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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Discipleship2, 485:of the group itself would probably show that the major reaction is a blend of two reactions: firstDiscipleship2, 487:you and which seem to me today to be of major importance in your life, I would have you grasp, ifDiscipleship2, 493:the rays which control your personality. Your major rays - 1 and 2 - are identical with those ofDiscipleship2, 498:You started work for us in another country. Your major karmic destiny lies there, even if youDiscipleship2, 504:service of a group of disciples which is of major importance (though it has necessarily a vitalDiscipleship2, 513:the minor ray, the sixth Ray of Devotion, to a major ray, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. When youDiscipleship2, 513:at least, even if the exoteric life is of no major interest. This is not so with you. In your caseDiscipleship2, 516:know. This will mark the consummation of this major life cycle. As you know, and as I have beforeDiscipleship2, 517:always entailed in a transitional life wherein a major transfer must be effected. To all this againDiscipleship2, 518:retention of speech." For you, simplicity is a major essential practice in this next cycle of yourDiscipleship2, 519:lies a clue. Shamballa is not a Way, but a major center of related states and a relatively staticDiscipleship2, 520:of the Lord of the World. [520] Shamballa is the major point of tension upon the planet. It is aDiscipleship2, 520:all self-will or mental bias. Shamballa is the major receptive agent upon the planet, from theDiscipleship2, 526:we draw to ourselves those who respond to our major quality at any given time and - at this time -Discipleship2, 533:are deciding and frequently releasing factors. A major one for all disciples occurs around the ageDiscipleship2, 540:(where you are concerned) three words are of major importance, if you are to take what is for youDiscipleship2, 541:which I have made to you, and which were of major importance, you have carefully [542] followed,Discipleship2, 566:qualities in action and in service, whilst the major or senior Ashrams concern in all cases theDiscipleship2, 566:the ray qualities. This is possible because the major Ashrams are presided over by those who haveDiscipleship2, 579:first ray attributes aid in the second. Your major emphasis this year should be the establishing ofDiscipleship2, 582:the implements of loving service. Here lies your major technical lesson. Your line of leastDiscipleship2, 583:be revolutionary in their effect upon you and of major importance in the molding processes of yourDiscipleship2, 585:initiation of some service, the taking of some major initiation; but such lives are rare untilDiscipleship2, 592:was initiated in 1825, and brought about the major welfare movements, led to the organization ofDiscipleship2, 596:closely involved; he is also - and this is of major importance - Regent of Europe. I have also atDiscipleship2, 598:A.A.B. is quite correct when she says that your major hour of opportunity is now upon you as slowlyDiscipleship2, 598:and that esoteric psychology which is the major task in each Ashram and particularly in the secondDiscipleship2, 600:not theirs) overwhelms them and constitutes a major conflict. So it is with you. In every race andDiscipleship2, 602:once when you were much younger. Your second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical oneDiscipleship2, 602:will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards. A Master watches his disciplesDiscipleship2, 606:consistently you have been told by me that your major hindrance was the physical body - a bodyDiscipleship2, 611:I recall them to your attention, owing to their major significances in providing vision ofDiscipleship2, 613:by you and I would have you remember that your major spiritual responsibility is essentially workDiscipleship2, 614:my beloved brother, I have taught you that your major limitation is your physical body; thatDiscipleship2, 617:family... This incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free from allDiscipleship2, 631:is within your consciousness at this time, a major question. You have been taught by your soul toDiscipleship2, 636:which you can undertake. It is related to the major task of goodwill which is so close to my heart;Discipleship2, 637:have nothing to say to you today, my brother, of major moment. My last instruction to you was longDiscipleship2, 644:and you are, therefore, today facing your major life crisis and, I would add, you are facing itDiscipleship2, 644:who are pledged disciples there are always two major crises in their lives: There is first of allDiscipleship2, 645:hypothesis. You stand today, my brother, at a major point of crisis and you stand alone. Those inDiscipleship2, 646:are forcing you to meet. Therefore, your major need is to strengthen and preserve the threeDiscipleship2, 656:to you that illusion more than glamor is your major difficulty for you are mentally polarized.Discipleship2, 657:will produce in you an intensification of the major qualities which I suggested you cultivate manyDiscipleship2, 662:must be used by you for several years as your major mode of service. I tell you therefore, Write.Discipleship2, 663:has been for you an incarnation wherein certain major happenings have taken place. Your soul has,Discipleship2, 663:of your personality and gripped your mind (a major determining factor in all processes connectedDiscipleship2, 663:Do you realize the importance of those two major happenings? Again, you have learnt the meaning ofDiscipleship2, 665:The use of the pen in writing is at present your major mode of service. Find your own people, andDiscipleship2, 