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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Discipleship2, 104:together and which establish its unity. The major ones, and those which you can understand, are asDiscipleship2, 106:purpose of so much importance. These are the major factors which produce group unity; they have, asDiscipleship2, 106:years to have a group enterprise, for it is a major unifying factor, and the inner Ashram withDiscipleship2, 107:as they make true progress from a minor ray to a major ray or (for service reasons) on to aDiscipleship2, 108:coin such a phrase) is at this time presenting a major problem to the Hierarchy. It is based, asDiscipleship2, 121:his training the following four relations are of major 'importance: The relation of the energies,Discipleship2, 132:personality ends and for the furthering of their major interests, whatever those may be. They haveDiscipleship2, 134:in due course by the brain. This is of major importance and one of the objectives which shouldDiscipleship2, 135:within the Ashrams of the Masters. In the major group Ashram (which is the Hierarchy itself) thisDiscipleship2, 150:at the San Francisco Conference (hence its major importance), and will move very slowly at first.Discipleship2, 152:was concerned with the impartation of a major concept. I wonder if it was so registered by you? TheDiscipleship2, 158:soul of all things. The term "soul," with its major attribute of enlightenment, includes the animaDiscipleship2, 169:to bring about right human relations, is now a major need; the motivating power of goodwill is anDiscipleship2, 169:you have studied the Invocation - that the three major centers in our planet are linked up:Discipleship2, 177:of divine energy. These three meditations are of major importance, but quite elementary. They had,Discipleship2, 179:make its distribution as well as its daily use a major duty and obligation. This I have earlierDiscipleship2, 181:symbolically speaking, a heart center in every major and every secondary Ashram, and these heartDiscipleship2, 183:medulla oblongata, and which is called the alta major center. This center becomes physicallyDiscipleship2, 183:effective through the carotid gland. The alta major center and the ajna center. You have,Discipleship2, 184:In assigning this meditation I made a remark of major importance. I said that this meditation wasDiscipleship2, 196:I suggest that you make Meditation VII your major meditation, to be followed for one year. If thisDiscipleship2, 198:spiritual nature of our planet; this was our major inheritance from the previous solar system - theDiscipleship2, 198:group. In the Hierarchy, meditation takes two major forms, and [199] (you must remember) in thatDiscipleship2, 201:of Mind is the fifth principle, there are five major groups who function primarily throughDiscipleship2, 201:Group of World Servers to the Hierarchy. Their major relationship is with the Triangle of theDiscipleship2, 206:wide diffusion has led to the formation of that major group of contemplative, the Nirmanakayas;Discipleship2, 206:not yet possible in time and space - those two major factors which are governed by karmic law. TheyDiscipleship2, 207:I made the statement that meditation was the major creative agent in the universe. There are otherDiscipleship2, 208:I also pointed out to you that there are three major groups of meditating agents who act asDiscipleship2, 211:New Group of World Servers is fast becoming a major center of planetary meditation. Much of thisDiscipleship2, 213:his heart, so is he." You have, therefore, three major groups of thinkers and three other groups ofDiscipleship2, 214:Esoterically, the reflection of the three major groups, listed above. We need not deal here withDiscipleship2, 219:the impression of the Masters upon the three major rays. The first Ray of Will or Power (the Ray ofDiscipleship2, 223:to the helping of humanity. This group is the major creative agent in the three worlds for theDiscipleship2, 224:and leading to responsive results, are the major processes of creation upon all levels and by allDiscipleship2, 227:situation as best you can and in terms of your major world interest and with what knowledge ofDiscipleship2, 231:of the Christ. That preparatory work is the major incentive lying back of all that I do, and wasDiscipleship2, 233:at the end of the immense world period. The major thought-form of the spiritual Hierarchy, createdDiscipleship2, 235:possibilities I have not touched upon the major creative meditation which is responsible for theDiscipleship2, 245:important statement. There are, my brothers, two major prerequisites which are needed by all of youDiscipleship2, 246:for initiation. They are used prior to all the major initiations, and have therefore fiveDiscipleship2, 248:formulas at present. I will only point out their major implications which will be seldom what youDiscipleship2, 251:are familiar to him. But it is the great and major esoteric implications which I ask you toDiscipleship2, 254:to the emphasis placed upon the need for two major activities - before the man can take the higherDiscipleship2, 259:which is accorded to the initiate of the major Mysteries is itself divided into lesser phases.Discipleship2, 263:of your own comprehension because the mind (the major conditioning factor in a disciple's life inDiscipleship2, 263:of consciousness, occurring between the major initiations. They are definitely formulas ofDiscipleship2, 266:formulas at present. I will only point out their major implications which will be seldom what youDiscipleship2, 292:and brings the pineal gland into action. The major result, however, is to enable the disciple toDiscipleship2, 298:Pages 41-57.) which will eventually be the major objective of the educational systems which will beDiscipleship2, 306:this