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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Astrology, 336:and this of course is only revealed at the major initiations. It should be remembered that theseAstrology, 336:is the focused energy of Cancer which makes it a major magnetic or attractive focal point leadingAstrology, 346:the paramount zodiacal signs in that it is the major symbol of duality in the zodiac. It is theAstrology, 351:will of the Whole. Through these signs the three major aspects of divinity are at this timeAstrology, 354:and that fluidity of mind which is one of the major assets as well as one of the major difficultiesAstrology, 354:is one of the major assets as well as one of the major difficulties of this sign. This agility has,Astrology, 355:place and purpose in connection with both the major human crises: Individualization and Initiation.Astrology, 356:ruled by the Earth, and this fact is of major significance, creating an unusual situation in theAstrology, 357:Mercury, the star of conflict, is also the major planet of relationships, for it governs andAstrology, 362:of the astral plane which ever precede the major initiations in Capricorn, in their turn preparedAstrology, 370:to the sign which is called "the sign of the major life incentive," because Taurus is the symbol ofAstrology, 371:are words which attempt to express one of the major underlying attributes and fundamental causesAstrology, 372:by the watching Hierarchy and making certain major changes inevitable and unavoidable. This arguesAstrology, 375:consider this statement and thus test all their major determining activities by the question: Is myAstrology, 376:would do well to consider. It constitutes a major cosmic triangle at this time, conditioning muchAstrology, 376:the solar system. It is there absorbed by that major center of our planetary life to which we giveAstrology, 384:upon the physical plane. These are the major concepts which enter our minds when Venus and TaurusAstrology, 389:a certain sense these six signs constitute two major triangles of force. I have here indicated toAstrology, 391:agency. The soul is linked with form but its major link is with the spirit. It is for this reasonAstrology, 396:with its polar opposite, Scorpio, is one of the major conditioning signs of the zodiac. Under itsAstrology, 411:of a man. Hence again today's world problem. A major event such as a change in the axis of theAstrology, 411:generalization, it might be said that the three major groups of forces affecting our planet areAstrology, 412:[412] with our new studies. You have here a major trinity of energies, emerging out of a vast andAstrology, 414:In every triplicity, there are three major qualities manifesting or three basic energies seekingAstrology, 415:are three energies coming from three major constellations. They are the emanations from the GreatAstrology, 416:primarily through Humanity. Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entireAstrology, 416:This triangle of forces relates one of these major constellations, one of the zodiacal signs andAstrology, 417:progression, position or appearance. These three major triangles are only partially as yet inAstrology, 417:hypothetically these statements anent certain major triangles which affect humanity and seek toAstrology, 419:the Great Bear. The sun, Sirius. These compose major triangles of force and all are held within theAstrology, 420:studied will be regarded as expressing: A major conditioning energy, producing manifestation. ThisAstrology, 420:sometimes a secondary energy will become a major conditioning force and sometimes the lesserAstrology, 421:of three groups of triangles which are of major importance to humanity at this time and whichAstrology, 421:of the zodiac, to be found on page 423. Certain major streams of conditioning energies will be seenAstrology, 423:At this time, I purpose to trace certain major conditioning streams of energy, as they proceedAstrology, 423:reach the individual disciple, again via certain major planetary [424] centers. In this way thatAstrology, 424:streams of forces and energies and in the major determining life activities of That in which allAstrology, 426:of the Human Hierarchy. These five signs are of major conditioning importance and may be enumeratedAstrology, 426:continents are to the planetary Life what five major endocrine glands are to the human being. TheyAstrology, 427:out today) influences and impulses from three major constellations. These pour through certainAstrology, 427:constellations and planets into the three major planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy andAstrology, 427:of transmission. In the transit of energy from a major center to a human being and when the energyAstrology, 427:plexus. Humanity - Ajna center - Throat. One major center is here omitted because it is primarilyAstrology, 429:for us to do more than study certain of the major groups of triangles and a few of the mostAstrology, 436:an end, from the angle of humanity. This is the major stream of force in this particular triangleAstrology, 441:to be too destructive in its effect. The last major intervention in Atlantean days came viaAstrology, 442:to a world in agony and a world distressed? The major usefulness of this imparted information whichAstrology, 447:seventh ray is at the same time entering into a major cycle of activity on the Earth, there is thenAstrology, 449:the triangles of energy emanating from the three major constellations are given earlier by me (onAstrology, 451:or a center. But - and this is a point of major importance - all disciples must at