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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAGNITUDE

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Astrology, 129:of initiation though he did not realize the magnitude of his discovery. Neptune focuses theAstrology, 300:which is, as you know, a star of the first magnitude and which is frequently called "the heart ofAstrology, 686:caused a paralleling event of even greater magnitude in the Venus scheme. This affected the sixthAstrology, 686:the corresponding chain in the Venus scheme. The magnitude of the difference may be seen in theAtom, 124:the solar system, and so with events of such magnitude that they escape our ken altogether. PerhapsBethlehem, 14:Christ revealed the love of God makes clear the magnitude of the task He undertook - a task farBethlehem, 138:what must be done and in order to understand the magnitude of Christ's achievement. TransfigurationDestiny, 144:whose attention should be turned again from the magnitude of the Macrocosm to the responsibility ofDiscipleship1, 31:this present life time? Have you glimpsed the magnitude of the present push that is being made byDiscipleship1, 173:who have some inner vision and who can grasp the magnitude of the Plan to bridge the gap betweenDiscipleship1, 479:In the vision of the world's need and in the magnitude of humanity's hour, take hold of yourDiscipleship1, 619:and your relation to them; glamor about the magnitude of the work; glamor about a certain sadDiscipleship2, 177:of launching the Great Invocation. The magnitude of this task you have never realized and you haveDiscipleship2, 280:to the neophyte. They appear to him of such magnitude and importance (as objects of his enhancedDiscipleship2, 704:can be anything but humble, for he realizes the magnitude of his task; he appreciates theEducation, 24:some stage of development) of the Macrocosm, the magnitude of the problem becomes evident, and theExternalisation, 79:effort, you can gain some idea of the magnitude of the task with which the Hierarchy is confrontedExternalisation, 112:at a particular point in evolution. Hence the magnitude of this crisis as it assumes its place inExternalisation, 222:of such a Coming One today, because of the magnitude and planetary nature of His task, but theyExternalisation, 378:all of this and is frequently overwhelmed by the magnitude of the unfolding task, by the diversityExternalisation, 460:must be changed. They are often staggered by the magnitude of the task to be undertaken, and thisFire, 31:myriad forms revolve within the wheels of lesser magnitude. The whole is one, yet on the lowerFire, 325:the two poles, and produced light of a definite magnitude during any particular incarnation (whichFire, 325:during any particular incarnation (which magnitude is settled by the Ego prior to incarnation) thenFire, 378:caused a paralleling event of even greater magnitude in the Venus scheme. This affected the sixthFire, 378:a corresponding chain in the Venus scheme. The magnitude of the difference may be seen in the factFire, 411:more than accept the fact of the inconceivable magnitude of that EXISTENCE which is manifestingFire, 487:be accomplished, but in the appreciation of the magnitude of the task need be no place forFire, 499:concept of man could not measure up to the magnitude of the theme. In summing up what I haveFire, 599:of the subject, it also demonstrates the divine magnitude of the scheme, with its magnificentFire, 770:we have nevertheless said much to increase the magnitude of the question, and its complexity.Fire, 984:of authority, wisdom, superiority. Then we have magnitude, magnificent, magniloquent, to expressFire, 1015:flame. It feeds the flame, causing a growth and magnitude of fire which reaches to the narrow doorFire, 1084:with six other constellations of even greater magnitude in the majority of cases than ours, onlyFire, 1084:ours, only one being approximately of the same magnitude as our solar system. This cosmic center inFire, 1085:These are grouped according to: Their magnitude, Their vibration, Their color, Their influence uponFire, 1085:all that can be apprehended anent the size, magnitude, quality, vibratory activity, and objectiveFire, 1180:but enough has been shown to indicate its magnitude and extent. In closing, it must be pointed outFire, 1261:borne in mind that the figures are of very great magnitude. One-fifth of the Compassionate Lords isGlamour, 69:souls you should take your stand, realizing the magnitude of the opportunity and the imminence ofGlamour, 110:in the astral consciousness. Today such is the magnitude of this glamor and such the success of theHealing, 320:a deep seated and mental origin and one of such magnitude that the finite minds of men cannot yetHercules, 30:out on his first labor, little realizing the magnitude of his task, and unprepared for failure. TheHercules, 36:the enthroned queen, spoke to Hercules of the magnitude of his problem, but the third constellationHercules, 68:times brighter than any other star of the first magnitude. Sirius has always been associated withHercules, 87:sign, the brightest of which is of the third magnitude, and in the very center of the constellationHercules, 105:it ninety-five stars, two of them of the first magnitude. Its Egyptian name, we are told, meant "aHercules, 106:or the cup, has in it thirteen stars of ordinary magnitude and about ninety small stars, thoughHercules, 218:a constant development, gives us a grasp of the magnitude of the One Life and a vision of anInitiation, 9:most superficial student, and that is, that the magnitude of the subject is such that in order toInitiation, 68:if it may be so expressed, according to the magnitude of the light, according to the rate ofInitiation, 68:tabulation incomprehensible to us owing to its magnitude and its necessary intricacies, whereinInitiation, 152:will help the student to realize somewhat the magnitude of the subject and its intricacy. [153] 1.Initiation, 157:Hence the terrific responsibility and the magnitude of the results achieved. Each Word is committedMagic, 189:walks the earth, and he gives no thought to the magnitude or the reverse of his accomplishment andMagic, 260:Though every true aspirant as he grasps the magnitude of the Plan and surveys the forces arrayedMeditation, 265:in these letters given a broad outline of the magnitude of the task that lies ahead of the man whoPatanjali, 64:be found coupled with failure to appreciate the magnitude of the problem. Mental inertia is due toPatanjali, 346:spread throughout all aspects of divine life. Magnitude - mahima. This is the power to expand one'sPatanjali, 404:in the approach of many minds to a problem, its magnitude can be appreciated, idle and lightProblems, 40:the World The Immediate Need of the Children The magnitude of the problems to be faced may wellProblems, 119:unhappy, the distressed and the abused of the magnitude of the intelligent aid which stands readyProblems, 134:they are rendered well-nigh impotent by the very magnitude of the task with which they are faced,Psychology1, 75:remarks, which are intended to indicate the magnitude of the subject, we shall now proceed to anPsychology1, 134:at this time in the world of art, and hence the magnitude of their endless symbolic wandering andPsychology1, 157:vision profits not. I have sought to convey the magnitude of the Plan and the steps upon thePsychology2, 273:of the work of the present Hierarchy, and the magnitude and the success of its achievement sincePsychology2, 679:carried to our minds implications of profound magnitude to the race. The third function of the NewRays, 8:vibration. This will tend to increase the magnitude of the task before the Ego and sweep intoRays, 542:process. Such a point of tension, of stupendous magnitude, is present in the world today; theRays, 690:point no definite intention. This is due to the magnitude of the great reservoir of energies; he isReappearance, 135:rapport with the Heart of God. Because of the magnitude of this theme and the wide extent of theSoul, 85:the soul remains as yet to be compiled, the very magnitude of the task probably serving as aTelepathy, 126:clear fact which indicates the measure and the magnitude of a human being; and until two other
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