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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAILING

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Autobiography, 235:us to follow. He advocated the building up of mailing lists of the men and women of goodwill in theAutobiography, 235:in spreading the idea of peace, piling up mailing-lists of people who endorsed the idea of peace -Externalisation, 143:for a campaign at the close of hostilities. Mailing lists can be gradually brought alive byExternalisation, 210:be gathered together in central and national mailing lists, but let them also be kept in both NewExternalisation, 322:of an exoteric nature, such as the compiling of mailing lists, in every country, of those who thinkExternalisation, 329:I suggest a gradual compilation of a mailing list of such groups, accompanied with samples of theirExternalisation, 385:and functions if any, and thus build up a mailing list. You will then be aware of a group which canExternalisation, 385:if deemed desirable, and form a vast mailing list of people in every country who will work alongProblems, 180:to current world or national events. To create mailing lists in every country of the men and womenPsychology2, 648:and addresses are being noted and collected into mailing lists. Their capacity, whatever it may be,Psychology2, 673:these ideals must be gathered together through mailing lists. Their cooperation must be sought andPsychology2, 749:in the world. The usefulness of building up live mailing lists (I think you call it) of those who
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