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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGNETIC

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Rays, 16:becomes dynamic instead of being attractive and magnetic, and is concerned with the life aspect andRays, 68:and living center" and the "radiating and magnetic center," in order that the "acquiescent waitingRays, 98:began its beneficent work upon him. The magnetic "pulling" power which had hitherto led him forwardRays, 104:thought, the sumtotal of creativity, based upon magnetic love) must return to the reservoir of lifeRays, 110:The will-to-good of the world knowers is the magnetic seed of the future. The will-to-good is theRays, 119:one strand of living light (through the power of magnetic love) across the space separating theRays, 120:guarantee its intelligent application and its magnetic power to draw to itself all that is neededRays, 160:sweeps all forms of life into the field of its magnetic potency, thus relating them (or rather theRays, 164:of directed and focused will-energy. This is so magnetic in quality that it draws to itself theRays, 165:is held focused in the head and is of such a magnetic potency that the energy of the remainingRays, 204:spiritual center, where attractive, coherent, magnetic energy is focused and from whence it flowsRays, 279:the pressure of daily life experience, under the magnetic effect of soul contact, and as theRays, 337:and make him aware of certain radiatory and magnetic powers or energies within himself whichRays, 349:[349] is an aspect of the soul and which we call magnetic attraction (the group-building quality)Rays, 349:and clarifies the motive which brings loving magnetic attraction into action and which we call trueRays, 349:of light; he works with power (the power of magnetic attraction) with and in groups, but he doesRays, 370:the forty-nine Ashrams are held together by the magnetic interplay of the whole. It is thisRays, 370:relationship with itself and finally into its magnetic field. This is aided by the clarity ofRays, 370:to you; it also creates a dynamic magnetic impulse which enables the graded initiates, through theRays, 371:Shamballa - dynamic impression The Hierarchy - magnetic telepathy Humanity - radiatory sensitivityRays, 374:and disciples, the effect is stimulating and magnetic. On average human beings, capable of littleRays, 374:his thoughts to the Master and the radiatory and magnetic group which He has attracted to Himself,Rays, 374:knows nothing, The great Ashram is likewise magnetic in its effect, and through its magneticRays, 374:likewise magnetic in its effect, and through its magnetic potency (brought about by an inflow ofRays, 374:for initiation. People are apt to regard magnetic [375] potency as evidence of love; it is, inRays, 375:power coming from Shamballa which results in the magnetic impact and the spiritual "pull" whichRays, 375:soul which absorbs and utilizes the magnetic power and which, from soul levels, transfers it to theRays, 375:through our planetary Logos. Nevertheless, magnetic action is more closely allied to first rayRays, 375:or quality of the Law of Synthesis. It was this magnetic power of the first ray to which the ChristRays, 375:called "a Shamballa recipient." There is, in magnetic action, more of the element of the will andRays, 375:as attractive radiation, is implemented by the magnetic aspect. This - as the Old Commentary putsRays, 376:truth to be clarifying and helpful - it is this magnetic potency, this dynamic active andRays, 376:are expressed, and at the third initiation the magnetic pull of the potency of will is felt. [377]Rays, 377:but also, in an increasing measure, to the "magnetic pull" which emanates from the HierarchyRays, 378:the medium of the seven Ashrams, it is this magnetic energy of the first aspect which is found atRays, 379:lesser Ashrams are held together by the magnetic interplay of the whole. Aspirants are drawn intoRays, 379:through its radiation and enter finally into its magnetic field. There is a dual flow of energy orRays, 380:that the will of the disciple is developed. The magnetic, dynamic energy of the first aspect ofRays, 381:Kumara came into its own life, formed its own magnetic field, possessed its own ring-pass-not, andRays, 396:The Path of Earth Service. The Path of Magnetic Work. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi. TheRays, 399:to the cosmic astral plane. Path 2. The Path of Magnetic Work leads to the cosmic astral plane.Rays, 401:and the Mysteries of Initiation 2. The Path of Magnetic Work In referring to this Path, I haveRays, 402:of force in shades of varying rose. By His magnetic power, He concentrates the energy required.Rays, 402:and the Mysteries of Initiation The Path of Magnetic Work takes the Master, first of all, to theRays, 403:astral plane. They are therefore, through the magnetic power of the Master, withdrawn from ourRays, 404:also that the Law of Attraction, the Law of Magnetic Work, and the cosmic Law of Synthesis areRays, 404:to the fact that Those Masters Who can work with magnetic energies, and with the three above Laws,Rays, 404:Heart of the Sun and are peculiarly amenable to magnetic attraction and distribution. All theseRays, 420:to go this way has to negate his attractive, magnetic tendencies and learn the meaning of "isolatedRays, 425:Thus there are found on this Path of [425] Magnetic Work two blended