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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Externalisation, 634:Externalization In this decade of my work, two major activities were inaugurated: the creation ofExternalisation, 634:Goodwill) and these are just on the verge of a major creative activity. They constitute an effortExternalisation, 635:particularly what I sought to do (which was a major hierarchical [636] enterprise), and yet at theExternalisation, 637:facing another period of frustration and of major world difficulty. Feeling against Russia isExternalisation, 638:justified. That fact, in itself, supplies a major difficulty. Think this out. The good reaction isExternalisation, 639:from the angle of the Hierarchy. Fear is the major factor producing this treaty, but it has in itExternalisation, 646:ray or power of divinity. At this time, its major expression will come through the relationshipsExternalisation, 649:is the selfish impulse, and there lies the major point of attack by the Forces of Light. Externalisation, 654:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization One major technique employed by the Hierarchy is aExternalisation, 654:within the individual. They work with seven major types of energy; five of these are now in fullExternalisation, 656:energy, emanating from and directed by the seven major Ashrams, under the direction of the ChristExternalisation, 657:family. It is therefore in this field that the major hierarchical endeavor will - during the nextExternalisation, 657:necessarily produces conflict, and its first major conflict is now impending. I have dealt withExternalisation, 658:of His skill in action; its use constitutes the major test or task which faces Him when HeExternalisation, 660:of the Christ. That reappearance is the major preoccupation of the Master K.H. and His group ofExternalisation, 665:them towards the goal of right sharing, as a major step towards right human relations. This MasterExternalisation, 665:public knowledge) is a lesser Ashram within the major third ray Ashram, just as my Ashram liesExternalisation, 666:The time has come when the first and major principle governing true esotericism must be grasped asExternalisation, 668:to produce the ordered beauty of the future. The major weapon now being used by the combined ForcesExternalisation, 668:new civilization presented to the people. This major Ashram is therefore confronted with twoExternalisation, 675:star of interlocking energies, symbolic of the major divisions of our modern civilization. I wouldExternalisation, 676:a Master will eventually be found, organizing a major energy center; at the same time His AshramExternalisation, 677:these five Ashrams, and representing the three major rays and two minor rays. To start with, theyExternalisation, 677:perception and - whilst grasping certain major concepts such as world unity or hierarchicalExternalisation, 680:or a group inclination towards the Christ, the major and most important factor in theExternalisation, 694:intuitive perception. For example, this is the major limitation of Z...He is a sound abstractExternalisation, 700:externalized Ashrams will be active along four major lines: Creating and vitalizing the new worldFire, vi:inherent evidence that it will stand as the major and most far-reaching portion of the thirty-yearFire, 5:through seven centers of force, - three major centers and four minor. These seven centers of logoicFire, 5:Active Intelligence - 3rd Aspect (These are the major Rays.) Ray IV - Ray of Harmony, Beauty andFire, 27:buddhas of will at the final turn of the third major wheel will flash into being. The end will thenFire, 69:who has taken more Initiations than the five major Initiations which make man a "Master of theFire, 71:Logos, or the Macrocosm, manifests through three major rays and four minor rays. The Monad orFire, 81:with an exquisite adjustment of its parts in all major details, is only the physical expression ofFire, 83:hold closely in mind the fact that the seven major planes of our solar system are the sevenFire, 86:withdraw within Himself, abstracting His three major principles. 37 His body of manifestation - theFire, 114:eventually into a fifth ray, the third major ray of active intelligence, or adaptability. The namesFire, 114:The names of the rays are as follows: The three major rays: The Ray of Will or Power. The Ray ofFire, 116:These seven differentiations are the seven major planes of our solar system. For purposes ofFire, 118:physical Physical plane Dense physical These major seven planes of our solar system being but theFire, 119:ray may be) on to the monadic ray; these three major rays are organized on the three higherFire, 119:egoic. The four lesser rays blend with the third major ray of active intelligence on the mentalFire, 124:whirling centers of living fire. The three major head centers (the sequence varying according toFire, 135:In the head: The triangle of the three major centers, The pineal gland, The pituitary body, TheFire, 135:The pineal gland, The pituitary body, The alta major center. In the body: The triangle of prana,Fire, 135:the bottom of the spinal column. and c. The two major sex organs in the male and female. 