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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAIN

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Astrology, 30:of obscure trails are utterly futile until the main highway of approach has been constructed andAstrology, 122:in the development of consciousness, but the main emphasis is the unfoldment of the massAstrology, 191:Sagittarius governs the thighs, which are the main center of physical power and protectiveAstrology, 266:it will have become apparent to you that the main function of the planets is to be distributingAstrology, 324:in form, for the ego is already perfect. The main incentive is sacrifice and service to thoseAstrology, 345:the fourfold influence of the Mutable Cross. The main objective of these four energies is toAstrology, 420:- for it is little more - to indicate the main lines of approach to the new science of esotericAstrology, 470:the unfoldment of human consciousness in three main aspects. There is the development ofAtom, 13:we find that the answers given fall into three main groups, and that three principal solutions areAtom, 15:and the idealistic - you have the three main lines of thought which have been put forward asAtom, 17:for our future talks, and to touch upon the main lines of evolution. The line that is most apparentAtom, 130:this idea somewhat. There are, as we know, three main lines of thought in the world: theAtom, 151:us into many lines of conjecture. One of the main points of interest which it opens up is theAutobiography, 144:the town remained at that time quite simple. The main streets were all lined with pepper trees andAutobiography, 221:church that could be visited. I told her that my main idea was that the girls should imbibe some ofAutobiography, 283:what you know. These three things should be your main spiritual preoccupation during the time spentBethlehem, 181:as it is, is not really very important. The main thing being that the prophetic and creative spiritBethlehem, 204:will, as Dr. Grensted tells us, serve... "in the main to reveal the fundamental character of ourBethlehem, 274:characteristics of His work and the three main lines of His activity are intended to be ours also.Destiny, 20:group has been chosen by the Hierarchy as its main channel of expression. This group, composed asDestiny, 49:ray, which is the dominant potent and main controlling factor at this time, and by a soul ray whichDestiny, 49:Group of World Servers, for this is one of their main objectives and tasks. This must never be lostDestiny, 111:man to the world of higher values has been the main objective of the Piscean age which is endingDestiny, 112:and intellectual attention which are the main factors in the unfoldment of divine awareness. ThisDestiny, 121:possessions has not been the true and the main motive. War has been prompted by economic necessity,Destiny, 150:perfected life of a Son of God, which was His main mission before; He will appear as the supremeDiscipleship1, 8:an experiment in group work and that its main objective is not the perfecting of the individualDiscipleship1, 22:on which you may be engaged is the factor of main interest. It is not primarily the unfoldment ofDiscipleship1, 33:with our plans, often isolated and alone. The main requirement in the group work which I seek atDiscipleship1, 39:consequently, the possibility that this group's main initial work will be concerned with theDiscipleship1, 74:separateness must be the first to disappear. The main objective of our joint work is still groupDiscipleship1, 80:that I have in mind for all of you: 1. The main present objective. I seek to bring about a muchDiscipleship1, 88:of those limits which constitutes their main problem at this time; they have to learn that it isDiscipleship1, 97:that the work to be done becomes the factor of main importance. When this is the case, then theDiscipleship1, 100:continuity of this dual process which is your main need at this time; it will lead to fusion,Discipleship1, 106:outstanding divine quality and in some ways your main hindrance. I am here for a cycle to teach youDiscipleship1, 114:the ajna center has yet resisted effort. The main result has been an intensification of the heartDiscipleship1, 123:the following comments may prove of value. The main lesson of your life has been the cultivation ofDiscipleship1, 136:Frequently the inner attitude is at one with the main purpose and ideals but the outer expression,Discipleship1, 141:have had much experience with other people. Your main task, at this time, is to get yourself readyDiscipleship1, 147:The writing of this book should be your main, subjective endeavor during the next few years. ItDiscipleship1, 157:freedom from concern all aid the process but the main cure for you and the source of success in allDiscipleship1, 159:"under impression," as it is called. Their main duty, and the duty to which their souls call them,Discipleship1, 161:Your work must be largely selective and in the main educational. It will also involve the findingDiscipleship1, 166:With you, as with F. C. D. and R. S. U., the main difficulty is lethargy, based on a genuineDiscipleship1, 190:at it for the space of six months. . . . Your main difficulty and the main hindrance to yourDiscipleship1, 190:six months. . . . Your main difficulty and the main hindrance to your usefulness lies in theDiscipleship1, 198:yourself with your progress, and rightly so? The main reason lies in your fifth ray personality,Discipleship1, 200:if the light is to lighten my way? What is the main hindrance to my enlightenment? In what mannerDiscipleship1, 207:you - that control of the time factor is the main need at this time. It will be for you to give aDiscipleship1, 207:in connection with