influences, those of GeminiRays, 426:door. Quality gained Luminosity PATH II. PATH OF MAGNETIC WORK Attributes Responsiveness to heatRays, 427:insulation Quality gained Cosmic stability and magnetic equilibrium PATH VI. THE PATH OF THE SOLARRays, 444:the Personality and the Soul. It is as if a magnetic field were then established and these twoRays, 444:then established and these two vibrating and magnetic units, or grouped energies, swung into eachRays, 454:hitherto existed. Two events can then occur: The magnetic response of the Spiritual TriadRays, 457:and this is the result of the growing magnetic potency of both these aspects of the Monad inRays, 457:in its turn has been exerting an increasingly magnetic effect upon the personality. This begins atRays, 466:the creative work of the personality, the magnetic power of the Triad, and the conscious activityRays, 469:revealed Whole. The part, through the magnetic development of its own nature, comes into touchRays, 470:and Evocation. It is in reality the Science of Magnetic Rapport, in which right relationship isRays, 473:of the personality are now so potent that their magnetic influence and their creative effect areRays, 482:energies, as receptive, negative energies, or as magnetic, attractive forces. An understanding ofRays, 482:energies and the subsequent production of magnetic force. This is the creative process. [483] It isRays, 502:poised in the lower concrete mind, the inflowing magnetic energy of the soul, streaming out fromRays, 587:once the third initiation is left behind. His magnetic radiation and the expression of hisRays, 619:channel or pathway of return or line of light or magnetic power between: The center where the willRays, 653:undefinable ray conditions. He has to fulfil the magnetic condition which will enable him to formRays, 668:response to hierarchical quality and to the magnetic pull of the Ashram. Such a development in theRays, 669:Instead of male and female, there emerges the magnetic relationship between the now negativeRays, 670:throat center, that center becomes automatically magnetic and attracts the forces of the sacralRays, 674:every impulse, every desire and every possible magnetic "pull" coming from the material orRays, 688:at the third initiation) must be freed from any magnetic or attractive "pull" emanating from theRays, 735:These transmissions of energy enhance the magnetic-attractive force of the initiate, and at theRays, 765:significance of violet, the laws of health and magnetic alleviation will be no longer sealed. TheReappearance, 11:truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of magnetic energy in the world of human living. ThisReappearance, 29:has made all things possible. It was also to the magnetic power of the will that Christ referredReappearance, 29:had no reference to the crucifixion but to the magnetic will of the Christ to draw all men, throughReappearance, 37:to complete self-forgetfulness and to radiant, magnetic living. The words He spoke were few andReappearance, 62:the energy of love and the energy of will, the magnetic potency of love and the dynamicReappearance, 128:aspects of the divine mind, when the magnetic qualities of the heart are awakening and becomingReappearance, 172:first of all - to provide them with a motive so magnetic in its appeal that they must perforceSoul, 142:pineal gland. As time proceeds, it is claimed, a magnetic field is set up, soul and body meet, theTelepathy, 18:This heart center, when adequately radiatory and magnetic, relates disciples to each other and toTelepathy, 26:mental energy and brain electrical energy. The magnetic power of love to attract attention, toTelepathy, 27:an act of the will and under the pressure of the magnetic power of love, responds to or isTelepathy, 54:and in all forms of life, and to the "pull" and magnetic effect of the surrounding environment.Telepathy, 61:- all-inclusive in His developed attractive and magnetic power. Elsewhere I made the followingTelepathy, 61:that it "concerns the engendering of a magnetic aura on which the highest impressions can play."Telepathy, 62:to height, he becomes enriched and increasingly magnetic. As this attractive or magnetic forceTelepathy, 62:and increasingly magnetic. As this attractive or magnetic force increases, he himself becomesTelepathy, 62:This revelation, in its turn, enriches the magnetic field of his aura so that he becomes aTelepathy, 62:entire human kingdom will eventually be a major magnetic center upon our planet, invoking all theTelepathy, 92:solar system has to give and to mature; the [92] magnetic attractiveness of the second Ray ofTelepathy, 93:he learns to project those forms, those magnetic ideas, which will invoke the attention of those heTelepathy, 95:to impression involves the engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions canTelepathy, 95:field of consciousness because he has created a magnetic aura which invokes them and brings themTelepathy, 95:them and brings them "into his mind". This magnetic aura begins to form itself from the firstTelepathy, 96:to his fellowmen requires. A disciple is a magnetic center of light and knowledge just in so far asTelepathy, 96:of light and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in a state ofTelepathy, 96:of tension and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas, capable of invocation and
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