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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGICIAN

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Fire, 1126:and bridges a gap between the mental unit of the magician concerned, and certain correspondences onFire, 1126:point to be remembered here is that the black magician remains ever a prisoner; he cannot escapeFire, 1129:eye which is to the occultist and true white magician what the fourth energy center (the jewel inGlamour, 209:is this power which eventually produces a black magician. He has developed the capacity to drawInitiation, 80:3rd Ray Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician. 4th Ray Vibration Response Expression TheMagic, 54:to the magical work itself as in training the magician, and in developing him from [55] theMagic, 56:as a worker in the plan of evolution, as a white magician, and as one of that band of consecratedMagic, 56:and a statement as to the nature of the white magician. [57] I would like in this firstMagic, 57:Rule I gives the following statements. The white magician is one who is in touch with his soul. HeMagic, 57:is conscious and steady, the man becomes a white magician. Therefore workers in white magic areMagic, 57:for it takes many cycles of lives to train a magician. The soul dominates its form through theMagic, 60:the Disciple The Way of the Disciple The white magician is ever one who, through consciousMagic, 126:and disaster in their wake, and the black magician is eventually submerged in the resultingMagic, 235:to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the magician guard himself from drowning, at the pointMagic, 235:intelligent and constructive desire of the white magician, acting under the instruction of his ownMagic, 235:phenomena. This magical work is begun in the magician's own life, extends to the world of theMagic, 235:wrought out in the inner experience of the magician. Most true aspirants are now at the midwayMagic, 236:rules already studied convey the truth anent the magician. The soul has communicated with hisMagic, 237:throat and [237] ajna centers of the white magician - the soul in conjunction with its instrument.Magic, 239:will dominate him and turn him into a black magician. You oft have been told that fear is anMagic, 247:utilization towards specific ends. Here the magician takes his stand and through the [248] mediumMagic, 251:When these vital airs can be sensed by the magician in meditation, and the thought-forms imprintedMagic, 252:of egoic intent. Hence also the need of the magician beginning the practical work of magic withMagic, 253:center, [253] or form, within the head of the magician. The energy which flows through this focalMagic, 253:energy of the third aspect works. "The White Magician" works "with the eyes open, the voiceMagic, 257:waters meet, the form swells and grows. Let the magician set his form upon the proper path. TheMagic, 273:The form increases in its strength; let the magician thus continue until the work suffices. Let theMagic, 273:in strength. The three injunctions are: Let the magician go on building his form until its adequateMagic, 336:of words of power and the work of the trained magician. These trained workers in substance,Magic, 448:Its creator who, in the case of a "white magician" is not an emotionally centered person, isMagic, 507:web pulsates. It contracts and expands. Let the magician seize the midway point and thus releaseMagic, 507:It is however just at this point that a white magician begins to do his real work, and it is justMagic, 507:remember that in the work of creation the white magician avails himself of the current rayMagic, 518:as they are called in Rule XII, which the magician seizes and which he employs in constructiveMagic, 519:the physical breathing interludes. But the white magician works from the soul level out into theMagic, 519:to carry out the divine plan, whilst the black magician works from the level of the intellect as heMagic, 521:of the Planet Having dealt with the work of the magician in his own interior consciousness and withMagic, 521:of all his work, that is if he is a true white magician. It is stated clearly that this is toMagic, 541:Quaternaries to be Recognized RULE THIRTEEN The magician must recognize the four; note in his workMagic, 541:this Rule is exceedingly few. Only to the white magician, and he experienced in his work, can theMagic, 543:What constitutes the equipment needed by a white magician? I would say one thing: - all studentsMagic, 544:Let it be remembered that the true black magician (I refer not here to a person with a tendency toMagic, 545:What the ignorant call a black magician on the physical plane is only some man or woman sensitiveMagic, 545:sensitive to or en rapport with a true black magician on the astral plane. This relationship isMagic, 545:esoteric kind is given to us in Rule XIII. "The magician must recognize the four." He hasMagic, 545:Fire tells us: "This means literally that the magician must be in a position to discriminateMagic, 546:Tetraktys.' It is this knowledge which puts the magician in possession of the three types ofMagic, 546:some of the qualifications needed by the white magician and of some of the recognitions which willMagic, 546:of white magic, but one is not yet a white magician. Second, he must recognize "the city thatMagic, 548:five of the qualifications of the white magician. Magic, 548:Quaternaries to be Recognized Third, the white magician must