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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Healing, 187:are responsive in their totality to the three major centers: To the solar plexus center, providingHealing, 187:channel: The medulla oblongata area (the alta major center) and the carotid gland. The ajna centerHealing, 187:to relate all these triplicities to the three major rays: [188] The first ray of will or power, TheHealing, 189:which we call the pairs of opposites or the major dualities, govern [190] the underlying causes ofHealing, 190:the lack of harmony to be found in the three major interlocking, directing systems. [191] You have,Healing, 192:physical and psychological, and all the major and minor difficulties to which humanity seems heir.Healing, 194:the non-health of disciples. Each of the seven major centers governs or conditions - from theHealing, 196:aspects of man's physical equipment - the seven major centers in the etheric body (the substantialHealing, 197:system of nadis, nerves and glands. These three major systems within the human being expressHealing, 199:disease. I am not here referring to the three major indigenous diseases (if I may call them that) -Healing, 203:(which is brought about by a third great major fusion). The material man is then responsive toHealing, 204:the centers, the glands are, par excellence, the major determining factor in connection with theHealing, 205:areas of the body, governed by the [205] seven major centers and their affiliated glands, theHealing, 207:of the ductless glands. We have seen that two major predisposing causes of physical trouble,Healing, 209:responsive, via the seven centers, to the seven major energies or the seven ray forces. In no humanHealing, 210:conveys to the centers the energy of the three major types of spiritual being of which the threeHealing, 210:projected down the spinal column, via the alta major center, which conditions the carotid gland. AsHealing, 215:five rays with which a disciple has to work (two major conditioning rays and three subsidiary rays)Healing, 217:The wear and tear of the emotional life (the major predisposing factor in ill health) floods theHealing, 218:becomes the clearing house for all the centers (major and minor) below the diaphragm. The stageHealing, 219:in the next century will be built around certain major premises: Preventive medicine will be theHealing, 219:regarded, above everything else, as a factor of major importance; the mind will be seen as theHealing, 220:inner and more subtle causes of disease to the major physical conditioning factor, the ductlessHealing, 222:form - so strikingly significant of the next major root-race, the sixth. Intermarriage betweenHealing, 223:fostered. To this must also be added, as a major adjunct of war, the will of Nature itself workingHealing, 225:and involves also the animals; it is one of the major causes of all that can be considered underHealing, 228:next race, the emotional was fostered and the major object of attention, and in our race, it is theHealing, 231:and coveted) could be appropriated. Just as the major sins of Lemurian times (if they could beHealing, 231:the race) were through the misuse of sex, so the major sin of the Atlantean people was theft -Healing, 238:body which the mind can bring about. It is a major disease incident to stimulation, as far as theHealing, 241:that these factors are responsible for the major diseases and the many subsidiary diseases andHealing, 242:come. It is only the necessity of indicating the major sources of diseases and not overlookingHealing, 243:this time) upon the physical body which is the major cause of death where the purely animal formHealing, 247:and conditioning factors. There are three major stages in the life cycle of all subhuman forms, andHealing, 248:from Group Life We have arrived now at another major generalization as to disease and death inHealing, 248:this cycle is determined in the case of man by major psychological factors which can hasten orHealing, 250:classes in every country, that diabetes is a major trouble among the rice-eating peoples of theHealing, 250:out that: The soil of the planet itself is a major cause of disease and of contamination. ForHealing, 270:the Law of Cause and Effect is accepted as a major conditioning factor in the human consciousness,Healing, 273:removed, as the result of operative measures, major or minor. New channels or lines of force,Healing, 274:field of the new medicine and indicates the new major field of research. That the main causes ofHealing, 275:of the individual, are in the last analysis the major conditioning forces. They indicate the pointHealing, 275:conditioning the physical body will be of two major [276] types: the ray energy of the soul and theHealing, 278:the physical mechanism, is today to be found a major world problem - the problem of theHealing, 295:the development of harmlessness. It is the major agent for the offsetting of karma. Healing, 309:be a causative factor. If I am right in my major premises (and this the new and coming science willHealing, 310:life interests or malpractice. Bring these two major determining factors together and - under theHealing, 322:then disease, as we know it, will fall into two major categories: Those which produce purificationHealing, 328:is, for instance, predominantly astral, then the major expression of energy in his equipment willHealing, 330:of the etheric or vital body (with its major and minor centers and its network of nadis) to