670:differs from that previously given. One of the major needs in your nature is the evocation of a newDiscipleship2, 677:in the outer world has taken the form of three major activities... You have done much to help withDiscipleship2, 677:can be set in motion. Your city is not. The major task of the Goodwill work is threefold: It mustDiscipleship2, 694:Rejection The OM All these words embody certain major preparatory lessons. You will note howDiscipleship2, 699:for many years, and you still are. One of the major linking and blending processes is the creativeDiscipleship2, 699:phase of living if you permit music to play a major part in your life rhythm; choose only the bestDiscipleship2, 701:at any cost. It is always hard when two major rays govern both the personality and the soul. ItDiscipleship2, 706:the future. I asked her what she felt was your major need and one that you must meet as you prepareDiscipleship2, 708:impulses is right and truly oriented. This is a major asset in your life. You are a pledged andDiscipleship2, 709:in the ajna center. Sensitivity is one of your major needs. That involves a freer use of theDiscipleship2, 712:of principles, a sidetracking of major issues, or a general inertia. Stand by her. With theDiscipleship2, 712:The three Arcane School centers, New York (the major center), London and in Switzerland, mustDiscipleship2, 712:become more potent and should constitute three major points of light in the world. At the center ofDiscipleship2, 714:one settled project which has always been the major weakness with your group service. You work aDiscipleship2, 722:come into incarnation and which constitutes your major life problem, you know that you need theDiscipleship2, 722:factors in your life, and herein lies a major mistake [723] which you have always made. Both are aDiscipleship2, 730:failure. So be it. But the fact remains that the major trend and purpose of your life has broughtDiscipleship2, 733:the physical plane will be to you the factor of major importance. Your spiritual focus will remainDiscipleship2, 733:draw upon its source of love and light if your major concentration and preoccupation is theDiscipleship2, 739:the astral sensitivity which is one of your major assets in helpful service, but which under theDiscipleship2, 745:the center in the medulla oblongata - the alta major center. Then, at the exact moment of thisDiscipleship2, 749:to take your full share and to concentrate your major effort upon the work of the senior students.Discipleship2, 755:God, your soul and Me. Then work and love. Your major life theme in this coming year is: SearchDiscipleship2, 755:the essential quality which he grasps, and the major need which emerges. [756] What, my brother,Discipleship2, 756:radiate from your life and thus constitute your major working asset. What is your predominant needDiscipleship2, 758:must be increased and this deliberately. Your major need (and this you know) is freedom, isDiscipleship2, 758:was a dominant one. They still should be the major subject of all your meditation work. I wouldEducation, 4:- Introductory Statements V. Education has three major objectives, from the angle of humanEducation, 4:of his own mental nature, and herein lies the major emphasis of the instructions which I am nowEducation, 14:apparatus with its varied reactions, and his major interests. This enquiry sets up a subjectiveEducation, 19:right direction of the will should be one of the major concerns of all true educators. TheEducation, 20:becomes group interest. Such should be the major objective of all true educational endeavor. LoveEducation, 21:three aspects, in the same way that the three major rays are enhanced and aided by the work of theEducation, 24:human beings. If it is true that there are seven major types of energy qualifying all forms, andEducation, 25:this evocation of the mind element. One of the major functions of those who train the infant mindsEducation, 32:creator on the physical plane. From these major lines of energy lesser lines can radiate at will.Education, 36:and utilization through the medium of the major nerve plexi to be found in the human body, andEducation, 38:the child to regard the material values as of major importance, to believe that his particularEducation, 38:to believe that his particular nation is also of major importance and that every other nation isEducation, 39:the objective of all education. Education is the major agent in the world. Civilization is theEducation, 41:of material effect, is it any wonder that the major consideration of our modern civilization liesEducation, One of:of the Hierarchy of Love. [One of the three major centers through which Deity manifests: Shamballa,Education, 47:and happier as well as of a safer world. Two major ideas should be taught to the children of everyEducation, 52:become "fully enlightened." Enlightenment is the major goal of education. It is precisely in thisEducation, 53:"age of love." Both ages embody and express two major divine principles. Thus the new education hasEducation, 56:and religion have gone hand in hand. One of the major contributions of the present age to theEducation, 57:the churches in the future? And what will be the major objective of the coming new religion?Education, 70:the individual and in the race; and when the two major rays and the three minor rays (which meet inEducation, 73:will endeavor to meet the need of the three major types of children: The Atlantean, or basicallyEducation, 74:of individual attainment? Is not competition a major spur to all endeavor? This has hitherto beenEducation, 78:world of which he is a part, we shall see the major lines of difficulty, the basic character trends
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