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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LYING

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Astrology, 313:grasp and its 'linking' or essential unity (lying as it does outside of consciousness and knownAstrology, 348:of the cosmic Christ and is the esoteric symbol lying behind the cosmic Cross. There is ever theAstrology, 415:1. Triangles of Energy - Constellations Lying behind all the many interlocking triangles in ourAstrology, 478:in your minds a reaction to the abstract truth lying behind the two following statements: TheAstrology, 482:as a transmitter of energy, with certain stars, lying outside our zodiac altogether, thusAstrology, 582:coming world religion and has been the impulse lying behind much of the good work done in theAstrology, 588:understanding human approach. One of the causes lying behind World War II is to be found in aAtom, 148:planetary Spirit Who is the subjective impulse lying behind objective manifestation upon our earth.Autobiography, 59:in which we lived, and I can this minute see her lying asleep in the early morning light with aAutobiography, 93:to the hotel. I remember going up to my room and lying down on my bed, too tired to unpack or evenAutobiography, 95:which swept the pier where I had apparently been lying for quite a time. I blubbered out my storyAutobiography, 116:day, during that dreadful time. Ellison was lying dangerously ill on a quilt on the floor whilstAutobiography, 182:questions, - "Do you leave your occult books lying around to annoy everybody? Do [183] you demandAutobiography, 211:got up to my office I found the lost photograph lying on my desk. There was evidently quite a closeBethlehem, 72:find the babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger." (St. Luke, II, 12.) Here was aBethlehem, 81:a symbolic expression of some ultimate goal - lying ahead of us in some dim future, or in someBethlehem, 104:his dim inner light) of the infinite possibility lying ahead. He caught a glimpse of God, and fromDiscipleship1, 148:soul to know the sources and the roots of pain, lying deep hidden in the manifested world. For you,Discipleship1, 210:of God moves the world." This is the thought lying behind your use of the O. M. Then ponder uponDiscipleship1, 752:the realm of the mind. This explains the truth lying behind all so-called "expansions ofDiscipleship1, 753:ray coloring (occultly understood). The factor lying behind and thus making possible each of theDiscipleship2, 46:is required, for it is a human attribute lying very near the surface of expression in all men. ButDiscipleship2, 127:and cares, and as swimming towards a rowboat, lying midway between you and the rising Sun. As youDiscipleship2, 150:which worked through barbarity, murder, sadism, lying propaganda, and which prostituted science toDiscipleship2, 231:That preparatory work is the major incentive lying back of all that I do, and was the prime reasonDiscipleship2, 247:Have that clearly in your mind. The initiation lying immediately ahead is simply the effect of theDiscipleship2, 249:and in this formula lies the significance lying behind the "fight for freedom" of the peoples ofDiscipleship2, 261:and this attained orientation is the basic idea lying behind the phrase "the Mountain ofDiscipleship2, 363:ideas. Essentially, they are geometrical forms, lying behind all exoteric manifestations; even whenDiscipleship2, 419:but an initiate of the fifth degree. The reason lying behind all this is that the planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 734:- a glamor which, for you, would be a thing lying behind in your experience and no longer ofExternalisation, 111:predisposing conditions which are to be found, lying far back in the night of time. If I can doExternalisation, 187:the Allies; their methods are not the methods of lying propaganda and the terrorizing of the weakExternalisation, 231:dissipation of the clouds of evil propaganda, lying information and distorted imputations andExternalisation, 235:they are preparing as they disseminate their lying propaganda and plant their agents in everyExternalisation, 239:upon that which could stir up hate, and the lying information from Berlin and conquered cities. ItExternalisation, 254:and that out of the wicked, materialistic intent lying behind the present aggressive activity ofExternalisation, 280:II - The General World Picture The thought lying behind the words Construct a great defending wallExternalisation, 301:of God, the energy of Shamballa, and the impulse lying behind divine purpose. When They do comeExternalisation, 344:coming world religion, and has been the impulse lying behind much of the good work done in theExternalisation, 390:Such, brother of mine, are two of the objectives lying before the Hierarchy at this time as itExternalisation, 419:inflow of responsive influences. The truth lying behind all invocation is based upon the power ofExternalisation, 426:and Japanese techniques: torture, starvation, lying propaganda, misuse of prisoners, theExternalisation, 433:the human consciousness. One is embodied in the lying propaganda emanating from the Axis Powers andExternalisation, 489:which worked through barbarity, murder, sadism, lying propaganda and which prostituted science toExternalisation, 675:must get under way, and this is the concept lying behind the teaching anent the five centers onFire, 41:Manus, and their sandhis (intervals); each Manu lying between two sandhis. Every Manu's ruleFire, 148:in their conscious return (the whole point lying in that word "conscious ") to their cosmic pointFire, 225:through their