this time seekAstrology, 452:little about these centers save to refer to the major three centers which we call Shamballa,Astrology, 454:briefly tabulated again for you certain of these major inferences - for they are little more thanAstrology, 457:is not so immediately apparent but it is of major importance as a distributing agency for theAstrology, 459:energy. During the cycle (great or small, major or minor) in which it thus controls, the other twoAstrology, 460:A responsive point of negative energy. A major center, completing the grounding of the emanatingAstrology, 460:of these energy streams will demonstrate two major movements: A downflow of energy from anAstrology, 461:its emanating source or the highest point of the major triangle. This produces: The completion ofAstrology, 462:energy. There are consequently two points of major importance in the higher triangle: The emanatingAstrology, 464:in the soul horoscope which will assume the major importance. This I will enlarge upon when we takeAstrology, 465:understanding is of significant use here. The major cosmic Triangle works primarily through sixAstrology, 468:lines the chart of the soul must be drawn; the major triangles and the three cosmic Crosses willAstrology, 470:to be fostered and this is the major effect - as well you know - of the force of Leo. The influenceAstrology, 473:its final release, it will be found that seven major constellations, and their influences, pouringAstrology, 473:three times from the standpoint of the major life cycle and are also recapitulated in a minor senseAstrology, 473:life or group of lives. The three cycles of major import in the consciousness of the reincarnatingAstrology, 478:the Science of Triangles is related to the three major aspects, as they express themselves throughAstrology, 479:three types of energy pour through the three major centers, Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.Astrology, 479:At present a pattern of squares is the major construction of the web but this is slowly changing asAstrology, 481:aspects or energies as they come from the three major conditioning constellations: the Great Bear,Astrology, 482:"Pointer" in common parlance. This Pointer is a "major star of direction" because through it (inAstrology, 483:a most momentous relationship. You have here two major and three minor energies brought into closeAstrology, 483:close relation; this is analogous to the two major rays and the three minor rays which condition aAstrology, 488:way it will be discovered which ray energy is in major or minor expression. Leo, as we have, seen,Astrology, 489:of the premise as to the activity of Leo as a major force in the triangle at present responsibleAstrology, 491:at this time, Virgo and Pisces are carrying the major task of transmitting second ray energy. TodayAstrology, 492:pointed out. Throughout human evolution, this major triangle governs the relation of humanity,Astrology, 495:mode of development There are other major triangles which are called "triangles in consciousness"Astrology, 503:this matter for it concerns one of the great and major mysteries of initiation. It deals with andAstrology, 503:informing spiritual Life has taken five of the major cosmic initiations and that a "non-sacred"Astrology, 503:inclusive in the planetary sense; the five major initiations which he eventually takes give to himAstrology, 508:which can be (though it often is not) a major determining factor, prior to passing on to theAstrology, 509:of the sacred planets, and governs the house of major separations and of death. "The arrow of GodAstrology, 512:lies in the fact that though there are seven major centers, there are twelve planets which - inAstrology, 512:such time as the astrologer is sure of the two major rays of the subject. [513] Certain basicAstrology, 515:affecting the sacral center and - under the major Law of Attraction - producing a raising of theAstrology, 515:and the centers within the human vehicle (major and minor) leads to the Science of Laya Yoga or ofAstrology, 515:great Triangles of Force, formed of three major conditioning constellations. Therefore, theAstrology, 518:in nature must be added the effects of his two major rays (personal and egoic). These indicate hisAstrology, 521:that of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, with its major emphasis at this time upon the quality ofAstrology, 523:be found between the varying ideologies and the major conflict between those who stand for theAstrology, 523:of service, motivated by love. Thus the two major democracies can eventually restore world order,Astrology, 526:I would also point out in passing that the two major divisions of the world - the Occident and theAstrology, 526:planets. All can move off a minor ray on to a major if destiny decrees. A study of the aboveAstrology, 527:human destiny. Therefore, through the five major centers in the planet today, spiritual energy isAstrology, 529:the qualitative emanations of its five or six major cities will be investigated. Let me here giveAstrology, 530:the destiny of the planet. These are the three major world blocs from the consciousness angle andAstrology, 537: Esoteric Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac CHAPTER V - THREE MAJORAstrology, 537:Constellations and the Zodiac CHAPTER V - THREE MAJOR CONSTELLATIONS AND THE ZODIAC There exists atAstrology, 537:fades out. The period of this interplay of three major energies and their focused potent effectAstrology, 538: Esoteric Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Leo, Capricorn and Pisces 1. Leo,
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