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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAHAMANVANTARA

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Astrology, 684:these principles. Others persist throughout the mahamanvantara. Of these Venus is one." (C. F. 298)Fire, 86:similar action will eventuate at the close of a Mahamanvantara. The Logos will withdraw withinFire, 145:through space, and until the end of this mahamanvantara or day of Brahma (the logoic cycle) [146]Fire, 146:first aspect is better understood (in the next mahamanvantara) the work of the seven Rishis of theFire, 157:at the beginning of a solar cycle or mahamanvantara (or one hundred years of Brahma), at theFire, 251:key of His life cycle within the still greater mahamanvantara or logoic cycle. c. A Heavenly Man isFire, 272:achieved by a Heavenly Man in a much earlier mahamanvantara. In connection with the initiationsFire, 273:is always of a certain length, and so is a mahamanvantara. The cycles wherein an atom of any planeFire, 299:these principles. Others persist throughout the mahamanvantara. Of these Venus is one. Fire, 334:of a solar Logos persists for the greater mahamanvantara or solar cycle because it is based on willFire, 347:system and will persist till the end of the mahamanvantara. That the earlier method was seen in theFire, 529:and solar fire, but it remains for a later mahamanvantara to reveal [530] the true nature ofFire, 557:plane (which will not be till the close of the mahamanvantara) shall we be able to formulate anyFire, 592:will come; old forms will break, and in another mahamanvantara, and in its fifth period, will comeFire, 605:scheme - The Lord of concrete science. The 5th Mahamanvantara (or solar system) - The solar LogosFire, 605:to be considered. Three hierarchies are, in this mahamanvantara, of profound significance, theFire, 618:Pitris or greater devas. At the close of the mahamanvantara they will have built according [619] toFire, 667:are equally blended, and in the course of the mahamanvantara the imperfect Gods become perfect.Fire, 681:These Beings are Nirvanis from a preceding Mahamanvantara. We have been considering somewhat theFire, 685:retraced the cyclic development of the previous mahamanvantara, that there is produced thatFire, 686:if he considers the pralaya at the close of this mahamanvantara to be a final one, and the utterFire, 686:by means of material evolution during a previous mahamanvantara. They [687] are the Manasa devasFire, 687:in the development of man. At the close of this mahamanvantara there will be ready forFire, 695:the higher four, and the devas of an earlier mahamanvantara or solar cycle are brought intoFire, 718:cosmic circles will persist until the end of the mahamanvantara, when the Logos is set free (evenFire, 719:Activity, but the above named are free for this mahamanvantara, whereas these particular Egos haveFire, 720:can ever affect each other. Thus, in the mahamanvantara, the three methods of individualization inFire, 731:it marks a period towards the close of the mahamanvantara when all groups begin consciously to workFire, 740:vehicle, will be seen towards the close of the mahamanvantara. It will cover the period wherein theFire, 742:only dealt with them from the point of view of a mahamanvantara, and of a kalpa. The reason we haveFire, 743:Between Two Chains. This covers the period of a mahamanvantara, or of one year of Brahma. There areFire, 845:have been gradually drawn in during the entire mahamanvantara as it became safe and possible toFire, 919:S. D., I, 679. The Logos is manifesting in this mahamanvantara as Manas (the Divine Manasaputras inFire, 1074:purpose of the Heavenly Man for any particular mahamanvantara is satisfactorily accomplished. AsFire, 1075:in the spiritual kingdom at the close of the mahamanvantara, so no comment will here be made. It isFire, 1091:some must wait until the entering in of a new mahamanvantara. Students should bear carefully inFire, 1194:progressed and advanced at the opening of the mahamanvantara. As yet, there are not many progressedInitiation, 220:aspect of deity in its five activities. Mahamanvantara The great interludes of time between twoMeditation, 234:synthesis is achieved at the end of a greater mahamanvantara. The three rays absorb the seven andMeditation, 355:aspect of deity in its five activities. Mahamanvantara The great period of time of an entire solar
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