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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGAZINE

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Atom, 38:by an interviewer as having said in Harper's Magazine for February 1890, and which is enlarged uponAutobiography, 28:blue and depressed, I picked up an illustrated magazine. Opening it in idle fashion, to my surpriseAutobiography, 157:Director and I became editor of the sectional magazine, The Messenger, and chairman of theAutobiography, 159:oral battles but which found its expression in magazine articles. I shall never forget my horrorAutobiography, 170:The sectional magazines and the international magazine, called "The Theosophist," were preoccupiedAutobiography, 176:secretary and I was still editor of the national magazine and chairman of the Krotona committee. IAutobiography, 190:and all the old editions of the Theosophical magazine, plus other esoteric papers which he hadAutobiography, 205:during these years. My husband had started the magazine, The Beacon, and it was meeting a real needAutobiography, 261:procured in this way. Reprinted from The Beacon Magazine of June 1925. [262] Intellect, 23:a Spiritual Element in Education, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. Old Mother Asia and Europe,Intellect, 29:John Herman, Education and Religion, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. It is interesting to noteProblems, 180:world group should have its own newspaper or magazine, through means of which the educationalPsychology2, 646:can be done through the instrumentality of a new magazine which will be the organ of the men of
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