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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGNET

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Astrology, 669:spirit." (S.D. Vol. I, 820) "The sun is a great magnet." (S.D. Vol. I, 541) "The solar substance isDiscipleship1, 119:problem and its solution are as follows: "The magnet swings, and swinging, fails to touch theDiscipleship1, 119:pain and sorrow, of weakness and distress. "The magnet drops into the mass of clutching hands. ItDiscipleship1, 120:seekers after truth. The soul searches for the magnet and sees it not, for it is hidden in theDiscipleship1, 120:been distant. And in that place immediate, the magnet reappears." Discipleship1, 272:unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract to itself that which will meetDiscipleship1, 477:of that pure disinterested love which acts as a magnet to other souls because it is a soul quality,Discipleship2, 559:book, if rightly distributed, can act as a great magnet, drawing people from all over the planetDiscipleship2, 687:powerful, vibratory activity that it acts like a magnet in relation to the solar plexus. The energyFire, 1056:and its recognition of the divine central magnet. This brings it under the constant impression ofGlamour, 207:person. This indicates that he is drawn as by a magnet (the force of accumulated ancient glamorHealing, 117:does the mystic learn that all the time the magnet which attracted him, and the dualism whichHealing, 604:from that of the patient; it acts like a magnet, drawing forth a definite radiation from theInitiation, 98:as a subsidiary transmitter and as a powerful magnet) this energy is momentarily intensified, andMagic, 579:will be the forms of life which he will, like a magnet, attract to himself. C. The strength of aPsychology1, 66:of Glory The Lord of Eternal Love The Cosmic Magnet The Giver of Wisdom The Radiance in the FormPsychology2, 171:and yet within the room of ordered beauty, a magnet vast began to oscillate... It caused thePsychology2, 171:the arch, which tottered to a future fall. The magnet turned him round until he faced the scene andPsychology2, 172:[172] Then through the center of his heart the magnet poured its force attractive. The magnetPsychology2, 172:the magnet poured its force attractive. The magnet poured its force repulsive. It reduced the chaosSoul, 150:remain suspended seemingly by air alone, if a magnet is placed underneath it. In the light ofTelepathy, 17:of the solar plexus received it (acting like a magnet) and drew the "feeling impression" powerfullyTelepathy, 95:higher sensitivity is developed; he becomes a magnet for spiritual ideas and concepts; he attracts
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