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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAIN

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Discipleship2, 748:in the opposing forces of evil. The main attack of these forces is upon disciples and particularlyEducation, viii:to us, even in our neighborhood libraries. Our main hope of survival in this highly polarized worldEducation, x:in the offerings of the University. The main objective is to cultivate the habit of reflectiveEducation, 79:education has been progressively along three main lines, starting in the East and culminating todayEducation, 114:on our theme: "In the final analysis, the main problem of world government is the wise use ofExternalisation, 6:and workers. [6] The difficulty can, in the main, be traced back to the over-stimulation and theExternalisation, 14:of a group of intelligent psychics should be a main objective, and the astral plane will then be,Externalisation, 20:hurt the least of his brethren - this is the main virtue which will enable the esoteric student toExternalisation, 177:the meaning of the will-to-good. This is the main task of [178] the new group of world servers. WeExternalisation, 301:descend lower than the mental plane, and the main emphasis and attention of Their work is directedExternalisation, 331:teach the new ideals correctly, and aid in this main world objective. This understanding is moreExternalisation, 347:Buddha upon the Occident. There have been two main reasons why, since 1900, this effort has beenExternalisation, 430:vastly strong - upon the physical plane. Their main hold is upon the minds of men and that isExternalisation, 452:and publishers dictate newspaper policies. The main reason why there is no really free press isExternalisation, 479:it is a fallacy to believe, as some do, that the main trend of Christ's work is through the mediumExternalisation, 504:and welcome that love-principle is the main work of the new age, and it will inaugurate the age ofExternalisation, 508:especially active and they will work in the four main groups of men who are in incarnation at anyExternalisation, 511:church to heal must be demonstrated. The three main channels through which the preparation for theExternalisation, 542:than it is in those related to the Buddha. The main intention in these early stages of keeping theExternalisation, 546:theme is that of world planning; this is the main preoccupation of the Hierarchy. This planningExternalisation, 553:appear as usual, He has let it be known that His main duty is to bring the initial inflow of theExternalisation, 561:the Master is therefore preoccupied with three main lines of responsibility, but only one of themExternalisation, 587:with the needed information fall into two main groups: Disciples and convinced aspirants who areExternalisation, 616:to this are many. It must be remembered that the main objective of the Christ will not be toExternalisation, 624:we can assume that money finds its way into four main channels of expenditures: Into the myriadExternalisation, 626:democracy" and "fighting a war to end war," the main motive was self-protection andExternalisation, 629:are as a house divided against itself. Their main interest is on abstract spiritual levels, andExternalisation, 637:own fault, though it is primarily based upon two main factors - one of them bad and the other good.Externalisation, 648:Avatar of Synthesis was called in to aid. The main objective and the immediate task of the ChristExternalisation, 682:the senior executive in a large lamasery, but my main work has lain elsewhere - widespread in theExternalisation, 688:cosmic evil generates is active along three main channels: From the center of cosmic evil upon theFire, 55:all directions, using the spinal column as its main artery, but working in close connection withFire, 60:seen functioning, as in the sun, through three main channels: Productive substance, or the matterFire, 78:the coming [78] generation of thinkers for three main reasons, which might be enumerated asFire, 78:within the solar system by one of the three main channels of contact, and producing on the bodiesFire, 98:counterpart in etheric matter of that organ. The main center for the reception of prana at presentFire, 99:and from thence to the dense physical body. The main organ of assimilation is the spleen - theFire, 122:Hierarchy, the human Monads, exist in three main groups: The Monads of Will. The Monads of Love.Fire, 122:Jivatma - the human soul - passes through seven main types or "root-races". In the case of the twoFire, 138:three fires, will be dealt with in our next two main divisions. In this division we are confiningFire, 142:jivas carry a vibration which is their main measure, though they may also have lesser vibrationsFire, 143:the aim of adaptability, and that this is His main characteristic. The Second Logos. The secondFire, 149:moment of pralaya and obscuration will have two main characteristics, - activity, the result of theFire, 173:is thereby developed, and discrimination is the main method whereby the Spirit effects itsFire, 174:for purposes of discussion, divided into three main periods: That period wherein he is under theFire, 183:the spine, and, in the normal average man, its main function is the vitalization of the body.Fire, 208:and heart intensify vibration as a response, the main direction of the force is to the seven headFire, 211:Ray is - under the Lord of the World - its main guardian, aided by the deva Lord of the secondFire, 263:by Mrs. Besant 