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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Rays, 278:the three words which distinguish this third major injunction (but which symbolically constituteRays, 279:that the initiate who has undergone the first major initiation (the Transfiguration) and the twoRays, 285:the entire planet and has reference to a certain major planetary initiation. With these matters weRays, 291:groups work. The hierarchical life, through its major aspect of Love, was a familiar area ofRays, 294:For instance, humanity believes today that its major need is peace and material comfort and isRays, 294:vaguely for both; the Hierarchy knows that its major need is the recognition of the folly of pastRays, 295:great creative activity involving all Ashrams - major and minor - is now being planned in theRays, 297:in that spiritual perception which is the major gift of the soul to the personality when contact isRays, 298:matter; therefore, the preceding sentence is of major importance. Aspirants are prone to think thatRays, 299:way diminished, for it is constructed around a major principle of evolutionary growth which - whenRays, 300:amazing results. This kingdom, through its major power (a quality of synthesis, could you butRays, 306:type of destruction would be concerned with the major ideologies which down the ages haveRays, 310:Triad. This activity is determined by the major ray upon which the initiate finds himself, from theRays, 310:man is upon one or another of the three major rays, for the minor four rays of attribute are allRays, 311:is related to the soul, expresses the three major aspects of Shamballic energy, which three are allRays, 311:the purpose of Shamballa and is one of the major manifestations of the Love nature of the One inRays, 316:as intelligence. This is, as you know the first major initiation from the angle of the greaterRays, 316:two initiations - oft regarded by humanity as major initiations - are in reality minor initiationsRays, 319:what his degree, except incidentally and because major divine macrocosmic impulses must have lesserRays, 324:free expression of divinity. We dealt with a major condition which has to be faced [325] andRays, 327:the Transfiguration, is only the first major initiation, from the standpoint of the Hierarchy; itRays, 329:science of the Antahkarana The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The relation of the seven Rays toRays, 335:vitalizing into renewed livingness of the seven major Ashrams, thus enabling the entire Ashram ofRays, 340:Initiation 9. Refusal Shamballa Three major rays Systemic Seven Paths Being Existence Rays, 345:in incarnation. This means that the three major rays (which are always [346] predominantly activeRays, 349:are not regarded by the Lodge of Masters as major initiations. Only the third is so regarded,Rays, 353:of Initiation In the Gospel story there are two major episodes in the life of the Master JesusRays, 354:World Savior, the Christ - are implicated; two major happenings [355] are indicated, and theRays, 356:of the Resurrection and the Ascension and their major significance, referring to the consciousnessRays, 361:unfoldment which the third initiation (the first major initiation) inaugurates, and the other toRays, 364:to the Path of Discipleship or the Path of the major or higher initiations, but to theRays, 365:Humanity, is today on the verge of this major awakening and joint registration of a unity notRays, 367:and related from one or other of these three major centers. The solar plexus is dominated by theRays, 369:of humanity's ultimate success. The three major Executives of the Hierarchy: The Christ,Rays, 370:of this basic unity into the seven major Ashrams and the forty-nine Ashrams which are graduallyRays, 371:as it works out in the activities of His three major centers. One point should here be made: theRays, 372:is likewise a correspondence in the third [372] major center, Humanity. You have, therefore,Rays, 377:from the cosmic astral plane have been the major influence. All this is, of course, an inadequateRays, 378:the reservoir of energy at the heart of each major Ashram, these in their turn being fed from theRays, 379:cycles. The great Ashram is formed of seven major Ashrams and forty-two secondary Ashrams which areRays, 380:of will energy found at the heart of each of the major Ashrams. The seven Ashrams express each theRays, 380:there was no Hierarchy; there were only two major centers in the expression of the life of the LordRays, 382:the work went on until we have today the three major centers in the planet, demonstrating greatRays, 383:disciple, is in process of recovering from a major test, prior to a great step forward towards aRays, 383:center of Sanat Kumara, Humanity. The seven major Ashrams are each responsive to one of seven typesRays, 383:of the seven rays. The central, senior and major Ashram is (at this time) the repository of secondRays, 384:worthy of your consideration. The other six major Ashrams came sequentially into being as theRays, 385:regards the third initiation as the first major initiation; it marked a point of completeRays, 385:are faulty and their inexperience great, and a major attempt is instituted in this particular cycleRays, 387:calls it). Since that time, all the seven major Ashrams have been fully organized