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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGICAL

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Magic, 216:sentence I have concentrated the formula for all magical work on the physical plane. It is throughMagic, 216:for in them you will find the clue to the magical work in your own life reconstruction, to theMagic, 216:work in your own life reconstruction, to the magical work of human reconstruction which certainMagic, 216:which certain adepts are carrying on, and to the magical work of the evolution of the divine planMagic, 219:to utilize the power of the mind in the magical work of creation. It is interesting to note in thisMagic, 219:simultaneously a growing tendency towards magical work. Schools of affirmation are cropping up onMagic, 235:group work, is the motivating power back of all magical phenomena. This magical work is begun inMagic, 235:power back of all magical phenomena. This magical work is begun in the magician's own life, extendsMagic, 235:where there is no soul contact, nor can the magical force of the soul work out in manifestationMagic, 248:medium of his force or energy body performs the magical creative work. One point is ratherMagic, 248:midway spot within the brain cavity where the magical work must, in relation to the physical plane,Magic, 248:plane of soul realization into that of creative magical work on the etheric subplanes is graduallyMagic, 248:redirect his energies in the performance of the magical work of the soul. The fundamental secret ofMagic, 249:connection that the basic law underlying all magical work is that "energy follows thought". IfMagic, 250:Fire is the symbol of the intellect and all magical work is an intelligent process, carried out inMagic, 251:by the man who is seeking to perform the magical work and much of his success is dependent upon hisMagic, 251:in magic which he is seeking to demonstrate as magical work in the outer world. It might thereforeMagic, 252:work of magic with himself as the subject of the magical experiment. He begins to grasp the visionMagic, 252:takes place, he begins to be interested in the magical work in which it is the function of all trueMagic, 252:and respond to the force of the building magical work. A thought-form exists then as the result ofMagic, 252:which energy can flow for the performance of the magical work. This magical work, carried out underMagic, 252:for the performance of the magical work. This magical work, carried out under the direction of theMagic, 253:agents, and hence all three are involved in all magical work. The right eye, through which theMagic, 258:the transmutation processes, and to effective magical work. As progress on the Path is made theMagic, 258:results. It will be apparent therefore that in magical work (which has ever to be wrought out onMagic, 260:however, for the spiritual thought, resulting in magical work, of one brother of pure intent is ofMagic, 261:whatever company, and will not only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, but will serveMagic, 318:is a more advanced practice and calls for more magical knowledge, consists of the emanating ofMagic, 332:of manifestation which is the source of all magical work; and it is this energy in the variousMagic, 391:but this will come subjectively and not through magical work and formulas. The attainment of aMagic, 447:those governing work on the astral plane and the magical task of motivating those thought-formsMagic, 463:as he attempts to master the technique of the magical work and so become a creator of forms in hisMagic, 471:it is the first lesson soon to be learnt in the magical work. The creator in mental matter has: ToMagic, 475:foundations for the carrying forward of the magical work, and will render the mental body so clearMagic, 475:holding a challenge until such time as the real magical work of thought-form building becomesMagic, 476:Therefore it appears that at the close of the magical work of creation, a phrase must be enunciatedMagic, 476:are part of the growing realization as to the magical work. All these means are employed blindlyMagic, 477:the enormous progress which has been made in the magical work. In this way he will be enabled to goMagic, 481:body which the soul has built, through the magical release called death. It is with the latter thatMagic, 484:into some group. You have here the seeds of evil magical work and the imposition of a powerful mindMagic, 507:generation can, if it so wishes, perform the magical work with many of the [512] factors presentMagic, 513:the planet," which [513] is the objective of all magical work, performed during this world period.Magic, 515:are here primarily concerned as we consider the magical work on the physical plane, is theMagic, 517:and the use of the power of will to produce magical [518] effects. The consciousness, focused inMagic, 518:greater the opportunity therefore for focused magical work and for the utterance of those words ofMagic, 518:the "work of the interludes", in which alone magical work can be done. You might ask: Why is thisMagic, 519:as they endeavor to teach the nature of the magical work. Only the tested and the true, only theMagic, 527:to seize his midway points in the tiny bit of magical and creative work which he is seeking toMagic, 529:and exterior groups. Then he is pledged to the magical work, to the salvaging of souls, to theMagic, 530:released. The reason for this will be that the magical work will be carried