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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LYING

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Patanjali, 245:concepts or those ideas which embody the ideals lying back of all animated forms. These may takePatanjali, 279:is necessary for him to understand the causes, lying back of certain events, and this only in orderPatanjali, 311:and controlled, then the energy of the center lying behind the organs concerned, can [312] beProblems, 49:so that the child understands the reasons lying behind this mysterious new order of carrying on.Problems, 173:powerful, political and international distrust, lying propaganda and the apathy of the churchesPsychology1, 37:at-one with the unified divine intent lying behind all appearances and all qualities. It might bePsychology1, 43:true Plan cannot be rightly grasped. The will, lying behind the purpose, cannot be understood untilPsychology1, 52:I mean the capacity to see the ideal reality lying behind the form; this implies a one-pointedPsychology1, 183:to be perpetuating his existence in a realm lying behind the physical. He will be known to be stillPsychology1, 258:into manifestation. This is the basic truth lying behind the ideas put out at this time andPsychology1, 289:and the reality behind. Such is the symbolism lying behind the teaching of the fusion of the lowerPsychology1, 302:evoke an interested recognition. But the power lying behind them is the power of divinity itself,Psychology2, 143:investigation. From the sensed spiritual ideas, lying behind the form side of manifestation, fromPsychology2, 232:psychological expressions postulated: Instinct, lying below the level of consciousness, butPsychology2, 440:(acquired in past incarnations and frequently lying dormant unless suddenly evoked by stress ofPsychology2, 444:the tendencies evoked in past lives and lying hidden in the subconscious, or his heredity andPsychology2, 544:way and to regard the mystical method as "lying far behind him". But both must learn to tread thePsychology2, 601:so yearningly. They all sense the same Reality, lying behind the glamor of the world aspiration;Rays, 17:and are conditioned by the soul of all things, lying largely in the realm of the anima mundi; ofRays, 20:Let it evoke response from the bright center, lying far ahead. When the demand and the response areRays, 35:factor, and this constitutes an unalterable law lying behind the entire evolutionary process. It isRays, 38:a blazing sun? Such are some of the implications lying behind the use of these familiar words, andRays, 42:emphasis put upon the presentation of the door lying ahead of the aspirant has been made familiar,Rays, 43:you at least a general idea of the possibilities lying ahead of the disciple, and incited you toRays, 68:Let it evoke response from the bright center, lying far ahead. When the demand and the response areRays, 75:a statement of occult law. One of the purposes lying behind the present holocaust (World War II)Rays, 79:in Their totality They form the "bright center lying far ahead." Rays, 79:Let it evoke response from the bright center, lying far ahead. To this center we give the nameRays, 81:enables him to contact "the bright center, lying far ahead," to blend his individual will with theRays, 83:He took or re-enacted the five initiations. But lying behind this obvious and practical teaching,Rays, 124:perception of the fundamental divine intent lying behind all world phenomena, all evolutionaryRays, 154:free for complete cooperation with the purpose lying behind the Plan. He has passed out of theRays, 192:Black Lodge. This [192] Lodge uses the voices of lying propaganda, the Word of death (which I shallRays, 372:for the first time that other identifications - lying beyond the planetary ring-pass-not - confrontRays, 464:move and have our being. This is the basic fact lying behind the expression of that Trinity orRays, 487:of absolute tension. You can now see the purpose lying behind some of the meditation processes andRays, 559:the so-called Aryan race, there came a period (lying now in the far distant and forgotten past)Rays, 561:of intelligence and love. In the final race (lying untold ages ahead) there will appear a creativeRays, 608:The Principle of Conflict is the prime factor lying behind the evolution of form as the field ofRays, 614:Great Renunciation will be accepted; this step, lying far ahead as yet in the future, willRays, 680:rulers of the U.S.S.R. and in the devious and lying machinations of the Zionists. In neither groupRays, 686:a new vision. This vision concerns the Reality lying beyond any hitherto sensed or known.Rays, 745:the ignorant through misinformation, organized lying and limited education. They are fightingRays, 752:the world. Thoughts of hate, deeds of cruelty, lying words, sadistic action, selfish intentions andReappearance, 39:the Crucifixion and the Resurrection - but lying behind this obvious and practical teaching, liesReappearance, 154:resultant inflow of evoked influences. The truth lying behind all invocation is based upon theSoul, 76:sensation, belonging to the body; and a third, lying between these and making their interactionTelepathy, 41:the consciousness of the brain in the location lying just behind the ajna center and consequentlyTelepathy, 161:be those of eliminating the physical substance lying between the dense physical body and the astral
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