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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGICAL

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Astrology, 33:and is influenced by, the seventh Ray of Magical Order and of Ceremonial Organization. The basicAstrology, 326:It will be found that rebirth is, in truth, a magical and magnetic interplay between the form sideAstrology, 336:of astrology is, in reality, one of magnetic and magical interplay for the production orAstrology, 336:Through the door of Cancer streams the "magnetic magical light which guides the soul into the darkAstrology, 336:dark place of experience." Similarly, it is the magical pull of Capricornian energy which upon theAstrology, 694:wield four kinds of force in constructive magical work. Another name given to its halls is 'TheAutobiography, 282:no training is given in magic or in the use of magical rituals, and nothing is taught at any stageDestiny, 54:to enforced rule and order has in it more of the magical seventh ray influence than is the case inDestiny, 61:a very special sense - will emerge that new and magical religion about which I have so often toldDestiny, 62:"I disperse the clouds," is indicative of the magical work for which Spain will eventually beDestiny, 62:country the field of scientific magic and the magical work of the Church of the future. This is aDestiny, 90:old Atlantis. It is this that produces the many magical, spiritualistic and occult groups whichDestiny, 91:the fourth, via the Moon, is to bring about a magical relationship between the many diverse [92]Destiny, 117:preparation and training. The powers of the magical age are many and one of the reasons why theDestiny, 118:home of ancient magic which you call Egypt, the magical work there performed was definitelyDestiny, 118:magic which they produced were dedicated to the magical protection of the physical form and alliedDestiny, 119:[119] Stone is added and has done its magical work, then you have the symbolic representation ofDestiny, 122:claiming to teach magic, to bring about certain magical results, to work with rays of differingDestiny, 122:of the unexpanded mind. The expression of old magical patterns, the digging up of hints andDestiny, 131:indication of the effect of the seventh ray magical work upon the mass consciousness is the growingDestiny, 131:potency, men will eventually arrive at vast magical achievements and creations, producing groupDestiny, 132:because it conditions thought and speech. All magical work is based upon the energy of thought andDestiny, 132:of the spoken word (the expression of the two magical centers referred to above) and purity in theDiscipleship1, 133:if so you will, to be a constructive agent in magical work. Your rays are, therefore: The ray ofDiscipleship1, 459:if you together were to give some thought to the magical formula which that ancient prayerDiscipleship1, 460:and you might regard them as constituting a magical phrase for each of your three bodies. YouDiscipleship1, 530:picture of my garden! As you can see, it is a magical garden, for all the flowers bloom all theDiscipleship1, 547:minutes. I, the manifesting, Self, through the magical power of my nature, revitalize, redeem andDiscipleship1, 636:to transcend it all and free yourself from all magical work of every kind until you are establishedDiscipleship1, 636:mental body. This brings the influence of the magical seventh ray to bear upon your mind, so thatDiscipleship1, 636:in the soul, you are playing with fire and the magical work of the astral plane is full of dangerDiscipleship1, 636:is for this life unwise, for the Masonic Work is magical work, being a reflection of the processesDiscipleship1, 636:of substance are brought together through the "magical work of the soul." [637] I am speaking withDiscipleship2, 128:understand some of its significances. It has a magical import, and when understanding is coupledDiscipleship2, 128:this formula constitutes a Word of Power of magical service. Discipleship2, 321:in their correct order create, a most potent magical and mantric formula. It has a tenuous yetDiscipleship2, 496:statement: "I, the manifesting Self, through the magical power of my nature, redeem, reabsorb andEducation, 6:- through meditation, understanding and the magical creative work of the soul - between the threeExternalisation, 56:most practical physical purpose. It is strictly magical in its technique, and this technique isExternalisation, 60:and the work is then in the field of magical endeavor. As with the work of the other groups, theExternalisation, 87:with the life of matter itself, with its magical usage, and with that which is regarded as darkExternalisation, 123:humanity of the period; it will show also man's magical ability to subdue and control the subhumanExternalisation, 148:the curious investigator and by those engaged in magical work of any kind anent the use ofExternalisation, 148:fire and air. This is one of the aims of the magical [149] workers but it concerns material natureExternalisation, 150:the new and coming world religion. This is not magical invocation, as man understands it, and whichExternalisation, 165:demonstrates as the first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging,Externalisation, 425:of men through the extent of their evil and magical knowledge; I mean this literally andFire, 433:of the Chohan. It might be tabulated thus: The magical force of the seventh Logos is felt at theFire, 981:in naming them." Speech is literally a great magical