9 Principles: "There are two main cosmic principles in nature: Active and passive,Fire, 268:and also that subjective evolution is the main enterprise of the Logos, of a planetary Logos and ofFire, 271:A Man originates on the monadic level, has his main focal point on the fifth level, the mental, butFire, 271:the three worlds of his endeavor), has His main focal point on the second plane of the system, theFire, 272:origin on a still higher cosmic level, has his main focal point on the cosmic mental plane but isFire, 283:Both work through forms made up of: [283] Three main types of forms: A mental form, one aspect ofFire, 283:put the triple unit into correlation with their main center of consciousness on the higher planes,Fire, 294:Attraction and Repulsion is of vital moment. Two main ideas must always be borne in mind: [295]Fire, 300:so. Just as in the development of humanity three main lines may be seen with four lesser linesFire, 300:four lesser lines merging into one of the three main lines, so in connection with the Heavenly Men,Fire, 300:with the Heavenly Men, there are three main lines of which the Venusian is not one. The Lord ofFire, 300:quaternary, as does the Lord of Earth. The main idea underlying the question we have beenFire, 301:they all fall within one or other of the three main divisions. Such lesser cycles might be easilyFire, 309:Logos and in the Microcosm. Each of these three main divisions may be dealt with under four lesserFire, 315:handicapped by lack of adequate terms, but the main ideas only are those I seek to deal with, andFire, 318:I but seek to emphasize that INTELLIGENCE is the main quality of the Logos; that it shows as will,Fire, 330:planes has therefore to be studied in its three main divisions, then plane by plane or theFire, 337:sumtotal of the third or Brahma aspect - Their main sphere of influence is on the lowest or thirdFire, 418:developed. 1. Characteristics of Manas The main characteristics of manas might be summed up underFire, 442:of Ceremonial Magic is embodied is one of the main transmitters of radiation from the Sun to theFire, 443:His peculiar coloring or quality, His main psychological aspect, demonstrating through His ownFire, 495:kingdom which is itself divided into three main kingdoms: The baser metals, such as lead and iron,Fire, 512:polarization His force or desire nature is the main incentive for the subjective Life and Eves thatFire, 537:energy to the major three schemes. The three main centers in the Microcosm are the Head, the HeartFire, 555:involves a large number of factors, but the main two to be remembered are that this stimulationFire, 575:When, therefore, we have achieved the first main vibrations, and have perfected vehicles for allFire, 591:will be understood more fully, but it is the main channel for the basic law of the system, Love.Fire, 592:hands of the Lords of Flame, and is one of Their main factors in controlling the three worlds. NoteFire, 596:illustrate this by remarking that one of the main functions of the Theosophical movement in all itsFire, 601:the nine introductory questions, constitutes the main part of the treatise. In it we have dealtFire, 615:we pass on to study specifically the three main groups of building devas on the three planes in theFire, 642:building Forces of nature; and the object of its main endeavor is the vitalization and activity ofFire, 654:groups of devas can be divided into three [654] main groups, even though usually studied in theirFire, 656:thus: Just as each man has a body which, in its main characteristics and form, resembles otherFire, 701:illustrate this by remarking that one of the main functions of the Theosophical movement in all itsFire, 777:the solar Angels. These three activities are the main work of the solar Pitris where man isFire, 786:Group after group [786] cooperate, for the three main bodies are distributed among many lesser. 6.Fire, 799:the will-to-be reacting on substance (whose main quality is desire or responsiveness to sensation)Fire, 802:only limit and confine the thought, and that the main reason for this mode of approach is to bringFire, 808:now by the Teachers on the inner side that the main principles had better be given out at once inFire, 910:to seek the country and wide spaces. One of the main interests in the future will be a tendencyFire, 915:as far as manifestation is concerned - into two main groups. Each group is represented on each ofFire, 919:been noted that in the enumeration of these two main groups, we did not touch upon that great groupFire, 924:principal results, and are active along three main lines. They are the devas who vitalize andFire, 936:becomes an actuality. These are the four main groups of devas which come under the influence of anyFire, 943:human personality again are divided into seven main groups; all devas, just as is the case with theFire, 950:to be a principle. These three factors are the main ones to be considered by the Great Ones inFire, 950:the Great Ones are bringing about in four main ways: (1) By the strength of Their united thoughtsFire, 952:and apparent when it is realized that one of his main responsibilities is the direction of energyFire, 986:cases which are there to be discovered are the main contributing causes of all manifesting blackFire, 991:of evil growing out of the above finds [991] its main expression in the sorrows and troubles of theFire, 998:as linked and coordinated. As we well know, the main function of meditation is to bring the lower
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