar self (in contradistinction to the solar self,Initiation, 195:to it that the solar angel dims the light of the lunar angels, remaining the sole luminary in theMagic, 48:his warmth and light galvanizes the moribund Lunar Lords into a spurious life. This is the greatMagic, 60:impulses emanating from one or the other of the lunar pitris, the downflow of the impressing energyMagic, 66:members of humanity who are specially under lunar influence respond to this attraction more thanMagic, 96:"in the light". The point of egoic and lunar contact emits ever the point of light, as we have seenMagic, 98:illuminated mind reflects the solar glory. The lunar orb rises from the center to the summit, andMagic, 98:its energy can actively express itself. The lunar orb is a symbolic way of expressing the solarMagic, 215:(of earth, water, fire, air) and forcing the lunar lords to abdicate. The personality, which hasMagic, 311:aggregate of a vast number of lives, and those lunar pitris or lesser builders who constitute theMagic, 436:hid the secret of past experience, and every lunar form through which we have to arrive at dueMagic, 436:goal are thus defined. Through the medium of the lunar lords and what they have given him as theMagic, 437:and service, plus the discipline of the lunar bodies, a man comes consciously and definitely underMagic, 571:that solar force may impose its rhythm upon the lunar forces. An intelligent response to andMagic, 585:divine incentive. The urge emanating from the lunar lords, and the unfoldment of the solar Lord. ItPatanjali, 234:of the seven worlds. 27. A knowledge of all lunar forms arises through one-pointed meditation uponPatanjali, 302:achieved and its Results 27. A knowledge of all lunar forms arises through one-pointed meditationPatanjali, 303:in the heavens. The other deals with the "lunar mansions" (as one translator calls it) and with thePatanjali, 303:should dominate in the human. A knowledge of the lunar mansions or of forms would give anPsychology2, 290:is much talk anent the various elementals or lunar lords which compose, constitute and control thePsychology2, 3o8:lower nature, the force of the so-called "three lunar Lords" (the triple energies of the integratedRaysand guide all his members, imposing upon the "lunar lords" of the physical body a new rhythm andRays, 8:into increasing dominance the lower man. The "lunar lords" will become increasingly powerful andRays, 9:more potent, until the dominant voice of its 'lunar lords' will stifle all other voices and the manRays, 9:not self-conscious, existences. These four lunar lords constitute what the Ageless Wisdom teachingRays, 9:that which is in them. A dominant controlling lunar lord who is that which we understand by the
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