force, and the adepts or white magicians,Fire, 981:plane. As we well know, there is a branch of magical work which consists in the utilization of thisFire, 983:We must also consider the work of the wise magical student upon the astral plane, whereon, throughFire, 984:certain elucidating comments. In this way, the magical work is fully safeguarded, and at the sameFire, 984:divinity itself. - Isis Unveiled, I, 25-27. All magical operations consist in freeing oneself fromFire, 993:to the cause of humanity. The pursuit of magical investigation is dangerous in three ways. If aFire, 996:then he can proceed to parallel this life with magical studies and work. Only the solar Angel canFire, 1001:on knowledge and long experience, which produce magical results on the physical plane. We are notFire, 1002:for the human race, that the majority of magical investigators fail in their work. They build aFire, 1003:have gained control over their lower nature, the magical words which galvanize into separatedFire, 1003:known and used in Atlantean days, when the magical formulas were public property, and men producedFire, 1004:incompetent (though good) thinkers. [1004] The magical words are only communicated under the sealFire, 1008:made. One of the fundamental rules back of all magical processes is that no man is a magician orFire, 1012:the work of the solar Angel, who (in all true magical work of any kind), is the active agent. WeFire, 1014:act of conscious magic is to be seen. All other magical creations are subsidiary to this. ThroughFire, 1014:the perfected body of the Adept is formed. All magical work on the astral plane has to be along theFire, 1015:various types of receptive matter play in the magical work. As is ever the case in all white magic,Fire, 1015:for the man on the physical plane to attempt magical creation. These formulas are three in number:Fire, 1017:the fundamental concepts which is grasped by all magical workers, is that both will and desire areFire, 1020:upon may be interpreted as stating that in the magical work, the energy of the waters becomesFire, 1021:builders. He must, through knowledge of certain magical phrases, make the work more permanent andFire, 1021:c. Four Rules for the Physical Plane In the magical work of form creation, we have carried theFire, 1023:occultist, deals in universals, and starts his magical work on the confines of the physical ethericFire, 1026:avail him much, and save him much time when the magical work and formulas are put in his hands.Fire, 1178:wield four kinds of force in constructive magical work. Another name given to its halls is "TheFire, 1248:Path. He has mastered (in the three worlds) the magical work of form construction through theGlamour, 123:The glamor of fanaticism. RAY VII The glamor of magical work. The glamor of the relation of theHealing, 231:wanted, no matter what the cost to others. This magical work was the misdirected travesty of theHealing, 267:in their technique (embodying much of the magical work of relating one grade of matter to theHealing, 693:out during the past century along the lines of magical work, that more at this time would not beHealing, 706:of next century will take these techniques or magical statements, relating to the healing work, andHercules, 152:in the balances in Libra, and in Scorpio the magical work is carried forward". In terms of theHercules, 226:that he has overcome illusion, that the magical glamor that matter imposes upon spirit no longerMagic, 4:over My nature I become manifest, through the magical power of the Soul." Gita IV.6. [5] TheMagic, 54:so much interested in their application to the magical work itself as in training the magician, andMagic, 104:ancient formulas, we are concerned with the magical work of the aspirant as a co-worker in theMagic, 104:of white magic. Let me remind you also, that the magical work of our planetary Hierarchy consistsMagic, 106:it is symbolically called, is prepared for the magical work. In other words - these can beMagic, 108:In these two Rules, the foundation of the magical work of the soul has been laid down. Let us list,Magic, 121:sciences; they are for those who are ready for magical work and for labor on the plane of mind.Magic, 126:are necessary to the correct conditioning of the magical work. Only the soul has power to work inMagic, 127:clear would do well to face the issue where the magical work is concerned, and study their aptitudeMagic, 141:use of the Sacred Word has its place also in the magical work of the Hierarchy. Thought forms areMagic, 149:many aspects of rhythmic living. It is the magical formula for the science of pranayama. It coversMagic, 152:is based. It embodies the science of the entire magical work. Therefore, this Rule warrants theMagic, 158:his work, and will deal with his training in the magical work of the ego, as that ego occupies andMagic, 159:at the same time, an experimental fact in the magical work. In the disciple's work, there is oftenMagic, 211:and one upon which the entire success of all magical work depends. I would like to point out to theMagic, 213:of Shiva, for it is only fully utilized in the magical work when the monadic aspect, the willMagic, 213:of radiance. It is the controlling factor of the magical work. All white magical work is carriedMagic, 213:factor of the magical work. All white magical work is carried forward with a definitelyMagic, 215:spiritual eye, which is the dominant factor in magical work, is the correspondence to the soul. In
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