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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Problems, 146:reference to religion, as was hitherto its major significance, but that it connotes divine activityProblems, 149:in the Bibles of the world) there was a first major Approach when God took notice of man and [150]Problems, 151:Approaches of the divine to the human - two major Approaches and two lesser Approaches. TheseProblems, 167:When there is freedom from want, one of the major causes of war will disappear. Where there isProblems, 168:of the United Nations. Though there is no major war, there is no peace, no security and noProblems, 177:every land and the doing of this constitutes a major spiritual duty. This will take much time butPsychology1, 6:These streams of energy differentiate into a major three yet remain one stream. This is an occultPsychology1, 7:which are the medium through which the three major groups express the divine qualities. Forty-ninePsychology1, 13:of energy found on one or other of the three major rays) can be roughly divided into three parts,Psychology1, 34:expressed thus: o The One Life. Unity. o o o The Major three Rays (Making seven). [3+4] o o o o ThePsychology1, 44:produced the first differentiation into the major rays, and their mutual interplay produced thePsychology1, 46:satisfying the desire of spirit. Thus in the two major rays of Will and Love we have the two mainPsychology1, 48:The result of the interplay of these three major rays can be seen in the activity of the four minorPsychology1, 48:and the creative Intelligence aspects of the two major rays. These three are the sum total of allPsychology1, 49:world of causes, which is the world of the three major rays. The ray of beauty, of art and harmonyPsychology1, 59:to the seven centers of force, and to the seven major glands which determine the quality of thePsychology1, 62:planets have come into being. These are their major expressions. The Sun (Veiling Vulcan) JupiterPsychology1, 70:man are one. Quality - balance. Thus the three major rays sum up in themselves the process ofPsychology1, 74:way for the manifestation of these other four major Disciples, Who are primarily Builders; TheyPsychology1, 76:the fifth plane of mind is the sphere of His major activity and it is on this plane that we findPsychology1, 101:and obliteration of earlier types is due to a major factor among many. The quality of the lightPsychology1, 127:them all, that of indigo. There are the three major rays - red, blue and yellow - and the fourPsychology1, 127:and irreducible. They are the colors of the major rays. Will or Power - Red Love-Wisdom - BluePsychology1, 128:such an inappropriate word) on one of the three major rays, though until that time it may be foundPsychology1, 155:add to these 19 expressions of the Life the 3 major aspects of Deity, which we call the life of GodPsychology1, 158:two groups: Group I - Rays of Aspect, the three major rays. Group II - Rays of Attribute, the fourPsychology1, 171:all engrossed with activities along the seven major lines of force - their place in the schemePsychology1, 179:and I should like briefly to refer to the three major areas which - when cleared up - willPsychology1, 190:the same time, still another ray may govern the major cycle, - a cycle of which the ray underPsychology1, 190:Devotion is going out; yet this sixth ray is a major ray cycle and its influence will not entirelyPsychology1, 191:Seven Creative Builders, the Seven Rays 3. Three Major Propositions We have been studying thePsychology1, 191:the phenomenal appearance, and this is the third major proposition of which the two previous are:Psychology1, 192:to grasp and to discuss. Thus one of the major propositions which govern the building forces of thePsychology1, 216:the rest. The following tabulation will give the major effect of the seven rays and the result ofPsychology1, 217:blending; they are also the three rays along a major line of forces, 2-4-6. When we come to a morePsychology1, 227:So the mineral kingdom came into being as this major expression. It holds in [228] solution all thePsychology1, 238:three basic logoic influences, three major breaths, or three ray vibrations account for thisPsychology1, 240:of life which were ready for the initiation. The major agency in the development of this kingdomPsychology1, 240:which informs that world, are passing through a major initiation. This was made possible by thePsychology1, 240:Initiator. This ray cyclically alters. In the major initiations at this time, for instance, inPsychology1, 244:Love-Wisdom is seen, symbolically, in one of its major consummations. Attractiveness, in the sensePsychology1, 246:upon our planetary life, but these are the [246] major influences bringing about the desiredPsychology1, 249:Let me reiterate: The two factors which are of major importance, during manifestation, are thePsychology1, 254:divine aspects, two divine principles, and two major rays are concerned with their expression orPsychology1, 257:functioning simultaneously, and wherein their major and their lesser cycles coincided. This is aPsychology1, 257:of the race seize the opportunity to produce major results or to inaugurate new moves whereby thePsychology1, 258:stream of divine expression, with another major ray manifestation. This union of various activitiesPsychology1, See pa:of the word "ray" without indicating whether a major ray, one of the seven subrays of a major rayPsychology1, See pa:a major ray, one of the seven subrays of a major ray or a complementary ray is implied. - ThePsychology1, 263:reader must bear in mind, as he studies these major ray cycles, that they cover inconceivably longPsychology1, 