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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LUNCH

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Autobiography, 25:was followed by a walk. We were allowed to have lunch in the dining room but were not permitted toAutobiography, 26:my elbows on the table - which I do. After [26] lunch we had to lie on a flat sloping board for anAutobiography, 28:I went to the Gotham Hotel, Fifth Avenue, for lunch. Sitting in the lounge there, feeling very blueAutobiography, 65:at meals. The first meal left me stunned. After lunch I went to my cabin and prayed hard forAutobiography, 105:him and handed him money to go and buy his lunch. He was not even good enough to eat with all theAutobiography, 105:me and took Dr. Franklin to their own home for lunch. The discovery of the anti-Negro feeling wasAutobiography, 106:and wished to talk to me. I invited him to lunch at my club and when he arrived I found he was aAutobiography, 130:attitude of human kindness. One day when the lunch bell went, a great, hulking, dirty, elderly manAutobiography, 135:o'clock. I would clean the house, prepare the lunch for the three children and at 6 o'clock giveAutobiography, 135:darned sardines. At noon I would be eating my lunch when the day was fine on a strip of beach.Autobiography, 210:and gave a luncheon party. In the middle of the lunch Mr. Roumanoff turned to me and said, "Who areAutobiography, 214:discussing problems with Foster and going out to lunch. Often in the late afternoon there were
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