62 [136]Fire, 136:somewhat this rather abstruse subject. The three major head centers (from the physical standpoint)Fire, 137:of mind through a junction effected at the alta major center. This center is situated at the baseFire, 143:the solar ring-pass-not, and in their seven major differentiations they are the [144] spheres ofFire, 144:All lesser spheres ranging downward from these major spheres, include all grades of manifestationFire, 167:XII, 29.) Three of these centers are called major centers, as they embody the three aspects of theFire, 168:top of the head. A center consisting of twelve major petals of white and gold, and nine hundred andFire, 168:centers are likewise divided into the three major and the four minor centers, with their union andFire, 169:three physical centers, called [169] The alta major center, The pineal gland, The pituitary body,Fire, 169:blended in that center which we call the alta major center and need not concern us. I would hereFire, 169:there is a close connection: Between the alta major center and the throat center. Between the heartFire, 176:proceeds to one of the subrays of the two other major Rays, if the third is not his egoic Ray.Fire, 176:the egoic ray is necessarily one of the three major rays, and in Initiates and Masters are not toFire, 176:on their monadic ray, on one of the three major rays, and the fact that Masters and Initiates areFire, 176:is due to the following two factors: First. Each major ray has its subrays, which correspond to allFire, 177:- manasic. This literally means that the three major rays can each be subdivided (in connectionFire, 181:esoteric Kumaras corresponding to the three major head centers. 75, 76. The second hint I seek toFire, 191:of nature which entirely escape him, while the major group sounds are not differentiated at all. AsFire, 196:forward with renewed impetus. These three major senses (if I might so describe them) are veryFire, 198:Initiations spoken of in this Treatise are the major Initiations which bring about those expansionsFire, 210:system altogether. We need to remember that this major Rod is the one used on this planet, but thatFire, 236:four are blended, we are told, into the third major ray, and the three major rays are finallyFire, 236:told, into the third major ray, and the three major rays are finally merged into the one syntheticFire, 236:whole, and the one thus produced blends with the major third ray, the intelligence aspect, - theFire, 246:atom, we are told, contains within itself three major spirals and seven lesser 2 which ten are inFire, 248:contact. A man contains within himself three major principles, - will, love-wisdom, activeFire, 252:d. A Heavenly Man contains within Himself three major principles - will, love-wisdom, intelligence,Fire, 252:body he is a unit. He has also the other two major principles (as has the Heavenly Man), and theirFire, 253:as the vibration setting the measure of the major three spirillae and the minor seven. Only fourFire, 256:the animating centers of His body) the seven major groups or the seven Heavenly Men, who ray forthFire, 257:solar Logos contains within Himself the three major principles or aspects, and theirFire, 272:in the three worlds. Therefore, the seven major planes of the solar system are in the same relationFire, 292:of the cosmic physical plane (our seven major planes) but necessarily also the cosmic astral plane.Fire, 299:should be remembered, are the home of the three major Rays, of the embodied forms of the threeFire, 306:a man must pass, but holds the key to the three major cycles previously mentioned. Primarily thisFire, 311:in the solar system shows itself in seven major forms, which might be expressed as follows:Fire, 314:matter, will parallel all the processes on the major planes. This is easily to be seen on theFire, 314:in a larger sense it takes place on the three major planes - the atmic, buddhic, and manasic - justFire, 327:as follows, working out the analogy to the major planes: SOLAR PHYSICAL PLANE 1st subplane atomicFire, 337:should be remembered in connection with the major initiations of manas. Nevertheless - as They areFire, 337:I would here suggest a third division of the major planes of the system which will hold much ofFire, 340:creator, and by the time he has taken the four major initiations he has: Developed perfectly theFire, 348:initiations of a solar Logos, and of the three major planetary Logoi. Systemic, used by a solarFire, 348:and for the third, the fourth, and fifth major initiations, with the two higher. Hierarchical, usedFire, 353:buddhic and the will principle, working in three major schemes, by means of seven centers of force,Fire, 353:of our system works similarly through three major systems (of which ours is not one), utilizingFire, 354:our solar system is one? Must we look for the major three within the seven, or extraneously? WhatFire, 360:glory, vibrate with adjusted accuracy, and a major cosmic initiation be taken. Fire, 361:by the Mahachohan. He is the Lord of the third major Ray or Aspect, and synthesizes the four. TheseFire, 364:that nine is the number of Initiation, or of the major Initiations of Manas, wherein man becomes aFire, 367:fresh impulses to manifest. We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as thoseFire, 370:which embody manas purely and simply, or is the major resolution of the minor four, and eventuallyFire, 371:the two final periods Of synthesis into the major three schemes. Of resolution into the final one;Fire, 372:logoic head center, the higher triangle or the major three schemes. To illustrate by means of aFire, 374:of a planetary Logos during some particular major incarnation, or the pouring through the seven
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