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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGNETIC

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Patanjali, 83:light. g. Quality of the heart center radiant or magnetic light. In this sutra meditation uponPatanjali, 188:cleansed and this is the basis of that study of magnetic purity which is the cause of so manyPatanjali, 202:External purity physical vehicle dense body, b. Magnetic purity etheric vehicle internal purity, c.Patanjali, 203:practised. In the orient, the rules [203] of magnetic purification are better known and when thePatanjali, 205:specially to the senses and is the result of magnetic purity or the refinement of the etheric body.Patanjali, 205:with the etheric body. This etheric body is the magnetic vehicle on the physical plane and attractsPatanjali, 221:and irradiate his aura so as to produce certain magnetic results in his environment, and to awakenPatanjali, 223:descriptive terms, illuminative, purificatory, magnetic, dynamic, psychic, and magic. ThePatanjali, 253:the sutratma, the thread-soul, silver cord, or magnetic link. This thread passes through the mindPatanjali, 284:and coordinated via the sutratma, thread or magnetic silver cord. Psychology1, 42:for form. I express, therefore, the love and the magnetic attractiveness of the God nature, and thePsychology1, 43:forms. These proceed under the law of attractive magnetic love towards the evolutionaryPsychology1, 44:- will or the life urge plus attractive [44] magnetic love which, in its turn, is the response ofPsychology1, 44:active, producing among other things the magnetic attractiveness [45] of flowers. The mystery ofPsychology1, 45:the bond of coherence, and is that principle of magnetic cohesion which lies behind all creativePsychology1, 66:to save. Salvation, light, and love, with the magnetic power of God, produce the word of wisdom.Psychology1, 74:characteristic, and through that attractive magnetic force the new forms will come into being whichPsychology1, 130:the chance to demonstrate sentient activity and magnetic radiatory light. As all that we shallPsychology1, 130:its complete destiny, and only then does true magnetic radiation and the pure shining forth ofPsychology1, 135:kingdoms: To the world of living, vibratory and magnetic forms, in which each form is immersed.Psychology1, 151:system are embodiments of the will, energy, and magnetic force which streams through Them from thePsychology1, 152:series of attendant planets, which are held in magnetic rapport in their orbits around that sun. APsychology1, 152:by the powerful interrelation of the suns, whose magnetic rapport is so balanced that occultlyPsychology1, 152:is a waxing or a waning of influence and of magnetic power. [153] This condition is governed by aPsychology1, 219:vital etheric urge, desire or impulse. It is the magnetic quality of the etheric body whichPsychology1, 233:clearly the glory which lies ahead of humanity: Magnetic radiation. The blending of the mineral andPsychology1, 237:aggregate of self-initiated influences, or the magnetic radiation of that particular kingdom, is anPsychology1, 247:the manifested bodies, the radiant colors, the magnetic auras, and the distilled perfumes of thisPsychology1, 272:of experience. They are however open to the magnetic attractive power of those who are alive on thePsychology1, 291:make a contact with each other's vibratory or magnetic field, and instantly the light flashes out.Psychology1, 327:aspirant down to earth. The increasing of the magnetic attractive power of the higher atoms, whichPsychology1, 334:the life of all the planets, and the attractive magnetic love of God pours through His createdPsychology1, 336:the great principle of attraction, of desire, of magnetic pull, and (within our solar system) thatPsychology1, 337:yet desires nothing for the separated self. The magnetic pull of that which is desired is modifiedPsychology1, 339:point in his development when the pull or the magnetic attraction of the subjective world and thePsychology1, 424:clearly the glory which lies ahead of humanity. Magnetic radiation. The blending of the mineral andPsychology2, 15:and mental selves, and gifted with great magnetic power; there is often resilient, though neverPsychology2, 17:the soul ray, "the ray of persistent and magnetic grasp", as it is occultly called, begins toPsychology2, 54:of force, in order to produce those fields of magnetic activity wherein certain needed rates ofPsychology2, 66:at the base of the spine, he draws them into the magnetic field of the centers up the spine andPsychology2, 68:by sensitivity, emotional activity, and that magnetic force which we call desire. There is,Psychology2, 69:the personality and the soul. It is as if a magnetic field were then established, and these twoPsychology2, 69:then established, and these two vibrating and magnetic units, or grouped energies, begin to swingPsychology2, 79:of esoterically as "having impulsive effects, magnetic appeals, and focused activities." ThePsychology2, 80:makes them powerful factors in the Plan, and magnetic centers of force, gathering workers andPsychology2, 80:work of the Master Morya, Who is the center, the magnetic attractive center, of all esotericPsychology2, 81:incarnation through desire, attract. They are magnetic more than they are dynamic; they arePsychology2, 82:environment, and imposes on it, through magnetic attraction, the desired quality, so in the case ofPsychology2, 109:Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life 2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse Exoteric Name Esoteric Name SymbolPsychology2, 109:Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy 2. The Law of Magnetic Impulse The Law