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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAIN

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Psychology1, 329:The division of humanity into seven main ray types, which might be enumerated as follows: The powerPsychology1, 330:well be added. The table as a whole shows the main divisions into which esoteric psychology dividesPsychology1, 340:individuals in the world, that it is one of the main factors producing the present potency ofPsychology1, 341:must be, for him, in the immediate future, the main center of attention. When man grasps this andPsychology1, 351:can come into manifestation. This is one of the main activities and objectives of the Hierarchy,Psychology1, 358:to say. It might [358] first be stated that the main problem of today is brought about by the factPsychology1, 368:of the attention of a lodge of Masons, and the main emphasis, has been potently placed on thePsychology1, 382:call it), which is dominant and potent and the main controlling factor at this time, and by a soulPsychology1, 382:Group of World Servers, for this is one of their main objectives and tasks. This must never be lostPsychology1, 413:The Mineral Kingdom is divided into three main divisions: The base metals. The standard metals. ThePsychology1, 421:stated that the three rays of aspect find their main expression in relation to mankind through thePsychology1, 422:the three aspects of the personality, find their main expression through one or other of the fourPsychology1, 422:Ritual 1st kingdom Mineral. These are their main fields of influence in the three worlds and uponPsychology2, 50:and of exit are established. These are the main channel or line of communication found between thePsychology2, 54:(material or immaterial) is incidental to the main issue, which is the development of a consciousPsychology2, 64:to the mysteries. I previously referred to the main channel of communication between the soul andPsychology2, 144:ideals, which are the blue prints of ideas. The main work of the disciples on this ray is toPsychology2, 185:purpose. This group of Thinkers falls into seven main divisions and is presided over by three greatPsychology2, 191:possibility is, therefore, to be noted that the main initial work will be concerned with thePsychology2, 397:attributes of Deity might be divided into three main groups: Expressing Attributes - those whichPsychology2, 498:and suggestive interpolation. There are three main ways in which the person who seeks psychologicalPsychology2, 652:For these latter, there will be time, once the main objective has been reached. The immediatePsychology2, 665:from the angle of time. Skill in action is their main problem and not accuracy of perception.Psychology2, 677:for the first time in its history. One of the main functions of the New Group of World Servers isRays, 18:the centuries and have been recognized as the main conditioning qualities of all disciples. TheseRays, 101:of the fourth Rule. In this Rule two main ideas are to be found, both of them connected with theRays, 110:render their still selfish will effective. The main difficulty would be that the disciples wouldRays, 128:say "with the Hierarchy") are divided into two main groups: those who are working with theRays, 178:That, in the last analysis, constitutes the main field of unfoldment and of acquired wisdom for allRays, 184:correspondences are always possible, but the main significance of these rules is related to theRays, 219:brothers or of themselves! The goal and the main objective is not adequately emphasized in theirRays, 230:carries out its plans. Initiates do their main work upon mental levels and from behind the scenes,Rays, 230:You need ever to remember that at this time the main technique of the Hierarchy is that ofRays, 254:attention. Eventually it will demonstrate as the main linking unit between the East and the West,Rays, 266:work in its seven major groups and its three main departments or divisions. It is indeed attainmentRays, 278:altogether, and the buddhic vehicle becomes the main instrument of sentiency. The mind, in dueRays, 372:Initiation and Identification are the three main stages in the evolutionary activity of the life ofRays, 418:end. This Jewish coloring is today one of the main hindrances to the full expression of MasonicRays, 502:This process of projection falls into three main activities: After due focusing and after careful,Rays, 505:The fourth ray might be symbolically called "the main cable" for humanity, because it is theRays, 634:trouble, and it is interesting to note that the main contention in the past of Poland, lately ofRays, 683:center becomes not only a clearing house but the main factor in lifting both physical and emotionalRays, 687:plane. This goal of freedom is in reality the main incentive to tread the Path of Return. One ofRays, 712:I would beg you to remember that the main effort of the spiritual Hierarchy is on behalf ofReappearance, 17:It is a fallacy to believe, as some do, that the main trend of Christ's work will be through theReappearance, 93:hold before the eyes of men everywhere. The main object of the Hierarchy is so to distribute theseReappearance, 163:to this are many. It must be remembered that the main objective of the Christ will not be toReappearance, 172:we can assume that money finds it way into four main channels of expenditure: Into the myriad homesReappearance, 174:democracy" and "fighting a war to end war," the main motive was self protection andReappearance, 178:are as a house divided against itself. Their main interest is on abstract, spiritual levels andReappearance, 188:is no millennium for which we work but that our main objective is, at this time, twofold: To breakSoul, 11:general way. This book, by centering, in the main, on the study of the glands, that are theSoul, 33:human behavior and personality, there are three main factors. There is, first, the environment.Soul, 34:Our concern here is naturally with the second main factor, the response apparatus. In thatSoul, 38:Cobb tells us: "Glands may be divided into two main groups, those which are concerned with theSoul, 55:being. Fourth: The etheric body of man has seven main nuclei of energy through which various typesSoul, 80:In this, however, we are at one with both the main tendencies of recent philosophy. Even the laterSoul, 82:are synonymous terms in Oriental literature. The main treatise upon the Soul, its nature, purposeSoul, 99:(ether) in the universe are divided into three main divisions according to the Ageless Wisdom.Soul, 109:is the expression and vehicle of the soul. The main characteristic of the soul is consciousness.Soul, 110:Becoming, pp. 44, 45. The life force has seven main points of contact with the physical body,Soul, 121:relatively unknown and whose secretions in the main have not been isolated. It will be noted forSoul, 137:A. E. Powell says: "There are, roughly, two main kinds of clairvoyance, the lower and the higher.Soul, 143:aware of the light of the etheric body at its main point of junction with the physical body at theTelepathy, 3:purpose. This group of Thinkers falls into seven main divisions and is presided over by three greatTelepathy, 58:in Their Ashrams to Their disciples has one main objective: to increase, develop and enable them toTelepathy, 80:Vehicle - Results of Contact and Receptivity The main factor preventing a completely unimpededTelepathy, 105:vehicle, and therefore you will see one of the main objectives of true meditation. [106] The stageTelepathy, 140:of consciousness - non-existent. One of the main obligations of occult students today is to testifyTelepathy, 151:- pass to certain areas of the body, via three main stations: The seven major centers, of which you
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