265:in which the second Ray of Love-Wisdom is the major ray, and all the others are but subsidiary toPsychology1, 265:a period of racial evolution, such as the five major racial periods to which we have referred. ThePsychology1, 269:wrong attitude to the sex function lie two major evils, or rather two major effects of man'sPsychology1, 269:sex function lie two major evils, or rather two major effects of man's actions, mental andPsychology1, 279:of the world's history wherein three events of major importance are taking place, mostly unrealizedPsychology1, 316:to the races as follows: Ray Full Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will. 1st ray souls. In the 7thPsychology1, 317:Remember that this tabulation refers to the major ray cycles, and remember further that in everyPsychology1, 318:a cell, and the seven races constitute the seven major centers, with the polarization shifting everPsychology1, 320:of initiating the human evolution in this major cycle. Our objective is the harmonizing of thePsychology1, 321:fifth rays hold paramount place, and govern the major cycles of the individual. He is controlledPsychology1, 321:but he comes also under the influence of the major and minor cycles in the ray life of humanity asPsychology1, 332:can know nothing until he has passed through the major initiations. When we come later to study thePsychology1, 334:from the angle of humanity, they constitute the major ray, the one ray. This major ray determinesPsychology1, 334:they constitute the major ray, the one ray. This major ray determines both His quality and HisPsychology1, 335:a hidden planet) - 2nd ray. I deal here with the major ray cycles and not with the minor cycles.Psychology1, 335:sacred or not is one of the secrets of a certain major initiation, and I may not further [336]Psychology1, 338:until the Aryan race will merge into the coming major root-race, for which we have as yet no name,Psychology1, 339:state that it is affected potently by the two major influences which beat upon the human kingdom,Psychology1, 340:he finds happiness, and his selection of his major interests and the use to which he decides to putPsychology1, 340:have sought to express the effects of these two major ray influences in terms of mysticism and ofPsychology1, 341:The group is beginning to be recognized as of major importance, and the welfare of the individualPsychology1, 343:choice - these are the two rays or major influences which sweep through humanity as a whole, andPsychology1, 344:Hierarchy. This unification of the three major results of the activity of a great Life might bePsychology1, 345:"In the fourth globe of action and in the major cycle of the fourth expression will this fusion bePsychology1, 347:ray of the fifth Lord will be withdrawn from the major cycle governing humanity, and wisdom andPsychology1, 347:humanity. There is a close interplay in this major cycle, as far as mankind is concerned, betweenPsychology1, 349:This is due to its excessive potency. Being the major ray of our solar system (of which all thePsychology1, 350:the inner guidance) can offset the more obvious major effects. This will give an interesting sidePsychology1, 351:i.e.: The Rays of Aspect - Rays 1. 2. 3. The major rays. The Rays of Attribute - Rays 4. 5. 6. 7.Psychology1, 352:Logos. Symbolically speaking, the three major rays are the expression (during manifestation) of thePsychology1, 352:on mankind. If they will remember that when a major ray is in manifestation, then the divinePsychology1, 353:the sixth root race, in this case. These are the major results. There are many minor ones whichPsychology1, 380:of one world faith in God and in humanity as the major expression of divinity in this world period,Psychology1, 381:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man a. The Major Nations and their Rays All of the greatPsychology1, 384:before long to come into power again in its major aspect, is to be found prominent in the destiniesPsychology1, 387:and rule of life. You will note that of the major nations only Brazil, Great Britain and the UnitedPsychology1, 388:to do more than generalize and to indicate the major lines of progress. The role of the prophet isPsychology1, 390:results. Intuitional relations and the major intellectual cleavages are based on the governing rayPsychology1, 391:so with the macrocosm. Every ray produces three major patterns which are imposed upon the matterPsychology1, 395:to that "breaking away" which characterized the major grouping. Back in later Lemurian times, aPsychology1, 400:their family groups were the ancestors of three major racial groupings, which can be generalized asPsychology1, 401:of its common origin, and when the three great major strains in our modern civilization arePsychology1, 401:our study of the ray of the Ego or Soul, certain major premises might be briefly stated andPsychology1, 402:after the third initiation, blend with the three major rays, or monadic rays. The monadic ray ofPsychology1, 402:seven rays or streams of divine energy. For the major part of our racial and life experience we arePsychology1, 406:the intuition. The Personality ray finds its major field of activity and expression in the physicalPsychology1, 420:planets which are the expression of the three major rays are: [421] Ray I - Uranus. Ray II -Psychology1, 429:Relationship to the Races Ray Full Expression Major Influence Ray I. Will. 1st ray souls. In thePsychology2, 22:and qualify the matter aspect with its three major presentations: The quality of physicalPsychology2, 30:in the use of the words Form and Ego is the major characteristic, and, therefore, many ancient
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