forward intelligentlyMagic, 543:in the four ethers and who undoubtedly perform magical deeds, yet who do not possess this essentialMagic, 551:before he is permitted to carry forward the magical work, leads to the following question: Is thereMagic, 551:formula or proposition which must govern the magical activity? This question is, of course, tooMagic, 555:[555] swept into activity by the three supreme magical workers, the manifested Trinity. TheseMagic, 559:and, may I emphasize the word silent. Much true magical work comes to naught because of the failureMagic, 565:whether he be the solar Angel occupied with the magical work of manifestation, or an expert workerMagic, 568:Lodge. They are learning the first steps in the magical work and for them, therefore, anMagic, 571:energies or [571] pranas which have brought his magical creation, the physical body, intoMagic, 581:simultaneous effect is the clue to the entire magical work and in these four words - type, quality,Magic, 581:as we have considered Rule XIV that, in the magical work, the critical point of objectivity has nowMagic, 581:by the aspirant. He is endeavoring to become a magical creator and to accomplish two things:Magic, 583:to a steadfast application of the creative and magical work. Discipleship is a synthesis of hardMagic, 610:is in conscious touch with the plan then true magical work can begin. Men and women, who areMagic, 610:beginning to live as souls, can undertake the magical work of the new age, and can inaugurate thoseMagic, 610:refers. These words mark the consummation of the magical work, and are equally true of the magicalMagic, 610:of the magical work, and are equally true of the magical work of a solar Logos, of a planetaryMagic, 610:is called the black side, for the same rules of magical work hold good for both groups, though theMagic, 615:the creative imagination and the misuse of the magical powers. The work of the hierarchy isMagic, 615:in space and through the cyclic misuse of the magical and psychic powers that the astral plane ofMagic, 615:the illusion. Because of this illusion, the magical work has been carried forward along wrong linesMagic, 616:and of much encouragement to the beginner in the magical work. He is still perforce working on theMagic, 616:adepts which covers some of the stages in the magical work, couched of course in symbolic form:Magic, 617:the eye of the beholder." Such is the end of the magical work. It involves the discovery that theMagic, 617:has created he can also destroy. More as to the magical work I may not at this time give. The wordsMagic, 618:Call to Service In closing this treatise on the magical work of the individual aspirant I seek toPatanjali, 60:he participates increasingly in the creative, magical and psychical work of manifestation, with thePatanjali, 106:of [106] the true magic and the key to the great magical work in which all true yogis and adeptsPatanjali, 223:to enable him to do certain [223] forms of magical work and also to produce effects on the physicalPatanjali, 234:the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in the objective worlds. 38. ByPatanjali, 323:the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in the objective worlds. One factPatanjali, 342:of the white occultist for all forms of magical work. Students must remember that this does notPatanjali, 354:of Shiva." The hands are potent factors in all magical work of healing and utilization of the sensePatanjali, 378:the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in the objective worlds." ThesePsychology1, xix:World Servers. Third, the general lines of the magical work of creation have received attention.Psychology1, 52:and involves physical energy. This is the true magical work. I should like to point out that whenPsychology1, 81:devotion to the ideal, and the incoming ray of magical order or organization are largelyPsychology1, 83:ray influence will, however, reveal to him the magical work, and the next twenty-five hundred yearsPsychology1, 85:Magic, and the relation of that treatise to the magical work of the seventh ray and its cycle ofPsychology1, 85:place as a creative worker and thus aid in the magical work of the Lord of the Temple. The namesPsychology1, 85:names: The Unveiled Magician The Worker in the Magical Art The Creator of the Form The Bestower ofPsychology1, 85:Plan The Invoker of Wrath The Keeper of the Magical Word The Temple Guardian The Representative ofPsychology1, 221:not, however, be realized in full potency and magical revelation until the inner eye of true visionPsychology1, 263:form builder and the constructive energy of the magical organizer. The reader must bear in mind, asPsychology1, 359:century have produced. That much of their magical work has been turned into selfish channels by thePsychology1, 369:function of the seventh ray is to perform the magical work of blending spirit and matter in orderPsychology1, 371:force with its power to apply knowledge to the magical work. When this knowledge is appliedPsychology1, 386:Because of this, and because of the enforced magical work, some forces are present and active inPsychology1, 387:enforced rule and order has in it more of the magical seventh ray influence than is the case inPsychology2, 43:the part. Ray Seven Black magic, or the use of magical powers for selfish ends, The power to "sitPsychology2, 43:with the Whole; Understanding of the Plan; The magical work of interpretation; Manifestation of
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