and are steadilyRays, 387:levels of the abstract mental plane at each major crisis, until today the Ashrams are to be foundRays, 387:demonstrated, and not the quality of the great major ray of which they were all a part. Today thisRays, 392:and entailing responsiveness to Shamballa - is a major undertaking; it is related to theRays, 399:Who choose the Path [399] of Earth Service. The major ray of our solar system is that ofRays, 401:our solar system which differentiates into seven major types of energy. Our planet with its rulingRays, 405:Logoi which are found within certain of the major planetary schemes, as stated in Initiation, HumanRays, 408:the seven planetary centers, primarily the three major centers. The Masters thus in training gainRays, 414:it becomes apparent to the initiate that two major streams of energy enter our planetary life: ARays, 416:awaiting him "within the sunshine of the major Sun." 7. None of the above facts indicatesRays, 418:with its three degrees is related to the three major groups of Lives on Sirius, for there are thereRays, 420:one, that every Master is on one of the three major rays, and secondly, every Master has to developRays, 428:of tension. This present tension constitutes a major problem for the disciple in training, andRays, 431:to admit: It is powerfully conditioned by three major glands which are found in close relation toRays, 432:it uses the carotid gland controlled by the alta major center, and establishes a close relationRays, 433:plane. You can see for yourselves that this is a major and most necessary indication of aRays, 434:in the occult writings. They are nevertheless of major importance. I am dealing with them hereRays, 436:are infallibly correct. I have here given you a major piece of information. You will see,Rays, 441:regarded as concerning itself primarily with two major aspects of his mental life and not with theRays, 444:the control of the lower three energies for the major part of its experience. Then, upon the PathRays, 446:not here with the Path of Probation whereon the major faults should be eliminated and whereon theRays, 446:faults should be eliminated and whereon the major virtues should be developed. Much of theRays, 450:creator on the physical plane. From these major lines of energy lesser lines can radiate at will.Rays, 454:and the Mysteries of Initiation These three major threads which are in reality six, if the creativeRays, 459:Seven Paths In reality, you have here the two major approaches to God or to the Divine Whole, bothRays, 463:mastered) lead to one or other of the seven major initiations. These seven states of consciousnessRays, 466:upon the mental plane. In humanity, however, the major realization to be grasped at the presentRays, 466:and expressing (in full waking awareness) three major states of consciousness: The ShamballaRays, 477:between the highest and the lowest. Each of the major human races has been responsible for theRays, 482:a creative process which will be productive of major results. The human being lives in a world ofRays, 484:impulse towards spiritual light and towards a major orientation will take place. Just as theRays, 496:here with peculiar force. A.A.B.) [496] "Your major need is for an intensification of your innerRays, 498:of Alignment-Invocation- Evocation are the three major ideas for you to hold in mind as we proceedRays, 501:are the methods, uniquely possible on the seven major lines of emanatory energy, which differingRays, 502:factor in the building process and one of the major means of focusing, prior to projection. ThisRays, 503:in mind that the energy of his egoic ray is the major energy through which the Monad is attemptingRays, 510:initiation. Initiation falls really into three major expansions of consciousness. The expansion ofRays, 522:is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first major initiation, whilst the two previous initiations areRays, 523:him from his distant goal. This constituted the major part of the agony upon the Cross. There was aRays, 527:which terminates in Shamballa. His work was of a major consummating nature; He demonstrated inRays, 531:capacity of the disciple and (which is of major importance) constitutes his contribution to theRays, 536:have greatly misled aspirants. Character is of major importance - of such recognized importanceRays, 537:of the disciple. These activities become the major motivating potency in the disciple's life andRays, 537:This process of unfoldment creates certain major points of successive fusions, with consequentRays, 541:can be achieved. Initiation - a dramatic and a major point of tension - connotes essentially theRays, 543:he passes through the third initiation when major changes take place) he is expected to "retain theRays, 549:to a Master. With it you have no concern. Your major task, as aspirants, is to cultivate the higherRays, 550:Logos; they create great vortices of force or major points of tension throughout His body ofRays, 550:creative crisis has been made possible by three major happenings: The conclusion of a twenty-fiveRays, 550:is called the lesser zodiac. This connotes a major cycle of experience in the life of our planetaryRays, 551:energies coming from Aquarius. These result in major changes in the life of the planetary Logos and
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