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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Magic, 306:This is but a brief summation of the major fears which afflict humanity and serves only to open upMagic, 311:value here if we were very briefly to list the major energies which impress the human organism andMagic, 362:just as the four minor rays pass into the three major rays, so the four minor centers carry on theMagic, 362:throat - carrying the inner fire, with the three major head centers vibrating in unison also. IMagic, 384:initiation. By them he is swept into certain major activities and life tendencies, according to hisMagic, 391:effort, entailed in the taking of the first major Initiation. They will begin to pass from theMagic, 406:reality. These groups fall generally into four major divisions; cultural, political, religious, andMagic, 431:brief consideration of two types of energy of a major kind, which are, in themselves, composed andMagic, 432:Each is the embodiment of energy, and these two major streams which produce the form and theMagic, 438:plexus and the spleen. The inner group of seven major or systemic energies produce their effectMagic, 464:thing as pure cause, but only the working out of major effects. Just as for us such a reality asMagic, 465:and matter is now so potent that one of the major experiences that a soul undergoes is theMagic, 519:All can be given the information concerning the major interludes of soul-mind and mind-brain. OnlyMagic, 521:point" in his work of using the interludes, both major and minor, we come now to the considerationMagic, 521:These prisoners of the planet fall into two major groups, which embody necessarily certainMagic, 554:of the mental plane, and on again to the seven major thinkers of the universe, the Lords of theMagic, 588:ever that the endocrine system and the seven major glands, in particular, are the effectualMagic, 588:are the effectual externalizations of the seven major centers. In this stage, the aspirant isMagic, 601:these instructions, and gather out of them the major points; then they can proceed to fill in theMagic, 626:might be valuable here to point out that all the major instincts have their roots in that peculiarMeditation, 2:Initiation is taken), then the third, or alta major center, intensifies its hitherto gentleMeditation, 3:each subplane has its correlations on the major planes. When, therefore, you have built into yourMeditation, 4:you will have the basic note of matter, the major third of the aligned Personality, the dominantMeditation, 4:intervening notes, and sometimes our lives are major and sometimes minor, but always they tend toMeditation, 11:and the attuning of the Personality, or the major third, to the dominant fifth of the Ego. 4. ItMeditation, 52:and then what will you have? You will have the major third of the Logoic Personality in itsMeditation, 52:in its completeness, a correspondence to the major third of the microcosm, - one note for eachMeditation, 56:just as the third Breath corresponds to the major third. It is the note of the Logos. Each breathMeditation, 64:stage of development are: The basic note. The major third. The dominant or fifth. The ultimateMeditation, 64:between the sixth plane of the emotions and the major third. From some angles in this connectionMeditation, 73:The solar plexus. The heart center. The three major centers for the man nearing the ProbationaryMeditation, 74:more centered in the throat. [74] The three major centers for the man on the Path itself in itsMeditation, 74:out that in the head are seven centers (three major and four minor) and that these centers directlyMeditation, 78:purple. The top of the head. There are twelve major petals of white and gold, and 960 secondaryMeditation, 86:man is the man who is linking up the two major centers, - the head and the heart, - into oneMeditation, 95:- a point within the head, one of the three major head centers, becomes the center ofMeditation, 193:in mental matter by means of one or other of the major centers. The effects achieved by a group ofMeditation, 193:levels, and to employ simultaneously one of the major centers (either entirely the head center orMeditation, 193:entirely the head center or one of the other major centers in connection with its correspondingMeditation, 198:above. This causes a vivification of the three major centers and a definite illumination. When anMeditation, 205:great cosmic Word for this solar system, three major streams of color issued forth, breaking almostMeditation, 212:upon the back of the serpent of wisdom. Three major lines of color should be portrayed as formingMeditation, 213:expression on the second monadic plane, and its major manifestation in the monads of love.Meditation, 213:Indigo-green... The third subray, the third major Ray of Activity or Adaptability. It is the basicMeditation, 219:in accurate geometrical form between the three major centers: All the seven rays interact betweenMeditation, 224:ray, the seventh ray being one of the three major rays in this round; it wields power in ratio toMeditation, 238:love or wisdom, - and then split into three major colors and thence into the four minor, making theMeditation, 240:to do in meditation. To discover his three major colors as manifested in the Personality, the Ego,Meditation, 241:so [241] refining his vehicles that the three major colors - of which he is the expression - shineMeditation, 243:in fourth dimensional order? Which center is the major one in any particular case? What