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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Fire, 374:Human Factor It should be stated here that: A major incarnation is one in which a planetary LogosFire, 374:Logos of our scheme, Sanat Kumara, will take a major initiation in the middle of the fifth round,Fire, 387:and to set about His preparations for a major initiation. Next, it should also be remembered thatFire, 387:scheme it was signalized by the taking of a major initiation by the Venusian planetary Logos on HisFire, 387:each, and in Themselves embody the three major centers of the planetary Logos, those three groupsFire, 391:is not Saturn, but one of the other two higher major centers. The "Judgment Day" in the fifthFire, 398:blended, we shall have achieved the nine of a major initiation, and when the six is added we shallFire, 405:and is, therefore, during evolution and for the major portion of the process, limited by it. InFire, 424:Logos, is ever present with us, and is the major influence or vibration on the planet. Certain ofFire, 432:atoms. It is the plane of testing, of the major initiations of the Threshold; it is theFire, 464:adepts and chohans, and brings their three major spirillae to the necessitated vibration. This workFire, 502:blending of the four minor rays into the third major. [503] The transmutation which results inFire, 510:to synthesize and merge the seven into the major three subrays, returning thus to unity on his ownFire, 523:These vibrations of consciousness are the major three words which are the sumtotal of egoic life,Fire, 531:The spirillae are literally ten in number, three major and seven minor. But from the unity point ofFire, 531:unity point of view, they are the four and the major three, the remaining lesser three beingFire, 531:lesser three being counted as one with their major, inasmuch as they are direct reflections. TheFire, 532:higher three contain but three spirillae - the major three. It should be noted that there are butFire, 533:atom - the physical. A solar Logos. The three major Rays, or Lords of Aspect. The seven HeavenlyFire, 537:obscuration, and transmit their energy to the major three schemes. The three main centers in theFire, 538:(which is practically consummated at the three major Initiations) the inner three are revealed.Fire, 546:affect, through [546] their vitality, the three major spirillae in the physical permanent atom. AsFire, 567:from the standpoint of humanity, they appear as major ones. a. Three Cosmic Laws The first of theFire, 569:b. Seven Systemic Laws Subsidiary to the three major laws, we find the seven laws of our solarFire, 570:solar system. As we have been told, our seven major vibrations are the vibrations of the lowestFire, 574:completed, it forms one of the notes in the major cosmic chord. Each note has six subtones, which,Fire, 574:comprises eighteen lesser vibrations and three major, making the twenty-one of our three systems.Fire, 588:the lower three, and all four then pass into the major or upper three. This is worthy of ourFire, 590:Heavenly Man; it is the perfecting of the two major centers, creative activity and love, of theFire, 599:intricacies. The reason the fourth is a major round is because in this round two things happened -Fire, 599:- again a dual reason. The fifth round is a major round because it marks a point in evolution whereFire, 599:differentiated into two groups; the seventh is a major round because it will mark the merging ofFire, 599:the two evolutions, the human and the deva. The major root races are chosen under the Law ofFire, 599:of the third system of Will or Power. The three major Rays, being dual, are their own sufficientFire, 599:the Manu, and the Mahachohan. The three major planes demonstrate easily their unique position - onFire, 600:illustrate: we have been told that the three major Rays at this time are the first, the second, andFire, 600:second, and the seventh. But later, the Rays now major may become subsidiary, and others take theirFire, 600:Ray, being the synthetic Ray, will always be a major Ray. Perhaps we can here get a hint on thisFire, 600:to too fine a conclusion. For this system the major Rays will always be the dual Rays - theFire, 600:Rays - this being the dual system. The major Rays for system three will be those in tripleFire, 600:subject to change and circulation: 7 Rays - Major 1-2-7 - Four subsidiary converging on the fifth.Fire, 600:converging on the fifth. 7 Principles - 3 Major - Monad, Ego and Personality, synthesizing atFire, 600:various stages the four subsidiary. 7 Chains - Major 1-4-7 7 Planes - Major 2-5-7 7 Manvantaras -Fire, 600:subsidiary. 