of Polar Union Two fieryPsychology2, 110:form, and which constitutes the cohering [110] magnetic agent in any form, whether atom, man orPsychology2, 110:expressed this phrase with care. This Law of Magnetic Impulse governs the relation, the interplay,Psychology2, 111:again finally controlled by this law. The Law of Magnetic Impulse is in the soul realm what the LawPsychology2, 111:in the three worlds. The cause of the magnetic rapport between a Master and His group, or a MasterPsychology2, 113:and women into one group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when,Psychology2, 113:produce, in its growing momentum, such a potent, magnetic impulse that it will reach those LivesPsychology2, 113:will call forth from Them a responsive and magnetic impulse, which will bring together, through thePsychology2, 115:however, involves the recognition of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and a desire to understand it,Psychology2, 116:disciple, the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and the corresponding relationships inPsychology2, 117:sphere of influence is set up, creating a dual magnetic field. Speaking esoterically they arePsychology2, 117:of force appears within the radius of the magnetic field, and this triangle of light, of livingPsychology2, 117:of his nature. He is now governed by the Law of Magnetic impulse (as the linking of the headPsychology2, 117:has been brought about. The subject of this magnetic interplay offers food for thought andPsychology2, 120:this balance, the understanding of the Law of Magnetic Impulse has prepared him. That is the Law ofPsychology2, 139:of light in the world. This constitutes the magnetic aura of the New Group of World Servers. EachPsychology2, 142:if I thus modernize its ancient wording. By magnetic, attractive, sympathetic understanding, andPsychology2, 150:The sacrificial will of the Soul. The Law of Magnetic Impulse - The Petals of Love. The Law ofPsychology2, 151:the egoic lotus, [151] and the subsidiary Law of Magnetic Impulse. The Law of Expansive Response -Psychology2, 152:The Law of Disintegration. The Law of Magnetic Control, governing the control of the personality byPsychology2, 164:The universal duty Second Ray force The Law of Magnetic Impulse. Inclusion. Attraction 2. The RulesPsychology2, 173:the pairs of opposites, the disciple becomes so magnetic and vibrant, that he serves the race byPsychology2, 197:personality integration and alignment and that magnetic, attractive appeal which is distinctive ofPsychology2, 198:Etheric or Vital Unity - The Aspirants. 2. Magnetic Impulse World Religion Schools of ThoughtPsychology2, 200:are given us, however, because they contain a magnetic potency which will aid in stimulatingPsychology2, 217:for us to enlarge upon it here. To set up a magnetic center in the universe, in which the humanPsychology2, 221:has to work, intensifying it and giving it magnetic power. It is the high result of desire, whichPsychology2, 260:to the urge or the desire to experience, and the magnetic pull of the physical plane is the finalPsychology2, 284:urge. The tendency to attract, to be magnetic, under the Law of Attraction. The energy of life. ThePsychology2, 292:deity. That coherent force which makes a man a magnetic center, whether as the major force in anyPsychology2, 3o8:At the stage of discipleship, he becomes magnetic. At the stage of initiation, he becomes dynamic.Psychology2, 315:of them simply as an expression - attractive or magnetic in quality as the case may be - of soulPsychology2, 379:to the bringing into one field of resultant magnetic activity of five differing types of energy:Psychology2, 496:freedom from its grip and yet the outgoing magnetic love nature of the subject may meet only withPsychology2, 524:is real, so much so that a complete magnetic field has been set up involving the whole area belowPsychology2, 526:real activity; it becomes radiant, brilliant, magnetic and forceful, so that it "dims the light ofPsychology2, 546:plexus from the astral plane Reacting to the magnetic attractive power of the higher centers, thePsychology2, 549:The responsiveness of the lower center to the magnetic pull of the higher. The succeeding interplayPsychology2, 576:This must be done in order to enhance the magnetic power of the love aspect of the hierarchicalPsychology2, 608:into each other's field of action and a unified magnetic field can be set up which can become soPsychology2, 609:reality the recognition of the radiance of the magnetic field, established between the pituitaryPsychology2, 609:or of the particular task, and the extent of the magnetic field. There never need be any difficultyPsychology2, 696:becoming known. There is a law called the Law of Magnetic Impulse or Polar Union which plays anPsychology2, 697:and women into one group effort, so the Law of Magnetic Impulse can begin to control them when,Psychology2, 698:produce, in its growing momentum, such a potent magnetic impulse that it will reach those Lives WhoPsychology2, 698:endeavor will call forth from Them a responsive magnetic impulse which will bring together, throughPsychology2, 699:work involves the recognition of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and with a desire to understand it,Psychology2, 700:disciple, the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and the corresponding relationships inPsychology2, 709:more potent and their influence is much more magnetic and radiating. If we take the four pointsPsychology2, 710:of the creative arts; they are phenomenally magnetic and influential in their effect on others;Rays, 13:of the fifth kingdom in nature, and its magnetic attractive rapport with the human kingdom, the
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