threefold time which is your main hindrance. Work at this problem during theDiscipleship1, 236:as a means towards eradication. You have two main difficulties and before you can go forward into aDiscipleship1, 242:- when this is not the case. This was one of the main factors in your humiliation last year. SuchDiscipleship1, 273:used. That, in itself, constitutes the main difference. Motive and creative thought determine theDiscipleship1, 283:group brothers into your consciousness was the main objective of the experience. Outer personalityDiscipleship1, 291:first one is that your work now falls into two main departments - one connected with your own innerDiscipleship1, 293:his outstanding characteristic, should be your main thought and control your hidden life during theDiscipleship1, 296:a simple breathing exercise which has for its main objective the increase of the potency of theDiscipleship1, 304:interplay and integrity which is one of the main objectives before all groups of disciples. WhenDiscipleship1, 330:are working at it and the others fall into two main groups. They are either working furiously toDiscipleship1, 355:to the situation. So oft with aspirants, the main weakness lies in one particular body and for youDiscipleship1, 356:up in the aphorism "Energy follows thought." The main effect should be upon the etheric nadis whichDiscipleship1, 383:Forget not to love with detachment. That is your main lesson, my brother, and you have only graspedDiscipleship1, 385:is this particular type of meditation to me? Two main uses, my brother. First, it trains you in theDiscipleship1, 386:may perhaps ask in this connection: What is my main usefulness to this group of disciples, should IDiscipleship1, 386:it in terms which are somewhat unusual. Your main usefulness consists in the potency of your aura -Discipleship1, 388:you in the process of selection which is your main and self-chosen training ground. I seek today toDiscipleship1, 405:that detached and isolated strength which is the main characteristic of the first ray. The intentDiscipleship1, 419:- D.H.B. October 1935 MY BROTHER: One of the main things which I have to do for you at this time isDiscipleship1, 444:I close my eyes and fail to observe? What is the main hindrance? Is my mind the organ ofDiscipleship1, 461:may I make one practical suggestion to you? Your main problem from the angle of the soul is aDiscipleship1, 469:what I have to say best by remarking that the main part of your difficulties has been a wrestlingDiscipleship1, 476:matter who or what they are), you will find your main and immediate objective expressed. For you,Discipleship1, 509:is far from unique. What has constituted the main difficulty has been based on the fact that youDiscipleship1, 511:There are (for the average disciple) three main attitudes of mind and of feeling which predisposeDiscipleship1, 546:relatively brief communication which has for its main objective the intensification of the linkDiscipleship1, 585:with the desired vibration. One of the main uses of group work is the effect of group vibrationDiscipleship1, 643:that, sensitive as you are (and this is your main contribution to the work which we are seeking toDiscipleship1, 647:second ray. The shift of emphasis has in it the main objective of this present incarnation andDiscipleship1, 665:provide your field of opportunity and your main avenue of knowledge in the world of humanDiscipleship1, 693:will fade out in their consciousness and their main preoccupation will be: What must be my serviceDiscipleship1, 704:of importance which it should be, and not the main interest in the foreground of the consciousness.Discipleship1, 747:this out in your current life processes? Is your main objective the building of character and theDiscipleship1, 748:this need. I do it because that need is the main and urgent principle of invocation; it can andDiscipleship2, 12:habits and a more concentrated attention to a main, or at least a major, issue would result in aDiscipleship2, 67:criticism, encouragement and planning that the main interest of the soul is with the dedicatedDiscipleship2, 76:Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction For these main reasons, and because I seek no further toDiscipleship2, 83:has been consequently set up has been due to two main causes: The Arcane School as members haveDiscipleship2, 100:implement it and make it effective? What is the main task of the Ashram at this time? Do you knowDiscipleship2, 204:Servers and who will rapidly join the group. The main requirement is Meditation but - as you know -Discipleship2, 314:in your consciousness; is it not so? Your main hope is that as you unfold your latentDiscipleship2, 398:of Revelation falls automatically into two main procedures or planned processes: The procedureDiscipleship2, 432:from a known point of Polarization, and his main task is the precipitation of energy in order toDiscipleship2, 457:clearly what it is you are attempting to do. The main hierarchical need today (apart from its needDiscipleship2, 498:spiritually and psychologically, which is our main preoccupation, must go on. It [499] must beDiscipleship2, 503:this for the following reasons: My Ashram is the main affiliated Ashram with that of the MasterDiscipleship2, 520:of solar inflow, but at the same time it is the main distributing point of energy, from the angleDiscipleship2, 527:you can intelligently respond) which was the main factor in bringing to the surface all the latentDiscipleship2, 538:trend of the disciple's life. It is one of the main factors in the presentation of choices, and IDiscipleship2, 736:the life of a pledged disciple can be due to two main causes: the working out of karma which is
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