7 Chains - Major 1-4-7 7 Planes - Major 2-5-7 7 Manvantaras - Major 3-4-7 7 Rounds -Fire, 600:1-4-7 7 Planes - Major 2-5-7 7 Manvantaras - Major 3-4-7 7 Rounds - Major 4-5-7 7 Root races -Fire, 600:2-5-7 7 Manvantaras - Major 3-4-7 7 Rounds - Major 4-5-7 7 Root races - Major 3-5-7 7 Sub races -Fire, 600:3-4-7 7 Rounds - Major 4-5-7 7 Root races - Major 3-5-7 7 Sub races - Major 1-5-6 7 Initiations -Fire, 600:4-5-7 7 Root races - Major 3-5-7 7 Sub races - Major 1-5-6 7 Initiations - Major 1-4-5 - if viewedFire, 600:3-5-7 7 Sub races - Major 1-5-6 7 Initiations - Major 1-4-5 - if viewed from the angle of humanFire, 605:system) - The solar Logos achieves His fifth major Initiation. The 5th chain - Principal evolutionFire, 629:these seven Rays of Light become the nine (the major three, with the third demonstrating as seven)Fire, 648:his dense physical vehicle. Later, as the third major scheme assimilates the life-activity of theFire, 661:one of the Heavenly Men, Who is the Lord of a major Ray. The other two are linked up with the LordsFire, 666:planes we have the three aspects of [666] the major three manifesting through the fourth; we haveFire, 688:meaning will not be revealed until the third major Initiation, nor fully comprehended until theFire, 696:body. But it must ever be remembered that the major initiations are taken in the causal body or -Fire, 705:avitchi 35 is hidden here, just as the third major scheme can be viewed as systemic avitchi, andFire, 723:by the prototype of the Lord of our third major Ray. Our cosmic center. They represent entities asFire, 727:interaction of the life forces between the three major Rays. Those producing the final systemicFire, 740:one, and all are then synthesized into the third major Ray. The time is not yet, but lies countlessFire, 748:intensity. Greater the chaos becometh; the major center with all the seven circulating spheres rockFire, 767:each under the influence of one or other of the major Rays; these, in their turn, come under theFire, 783:one of the many subsidiary groups of the three major groups. 2. The Inchoate. Condensation has setFire, 788:concern the logoic Triad (or those of the three major Rays or Heavenly Men) dense physicalFire, 793:producing varying effects in time. The three major planetary schemes (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn)Fire, 807:activity which is produced by the three major phases of electrical phenomena, the union whichFire, 818:in its pulsation or radiations produces three major vibrations of great force pursuing a circularFire, 830:the third subray of our planetary Ray. The third major Ray of the solar system blends the minorFire, 845:VI) Lives Goal 1. Planetary Logoi - The major Three. Cosmic liberation; the final cosmicFire, 845:Pitris. The highest three groups will become major planetary Logoi; the lower four groups willFire, 859:centers, we should note the fact that the major head center is twofold in structure, and consistsFire, 861:egoic cycles of the Logos, [861] or His second major egoic cycle, yet it is the fifth when viewedFire, 873:plane, and Theirs the right to direct the three major streams of this type of force in connectionFire, 878:of renunciation. The solar Lords, in their three major groups, are equally ready for the finalFire, 886:pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the alta major center are affected, and man becomesFire, 896:lowest orders of the devas of the ethers. This major triplicity, when in conjunction, produces thatFire, 898:under which the planetary Logos of one of the major three schemes is known upon our planet. CertainFire, 898:type of energy or force, or the sixth ray. The major scheme over which Neptune presides forms aFire, 900:bear in mind the fact that Neptune is one of the major or synthesizing planets, that it is anFire, 906:or the buddhic plane and that they (in their major and minor groups) are the internal macrocosmicFire, 920:in the first instance and from one of the three major constellations in the second instance.Fire, 927:vehicle. The seven centers with their forty-nine major petals are vibrant, and consciousnessFire, 936:works with four types of builders and three major grades of building essence or deva substance. HeFire, 938:This is carried on for seven stages (three major and four minor) which overlap in an intricateFire, 940:to these seven groups of lives what the three major rays are to the seven groups of rays on theFire, 944:pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the alta major center. Occultly, the most importantFire, 960:The pineal gland. The pituitary body. The alta major center, or that nerve center at the top of theFire, 962:is in process of utilization the alta major center is likewise employed, and the three physicalFire, 964:the four minor etheric centers; later the three major centers - the head, the heart, and the throatFire, 964:the effect being felt as follows: As the major head center awakens, the pineal gland begins toFire, 965:place in the process of evolution, the alta major center vibrates adequately. When the triangle ofFire, 965:then becomes a "wheel turning upon itself." The major etheric centers are in full action, and theFire, 966:and build in deva substance. When the alta major center, the synthesis of what might be calledFire, 966:The Pituitary Body. The Pineal Gland. The alta major center. The opened or third eye does notFire, 987:of the evolutionary processes of the preceding major solar system. He works from the throat centerFire, 1009:with the evolution of the senses. The three major senses and the three first to demonstrate inFire, 1010:awakened" man. When this is the case, the alta major center vibrates and then the three physicalFire, 1010:Second, through the coordinated activity of the major head center, the many petalled lotus aboveFire, 1010:of the three aspects within the head of man. Major head center - Will Aspect - Spirit - Father inFire, 1012:of the word, the student awakens response in the major head center, causes reciprocal vibration
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