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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAIN

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Fire, 1017:and the other being centripetal, and the main factor in the accretion of matter into a form aroundFire, 1035:The spinal column and its channels, or those main factors with which the initiate concerns himself.Fire, 1045:who either attract or repulse it. These are the main sets of atomic groups, but there are manyFire, 1050:periodical vehicles, as H. P. B. terms the three main centers of energy through which the MonadFire, 1055:planetary atom has, as all else in nature, three main activities: First. It rotates upon its ownFire, 1095:governed by an internal life which has for its main, distinctive feature, the faculty of a muchFire, 1099:is brought about. There are, therefore, two main streams of energy responsible for the form of theFire, 1112:point. In this summation, we have dealt with the main types of energy manifesting in the egoic orFire, 1128:Of these centers the three major are of the main importance where [1129] egoic alignment isFire, 1130:between the right and left eyes. One of the main functions of the Master in this cycle (though notFire, 1138:- first, in the human kingdom in the three main groups of Egos, in whom the three types of energyFire, 1138:types of energy predominate; again in the three main or major planetary groups, and finally in theFire, 1144:of nature. Distinguish between the three main streams of [1145] energy - the units of inertia,Fire, 1146:that though the Ray of the Monad is its [1146] main qualifying factor, yet two subsidiary Rays,Fire, 1146:great, and one of the mysteries lying behind the main divisions of humanity - rulers and the ruled,Fire, 1148:cyclic evolution, and the ray and the three main types produce varying periodic appearance. CertainFire, 1148:between incarnations. Such statements are in the main inaccurate, for they make no allowance forFire, 1148:by seven different formulas for the three main types. Within this sevenfold differentiation, existFire, 1152:we call Vishnu. It will thus be seen that three main impulses, each emanating from the will, plan,Fire, 1163:plan, Karmic opportunity, Rate of vibration. The main distinction exists in the fact, as we have soFire, 1174:nor would it profit us to consider it. Three main groups of existences are controlled by it: HumanFire, 1175:as earlier seen. [1175] It can be studied in two main divisions, first, in connection with theFire, 1183:and the secret of the esoteric symbols. The main stream of energy enters at the top depression inFire, 1208:found lesser expansions and it is here that the main difficulty for the student of divineFire, 1211:unit of which it forms a part. One of the main things which, it has been said, underlies logoicFire, 1212:for they may be regarded as working out two main problems: The problem of establishing a consciousFire, 1237:terrestrial plane. These forces fall into three main groups: Forces emanating from the mental planeFire, 1249:seen. It is the production of this which is the main work of the adept who passes on to Path IIFire, 1256:Logos. This training concerns itself with three main subjects: With color, that which veils theFire, 1262:equilibrized in one specific direction. Their main characteristic or attribute may be described asGlamour, 14:world of ideas now becomes your objective and main effort. You train yourself in the recognition ofGlamour, 18:of all groups of disciples, but it is the main objective of that group which we might call theGlamour, 19:see to it that you are not deflected from your main group objective, which is to study andGlamour, 175:This process has been and today is the main testimony and guarantee of the existence [176] behindHealing, 2:have our being. The etheric body, which has one main objective. This is to vitalize and energizeHealing, 105:to be given in the immediate future, the main emphasis will eventually be laid upon the techniqueHealing, 127:consciousness to the higher which produces the main difficulties to which the disciple isHealing, 137:problems incident to the struggle which, in the main, make hard the lot of the disciple. It mightHealing, 184:it is this materializing and localizing of the main concept which has produced so much danger. TheHealing, 239:energy in any particular area. One of the main sources of cancer as related to the sacral center,Healing, 270:centers, or to its deficiency. Here lie the two main factors in the production of disease. It isHealing, 274:the new major field of research. That the main causes of all disease are two in nature: They are toHealing, 275:the results of accident or war) lie these three main tendencies in the human body. This is a basicHealing, 281:well-being. It might therefore be said that the main contribution which I am making at this time isHealing, 300:purpose suited not. He gave up in despair." The main effect of this imperfect "maneuvering" andHealing, 301:we call epidemics, and influenza is one of its main expressions. [302] Healing, 330:diet, used over unnumbered centuries. One of the main reasons for the apparent difference (if thereHealing, 356:upon this phrase), and love is all that is. The main characteristic of the distinction between soulHealing, 384:a whole. It has generally been surmised that the main prerequisite to the art of healing is faith.Healing, 438:entrance into life. - Vol. V. In this Rule, two main ideas are to be