task may be (and, my brother, is), it is of major importance to disciples in training forDiscipleship2, 311:of the understanding reveals to the initiate one major Reality - the fact of Being. Therefore, thisDiscipleship2, 320:this circle, will be confronted by the first major lesson: the Unity of the One Life. This form ofDiscipleship2, 324:and involves prevision. That time is one of the major underlying themes or secrets of initiation.Discipleship2, 328:a point not only of profound significance but of major testing. There is a spiritual counterpart orDiscipleship2, 328:of the factual nature of this constitutes a major test for all disciples. There is nothing in theDiscipleship2, 330:bewildered, this safeguarding becomes a major necessity, and where glamor is present in aDiscipleship2, 339:will, if experienced, merge the two into one major happening; time, therefore, enters in. However,Discipleship2, 341:of experience. [341] 6. Time is one of the major underlying secrets of initiation. You will noteDiscipleship2, 344:formulas indicated, each of them dealing with a major governing concept. These concepts are divineDiscipleship2, 346:or an area of consciousness wherein five major points of revelation will some day be seen, graspedDiscipleship2, 347:requiring in addition two final revelations of major importance. One of the lines of thinking whichDiscipleship2, 348:you as aspiring occult students that there is a major revelation - something entirely new andDiscipleship2, 350:objectives to the race, this being their major form of service. Today, owing to the pronouncedDiscipleship2, 351:involving simultaneously all the three major planetary centers - a thing hitherto unknown. Up toDiscipleship2, 353:upon the subjective plane of human living, a major distortion of the process and of the newDiscipleship2, 357:of the changes produced in the Hierarchy by two major factors, to both of which I have frequentlyDiscipleship2, 363:here what I have already given, because of the major importance of the theme. I gave you certainDiscipleship2, 366:Control of timespace consciousness. [366] Two major ideas emerge from a careful study of theseDiscipleship2, 370:fifth and sixth initiations. Concerns the alta major center. Extra-planetary light. You will seeDiscipleship2, 371:The head center. The throat center. The alta major center. I say not that these five exits forDiscipleship2, 375:will be the rays of one or other of the two major vehicles - that of the soul and that of theDiscipleship2, 381:and interesting details are really of no major importance. It is the entire general picture and theDiscipleship2, 383:the senior Masters in connection with the seven major Ashrams. If he is a disciple in the Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 383:to prepare him for transition on to one of the major Rays of Aspect. This shifting and interchangeDiscipleship2, 384:initiations which always seem to the neophyte of major importance. After the third initiation he isDiscipleship2, 385:the Plan warmth, its magnetic appeal, and the major attribute of healing. It might be said that theDiscipleship2, 397:and - in the revelation accorded - he takes a major step toward the third Initiation of theDiscipleship2, 410:preparatory group formation and to make it the major interest in their lives, for they must at theDiscipleship2, 412:for soul contact, and later, for service. The major emphasis was, however, soul contact, and theDiscipleship2, 420:to move with ease in the world of meaning (the major task which confronts all of you at this time).Discipleship2, 422:of the Hierarchy. This Law of Attraction is a major soul law. Later, after the fourth initiation,Discipleship2, 423:under the Law of Synthesis, which is the major Law of the Spirit in the universe. His capacity thenDiscipleship2, 423:come if you study what is said about these three major laws in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. The partDiscipleship2, 428:crisis coincide, there comes one of the major periods of opportunity and decision in general humanDiscipleship2, 430:crisis coincide, there comes one of the major periods of opportunity and of decision. Hence theDiscipleship2, 432:three words which we have been considering are major key words in the hierarchical program. One ofDiscipleship2, 437:irrevocable habit, but is no longer a major preoccupation. The "light of love" which flows from theDiscipleship2, 448:of them will amount to very little. One of your major needs is a planned concentration and anDiscipleship2, 449:ascertain in a wide and general sense where your major life focus is established. Is it emotional,Discipleship2, 451:For you the "lesson of the interludes" is of major importance. I use this word in its mostDiscipleship2, 455:moons, dependent upon the date of the initial, major interlude. Two longer periods of interludes orDiscipleship2, 459:The glamor of an extreme sensitivity is your major handicap, my brother, and definitely limits yourDiscipleship2, 464:out if you were prepared to accept your first major assignment upon that Way. When you assented andDiscipleship2, 467:or it may mean little. It is, however, of major significance to you personally, and to no one elseDiscipleship2, 471:kinds of stress; no, my brother, I would say the major stresses are of four kinds: There are theDiscipleship2, 474:teaching ray conditions you and that there is a major difference between teaching as a human being,Discipleship2, 477:aware of these facts and they are the major conditioning factors in your life. You haveDiscipleship2, 482:which made it difficult for you to set up any major relation with other people. Yet, my brother,Discipleship2, 484:to initiation. Think on this, for it has its major importance to you. The second word which I want
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