theHealing, 331:physical body, using the blood stream as its major agency and channel of contact and communicationHealing, 332:body. This instrument is composed of: Seven major centers of force and forty-nine minor centers.Healing, 332:of force and forty-nine minor centers. The major centers are found in the head and up the spinalHealing, 332:connects all the centers into two systems - one major and one minor - and radiates out from theseHealing, 340:in insanity and imbalance today is due to three major causes: The transitional period of todayHealing, 342:you, but which the future will substantiate. The major diseases called mental, seldom have anythingHealing, 342:and its phases, as it constitutes one of the major mysteries to be revealed at the thirdHealing, 370:A few radiate the magnetism of the soul, the major attractive energy in all forms. In the futureHealing, 372:be your guide and one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has itsHealing, 381:simplification, will before long bring about major changes in the approach to disease.. These willHealing, 382:of those two planetary centers will bring about major changes and unfoldments, and this not only inHealing, 383:to a definite misuse of the energy of the three major rays. It might be stated that: The syphiliticHealing, 389:process. If I were asked to say what is the major task of all healing groups, such as the HierarchyHealing, 389:with this basic condition of all living, and a major part of their work will be the elucidating ofHealing, 400:be a truth. Out of the welter of theories, three major solutions have been proposed; these are wellHealing, 402:and acknowledged than ever before. Such are the major solutions of the problems of immortality andHealing, 406:There are, speaking in the larger sense, three major death episodes. There is, first of all, theHealing, 407:Healing We shall therefore consider the three major processes to which I earlier referred; theseHealing, 410:also my hope that students will do something of major importance to aid in bringing forth the lightHealing, 426:The implication of the above words is clear. Two major thoughts will serve to clarify the issue ofHealing, 428:the soul's set term of physical enterprise. Two major streams of energy enter the physical body andHealing, 433:its varied parts to each other. It is the major coordinating principle within all forms, for it isHealing, 436:in what has hitherto been a terror and a major fear. [437] Later I shall endeavor to give you someHealing, 449:Death of the form takes place. Quality, the major divine attribute being developed in this planet,Healing, 451:Earth. The two go together. This is one of the major points which I am seeking to make. TheHealing, 461:true of the many minor centers as well as of the major centers, with which we are so familiar. TheHealing, 465:of its own, expressed through the seven [465] major centers which react under astral, mental andHealing, 465:these minor centers, with only a very few of the major centers dimly indicated in the case ofHealing, 465:are responsive to energies reaching them via the major centers; these then come under the controlHealing, 466:is regarded by some schools of occultism as a major center; it is not in the spine, but is no greatHealing, 469:areas of its ring-pass-not, thus creating seven major centers which will control its expression andHealing, 470:light; these, in their turn, are absorbed by the major seven centers of energy. Then the "Word ofHealing, 471:repels the form-making aspect of desire and is a major expression of divinity with which the astralHealing, 482:troubles; modern medicine, therefore, faces its major opportunity. A combination of true medicalHealing, 487:prisoner" the many people who die whilst their major reaction to life is that of desire, of wishfulHealing, 491:man isolates those three which were the three major conditioning factors in the life which has goneHealing, 506:body. Has it, however, occurred to you that the major aspect of death with which a human being isHealing, 508:mind, the emotional nature and the brain is the major characteristic of all advanced human beings -Healing, 515:the third initiation is regarded as the first major initiation, since the two previous initiationsHealing, 538:form life, of the physical vehicle, is not of major importance. The healer in the New Age does notHealing, 538:it, as it is a basic statement, indicating the major underlying theory upon which the healer willHealing, 540:of all, that the etheric body is the factor of major importance and the main vehicle with which heHealing, 545:not alone. A right handling of ill health is a major factor in breaking down separateness and aHealing, 545:beings are inclined towards goodwill (the second major expression of soul contact and influence inHealing, 548:energies focused through numerous centers, both major and minor. The seven major centers,Healing, 548:centers, both major and minor. The seven major centers, controlling definite areas of the body viaHealing, 548:man concern life and consciousness, or the two major aspects of the soul when in manifestation uponHealing, 551:When the personality polarization is known, two major facts emerge: the point of approach will beHealing, 555:stream of energy results in cure." One of the major difficulties with which the healer is faced,Healing, 558:must master; what [558] I said, therefore, is of major importance. Each point made by me could form
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