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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGIC

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Psychology1, 412:Ray VII - Higher expression: All forms of white magic. Lower expression: Spiritualism in its lowerPsychology1, 412:Idealism The Devotee 7th Ray Incantation Magic Ritual The Ritualist Psychology1, 420:in the throat. Ray VII - Ceremonial Order or Magic Planet: The Moon. She is the mother of form.Psychology1, 421:The Rays and the Senses 1. Hearing 7th Ray Magic The Word of Power. 2. Touch 1st Ray Destroyer ThePsychology1, 423:7. Solar Lives 1. Will or Power. 7. Ceremonial Magic. Universal Mind. Synthetic Ritual. The MineralPsychology1, 428:Sixth Ray. The Sacral Center - Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Seventh Ray. Base of Spine - Ray ofPsychology1, 429:6th and 2nd subraces. Ray VII. Ceremonial Magic. 7th ray souls. In the 1st root-race. 7th and 1stPsychology1, 383:the Way." Russia 6th ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways." Austria 5thPsychology2, 43:of the Whole and not the part. Ray Seven Black magic, or the use of magical powers for selfishPsychology2, 43:to bring about chosen objectives, Untruth, Sex magic. The selfish perversion of soul powers,Psychology2, 43:perversion of soul powers, leading to: White magic, the use of soul powers for spiritual ends; ThePsychology2, 43:oneself with reality; Right order through right magic; Power to cooperate with the Whole;Psychology2, 48:twisted into the false teaching anent sex magic. This phrase, expressed by a painted symbol,Psychology2, 48:is seen complete. The Whole is visioned. The magic work is wrought. Again the two are one. The PlanPsychology2, 79:have been given earlier in A Treatise on White Magic. [80] Psychology2, 83:certain passages in A Treatise on White Magic give clearly the intended [84] technique. They are asPsychology2, 214:with in my earlier book A Treatise on White Magic and other books. Our immediate problem is thePsychology2, 288:work and was embodied in A Treatise on White Magic. It would be useful to bear in mind here whatPsychology2, 375:at the center, stand, the worker in the field of magic. I know some rules, some magical controls,Psychology2, 377:of magical work of the lower kind - sex magic and many forms of black magic. He is glamored by thePsychology2, 377:lower kind - sex magic and many forms of black magic. He is glamored by the beauty of his motive,Psychology2, 389:what is called (by esotericists) black and white magic. It is interesting also to note that it isPsychology2, 389:who swings into the field of so-called black magic. This indicates, does it not, my brother, thePsychology2, 538:treatises, particularly in A Treatise on White Magic. I call attention to it only because in thePsychology2, 559:through science. Healing through spiritual magic. [560] Psychology2, 567:to see and hear on astral levels or to "work magic" from another life - from Atlantean times. ThesePsychology2, 591:Great White Lodge), for the production of white magic. This pranic energy works through the vitalRays, 250:as, for instance, those in A Treatise on White Magic and A Treatise on the Seven Rays were givenRays, 340:ray Physical plane Beginnings Relationship Sex Magic Initiation 2. Baptism Solar plexus center 6thRays, 551:of the seventh Ray of Order or Ceremonial Magic, as it is somewhat erroneously called. This ray isRays, 558:or Devotion The Ray of Order or Ceremonial Magic It is contact with the energy of the third Ray ofRays, 567:- Ray VII The Energy of Order or Ceremonial Magic. First of all, let us consider the type of energyRays, 573:through the incoming Ray of Order or Ceremonial Magic. The white magic of right human relationsRays, 573:Ray of Order or Ceremonial Magic. The white magic of right human relations cannot be stopped; itRays, 574:This is definitely in the realm of ceremonial magic. The stimulation of this seventh ray will, inRays, 574:to learn the practice of elementary white magic, and to demonstrate the first stage of a trulyRays, 575:to demonstrate the esoteric sense of white magic will become more and more vital, until he is readyRays, 584:the tendency in humanity towards the white magic of right human relations. They have fostered theRays, 672:expressions of reality. This is the true work of magic. You can see, therefore, that in theRays, 672:energy of the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic, making possible true creative activitySoul, 19:body and soul emerge from the activities of the magic ooze of their silent chemistry precisely as aSoul, 142:outer concretized symbol. The perversions of sex magic so widely prevalent are a distortion of thisSoul, 142:of the relation between soul and body. Sex magic relegates the process to the center below theSoul, 145:the World and the Universe. In the last analysis magic, religion and science are nothing butTelepathy, 22:my other books, particularly A Treatise on White Magic. (Pages 176-180, 415, 427-428, 477-478.)Telepathy, 38:beginners, earlier given (A Treatise on White Magic, page 320), embody the first steps leading toTelepathy, 39:of other minds, you have what is called "black magic." Right motive may protect the group from anyTelepathy, 46:the Seven Rays, II, 629-751. A Treatise on White Magic, 398-433.) It will be obvious to you that I
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