found, both of them connectedHealing, 453:the body, takes place. - Page 397. There are two main lines of evolution, that which concernsHealing, 456:process of death these are, therefore, the two main exits: the solar plexus for the astrallyHealing, 470:- Chapter V - The Process of Restitution Two Main Reasons for Cremation Occultly speaking,Healing, 470:Occultly speaking, cremation is needed for two main reasons. It hastens the release of the subtleHealing, 505:shall find it helpful to consider it under two main headings: First: The processes whereby theHealing, 521:noted that they emanate as a whole from three main sources: the psychological state of the patient,Healing, 540:body is the factor of major importance and the main vehicle with which he must deal. He thereforeHealing, 563:as Law IV because of the necessity for the main contentions [564] of the three preceding laws beingHealing, 573:via the sutratma and are anchored in three main centers, major centers, as you well know. FromHealing, 583:form a sound foundation for all future work. The main point to bear in mind is that this ruleHealing, 598:is the secret of divine appearance; one of the main causes of disease, as well you know, is theHealing, 600:in reality indicates only that it is one of his main directed interests. Therefore, because of thisHealing, 613:physical body is not a principle; it is not a main object of attention of the aspirant; itHealing, 640:of the soul. This conflict or friction is the main cause of what you call disease. Disease isHealing, 661:with the needs of the spiritual man. The main reason why there has been such a complete destructionHealing, 666:the Threshold is to the spiritual aspirant. The main task of the spiritual Hierarchy has ever beenHealing, 669:of solving it. It is essentially, however, the main consideration and problem of Shamballa, for itHercules, 168:the thought and speech activity is your main enterprise. You weigh your thoughts because there isHercules, 181:problem flashed upon his mind. With might and main he labored. By great exertions he succeeded inHercules, 221:within the circle. There are, however, three main crosses which in their symbology represent theInitiation, 40:in active physical incarnation. Besides these main presiding Personalities in the Council ChamberInitiation, 41:personnel of the Hierarchy is divided into three main and four subsidiary groups, each of theseInitiation, 112:that is aimed at here is to indicate the five main divisions into which the initiation ceremonyInitiation, 139:and heart intensify vibration as a response, the main direction of the force is to the seven headInitiation, 178:manner with other units. These are the main things that a man must accomplish along the path ofInitiation, 205:spiritual will of the divine inner God is the main factor, and there will be a unity of effortIntellect, 23:number. But there is a pitiable failure in the main business of education which is, or should be,Intellect, 36:the true mystical message. He says: "In the main, we are creatures who see 'things'. We see what weIntellect, 40:of the new type, the soul, constitute the main distinction between the western and easternIntellect, 66:is asking, demanding and expecting which are the main characteristics of [67] prayer, with desireIntellect, 75:The educational process has perhaps done its main work in preparing the mind to undertake the workIntellect, 79:We are told, for instance, that we have five main instincts, which we share in common with allIntellect, 120:of processes of apprehension depends in the main on the structure and functioning of a certainIntellect, 159:called the Intuition, and is one of the main characteristics of illumination. A second effect onIntellect, 160:most interesting reactions. These fall into two main groups: First, a stimulation to an intenseIntellect, 180:Man is omnipresent, and the mind is the main factor in the bringing about of this apparent miracle.Intellect, 184:Way is almost universally divided into three main divisions, which are to be seen, for instance, inIntellect, 186:The Method in Chinese Buddhism One of the main contributions to the process of enlightenment is anIntellect, 219:for the Westerner the sitting attitude; the main requirements are that we should sit erect, withMagic, 4:climbed higher up the mountain than some) is my main contribution. Upon these points the studentsMagic, 18:Remarks Man's Three Aspects One of the main means whereby man arrives at an understanding of thatMagic, 18:and which seems to use the brain as its main seat of activity and from there to direct theMagic, 22:terms spirit, soul, and body are regarded as the main component differentiations? How shall weMagic, 28:the thing is present in his mind. Yet one of the main necessities before occult aspirants at thisMagic, 54:by us of prime importance, and are the two main requisites for all disciples, initiates andMagic, 78:the only stage at present possible. One of the main hindrances to the correct apprehension of theMagic, 88:on the physical plane, has had no concern. The main expenditure of energy by the soul has beenMagic, 121:cosmic and microcosmic, but the mind is the main creative factor and the utilizer of the energiesMagic, 131:thinkers of the world who - grasping the main outline of the idea - crystallize it and build itMagic, 134:upon Their physical plane instruments and Their main trouble concerns the point of evolution
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