replies, something of the purpose lying behind the evolution of the consciousness ofFire, 493:(Bible, Isaiah 11:6) when he speaks of "the wolf lying down with the lamb"; his comment "a littleFire, 566:other planetary schemes? What is the purpose lying back of the relation existing between our EarthFire, 628:essential essence; the dynamic force or will lying back of all manifestation. They form on theirFire, 753:has developed etheric vision will the mystery lying beyond the Himalayas be revealed. Therefore,Fire, 900:very close esoteric connection between the fact lying behind the Biblical words "the Spirit of GodFire, 1005:therefore, sees to it that the motive or desire lying back of the "idea," now clothed with itsFire, 1146:groups are very great, and one of the mysteries lying behind the main divisions of humanity -Fire, 1157:in its sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lying esoterically behind the outer physical solarFire, 1234:interpretation is the one which reveals the idea lying behind the objective manifestation. ThisFire, 1235:to work and his capacity to get at the thought lying behind all symbols increases. He is no longerFire, 1236:express fully that which is the spiritual factor lying behind the conscious soul. Fire, 1236:arrive at the realization that there is a cause lying behind that which has hitherto itself beenFire, 1237:the goal of his search. This is the mystery lying behind all mysteries; this is the secret of whichFire, 1244:during manifestation; they are the duality lying back of all that is objective. Yet some factor isFire, 1244:from a consideration of the animating impulse lying behind all world groups which are particularlyGlamour, 15:effort. You have been told that one of the needs lying before all aspirants is to arrive at thatGlamour, 190:intuition into play and the world of meaning (lying behind the world of phenomena) stands revealed,Healing, 149:the throat center is, but it embodies the idea lying behind active creativity, the subsequent actHealing, 149:highest forms, and these are the dynamic factors lying behind all creation. It is the organ ofHealing, 163:the diaphragm. The lower torso, or that part lying below the diaphragm. The arms The legs [164]Healing, 378:century. The discoveries and developments lying ahead in the twenty-first century will be equallyHealing, 412:to be perpetuating his existence in a realm lying behind the physical. He will be known to be stillHealing, 442:Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the consciousness. Clinging to form life,Hercules, 80:Lord and saw the form of that which was the doe, lying before the altar, seeming dead. And inHercules, 96:said: "Go, seek the lion which ravages the land lying upon the further side of the fifth Gate. TheHercules, 99:the lion, he saw some piles of wood and sticks lying in great profusion near his hand. Pulling themHercules, 216:forming a belt of 47 degrees in width, lying north and south of the ecliptic." Glossary of TheInitiation, 66:To test out their fitness for special work lying in the future, the type of that work being knownInitiation, 74:greatest instruments for practical development lying in the hands of small and great, is theInitiation, 183:of meditation. In the purification of motive lying back of this application will come, for theIntellect, 27:intellect and intuition - with instinct lying below the threshold of consciousness, so to speak,Intellect, 27:of man, as human, and with the intuition lying beyond both of them, and only occasionally makingIntellect, 60:dwell in Heaven, and be aware of a new world lying within the familiar outer forms. He begins toIntellect, 114:or meaning is the one which reveals the idea lying behind the objective manifestation. This idea,Intellect, 115:to work and his capacity to get at the thought lying behind all symbols and forms increases. He isIntellect, 126:a consciousness of something Other, of a f actor lying beyond known human experience, of a goal orMagic, 7:where they demonstrate as the energy lying back of those effects. Mentally, where they concern theMagic, 28:tangible, yet possessing some mysterious power (lying concealed within it) which produces movement,Magic, 42:the diaphragm. The lower torso, or that part lying below the diaphragm. The arms. The legs. TheseMagic, 289:space, are of many kinds. One of the concepts, lying back of the astrological theories, is that theMagic, 300:Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the subconsciousness. Clinging to formMagic, 333:seeks to demonstrate the fact of the soul-factor lying back of its structure or body ofMagic, 334:etheric vision. The vital or etheric body, lying as the inner structure of the outer forms, will beMagic, 450:tangible, yet possessing some mysterious power lying concealed within it which produces movement,Magic, 592:are four of these interlaced circular "webs", lying between the five centers found on the rod ofMagic, 602:evolution (which may be truthfully recognized as lying ahead of that of the average citizen) willMeditation, 44:comes from the Master is the one to seek. Should lying tongues take action, fear not, but forgePatanjali, 123:to see back of a symbol or to touch the subject lying back of the object, Devotion to Ishvara,Patanjali, 125:basic ideas. He has to interpret the ideas lying back of specific symbols, and he has to look forPatanjali, 144:this way can the aspirant ascertain the causes lying back of the present manifestations of hisPatanjali, 197:of service, The constant study of the causes lying back of every act so that the reason for the
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