is theMeditation, 245:and consciousness. This latter method, and the major part of these types of trouble, lie far aheadMeditation, 305:the four schools being like the [305] various major departments of the foundations - likeMeditation, 307:very definitely a school where preparation for a major initiation may be taken, and will be underPatanjali, 53:three planetary spirits who represent the three major aspects, [54] These are again disciples ofPatanjali, 69:With the development of this vision the alta major center becomes active, and the thousand-petalledPatanjali, 87:initiations of the threshold, for there is no major initiation for any son of God who has notPatanjali, 155:our manifested universe. First we have the major three aspects of thought-substance: 1. SattvicPatanjali, 173:- to put it more technically - there are seven major modifications of the thinking principle. ThesePatanjali, 200:the organs of generation and the [200] third major center, the throat center. This is apparentPatanjali, 305:the unfolding of the head and heart. The three major centers are so powerful in the most unevolvedPatanjali, 306:the diaphragm as with those connected with the major centers, situated above the diaphragm. In thePatanjali, 306:principle. In man in Atlantean days the three major centers for that race were: The Head - FatherPatanjali, 309:of dense substance to their vibration. The Three Major Centers Head center - brain, pineal glandPatanjali, 312:to what is considered the lowest of the three major [313] centers, and the one which represents thePatanjali, 412:analogy may help here. The eye is one of our major senses, that whereby we acquire knowledge, aProblems, 5:time and thought to the consideration of the major world problems with which we are now faced. SomeProblems, 6:but those dealt with in this book cover the major ones with which humanity is at this timeProblems, 7:flow and to stop this interference. This is the major problem facing spiritual people at this time.Problems, 8:of all their peoples today. It is here that our major difficulty lies and it is one which will notProblems, 9:that it is necessary to indicate certain major lines of danger and certain national aptitudes whichProblems, 9:problems of the individual nations. Major world problems, such as the relation between nations andProblems, 16:that her ancient task of representing the major, civilizing influence in old Europe be remembered,Problems, 18:Goethe and the Germany of the philosophers. The major fault of the German people is an extremeProblems, 18:to all other peoples on equal terms. The major trouble facing the United Nations will be to findProblems, 20:of entirely independent nations. The major psychological problem before the British people is toProblems, 37:the child to regard the material values as of major importance, to believe that his particularProblems, 37:to believe that his particular nation is also of major importance and that every other nation isProblems, 42:of prejudice and racial bias. There are two major linking relationships which should be cultivatedProblems, 45:and happier as well as of a safer world. Two major ideas should immediately be taught to [46] theProblems, 47:of individual attainment? Is not competition a major spur to all endeavor? This has hitherto beenProblems, 60:is today a crying need and would provide a major asset in preserving world peace. Steps towardsProblems, 61:something to the good of the whole, that the major requirement is an attitude of goodwill and aProblems, 61:academic knowledge, he will realize that his major task is to evoke out of his class of students aProblems, 63:Right Human Relations, and thus respond to the major objective of the coming educational systems.Problems, 66:energy may make in future civilized living. Two major problems will grow out of this discovery -Problems, 70:To bring about these happier conditions, one major adjustment must be made and one fundamentalProblems, 71:world lies predominantly at the door of certain major interrelated groups of business men, bankers,Problems, 71:of man power, the manipulation of the major planetary resources and the promotion of war forProblems, 78:nothing today can stop their progress. The major asset which labor has over capital is that it isProblems, 82:is doomed. The problem of labor will then be the major problem of unemployment - a dreaded wordProblems, 83:of the world but also to train humanity in the major undertaking of right human relations and inProblems, 88:its many far-reaching effects) falls into two major categories; these are so closely related thatProblems, 89:process and of future purpose. It is a major and most critical problem in every part of the worldProblems, 93:justice and fairness in any one case would upset major material interests, infringe the so-calledProblems, 99:The Problem of the Racial Minorities Perhaps the major factor which has made the Jew separative andProblems, 100:in physical purity and their well-being is of major importance to Jehovah; they have a messianicProblems, 107:religious and mystically inclined, and the major tenets of the Christian faith have a definiteProblems, 118:and in bringing about right human relations. The major need is an immediate campaign, carriedProblems, 125:light. Who is to give it to them? There are two major factors which are responsible for the failureProblems, 133:spiritual Hierarchy is to them the factor of major importance and not the increase of church
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