recognize the cross which stands inMagic, 548:Christ is crucified and on which the white magician, being a cell in the body of the cosmic Christ,Magic, 549:which constitute the equipment of the white magician has steadily grown. I could enlarge on manyMagic, 551:which it is necessary that the white magician understand, and the qualifications which he mustMagic, 565:plane, the more difficulty is experienced by the magician, whether he be the solar Angel occupiedMagic, 567:fact has to be remembered, no matter what the magician is seeking to render objective. It refersMagic, 567:of an idea. The moment of danger to the magician comes at this final stage. A point of fineMagic, 567:point of fine discrimination is reached and the magician has to proceed now with caution. Many goodMagic, 567:attention, and when the thought of the magician wavers, then the idea comes to naught, then theMagic, 568:and because the "directed attention" of the magician is not of adequate strength and duration toMagic, 581:and speed - the story of the work of a White Magician is told. But more I dare not give and it isMagic, 601:it not. The fire sheath is completed. Let the magician chant the words that blend the fire andMagic, 610:human being who has learnt to work as a white magician under the plan of the great White Lodge. It,Magic, 610:impulse differs. But with the work of the black magician we have naught to do. That which they doMagic, 611:It indicates the stage wherein the Great Magician is only in process of carrying forward His work;Magic, 615:rules therefore end with the statement that the magician chants the words that "blend the fire andMagic, 616:couched of course in symbolic form: "Let the magician stand within the great world sea. Let himMagic, 616:cannot see. Truth disappears in water. "Let the magician stand within the stream. Around him waterMagic, 616:many forms, which swallow up his sound. "Let the magician stand in watery mist, free of the runningMagic, 616:Above his head no sky is seen nor sun. "Let the magician stand on higher ground, but in the rain.Magic, 617:cheer the tired eyes of the disciple. "Let the magician stand upon the mountain top. Beneath him inMagic, 617:give the picture of the consummation: "Let the magician stand within the sun, looking from thenceMeditation, 330:the above curriculum he will be a potential magician, and will be a member of the Brotherhood ofMeditation, 331:emphasis be laid upon the fact that the white magician is he who utilizes all power and knowledgePatanjali, 121:complete service and freedom to work as a White Magician. Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart, ofPatanjali, 196:is. This sutra gives the clue to the work of the magician and is the basis for the great science ofPatanjali, 199:creation, through the word, the work of the true magician. There is as all students of occultismPatanjali, 200:transmuted into the great creative work of the magician. This is done through continence, PurePatanjali, 222:never specifically dealt with by the white magician or occultist. They are dealt with in blackPatanjali, 222:the spleen and the generative organs. The black magician definitely utilizes these physical partsPatanjali, 223:men and women who obstruct the path of the black magician or are regarded by him as enemies. WithPatanjali, 344:intelligently in the plan and become a white magician. For the majority it is as yet only possiblePatanjali, 347:characteristic of the black and the white magician alike. It necessarily demonstrates with greatestPatanjali, 347:plane. The power to command - vasitva. The magician as he controls the elemental forces of nature,Psychology1, 9:reaches the realm of mind. No one can be a black magician until the will and the thought work inPsychology1, 9:mind can be seen. It has oft been said the black magician is rare, indeed, and that is verily true,Psychology1, 85:seen from a study of these names: The Unveiled Magician The Worker in the Magical Art The CreatorPsychology1, 221:essentially the work of the architect and of the magician, and Their efforts are seen to perfectionPsychology1, 358:seventh ray influence will in time produce the magician, but in this age the magician will bePsychology1, 358:time produce the magician, but in this age the magician will be predominantly in the class of whitePsychology1, 359:side of selfish [359] or black magic). The white magician works with the forces of nature andPsychology1, 359:of aspirant. The seventh ray will develop the magician who works in the field of white magic. [360]Psychology1, 363:occult motive and in the methods of the trained magician will increasingly find themselvesPsychology1, 412:3rd Ray Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician 4th Ray Vibration Response Expression ThePsychology2, 39:but held [39] with firmness to the hand of the Magician. He sought to reconcile the Pilgrim, whoPsychology2, 39:understand, yet still held to the hand of the Magician. He sought to bring about that order thatPsychology2, 39:he met, but his bewilderment increased. To the Magician thus he spoke: 'The ways of the CreatorPsychology2, 39:matter? Tell me the thing that I must do?' The Magician said: 'Listen, O Worker in the furthestPsychology2, 171:"Under an arch between two rooms, the seventh Magician stood. One room was full of light and lifePsychology2, 171:which had no true objective. The eyes of the Magician were fixed on chaos. He liked it not. His
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