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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJOR

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Reappearance, 166:midst of all frustrating factors. There are two major factors which condition the presentReappearance, 171:of goodwill. We come now to the second of the major hindrances: the lack of financial support forReappearance, 171:for the Work of the Christ This is perhaps the major difficulty, and it appears to many at times toReappearance, 179:presentation is of equal importance. The major point to be emphasized in the preparatory work forReappearance, 183:among men. This group is divided into two major divisions: - A group composed of the disciples ofReappearance, 185:which will govern the new age. This is the major task of the New Group of World Servers. As weReappearance, 186:of the New Group of World Servers and that their major task at this time is to prepare the way forReappearance, 186:Christ. Let me emphatically here state that the major method with which we can concern ourselvesSoul, 139:able to function consciously through his three major centers, (head, heart and throat) leaving theTelepathy, 14:this theme, it is obvious that there are three major factors which must be considered: TheTelepathy, 17:Aryan, instinctual telepathic work is still the major expression of this spiritual possibility, butTelepathy, 19:techniques of accomplishment, and the three major ways of communicating on Earth: InstinctualTelepathy, 22:interesting stage. It constitutes one of the major rewards of right meditation and involves muchTelepathy, 25:when I use these terms I am referring to the two major types of energy in the world today.Telepathy, 33:Hierarchy to the New Group of World Servers. The major factors which must be considered in allTelepathy, 43:time to act as recipients. These are the major entering impressions, recorded by what is gliblyTelepathy, 47:and have [47] enumerated only a few of the major groups which are - in their intrinsic nature -Telepathy, 51:on a large scale. This is one of the major tasks of the New Group of World Servers. [52] Telepathy, 62:the entire human kingdom will eventually be a major magnetic center upon our planet, invoking allTelepathy, 65:of life, quality and appearance, mentioning the major triplicity which could be and is alreadyTelepathy, 66:of clarity, I divided this science into three major divisions, basing them upon the reactions ofTelepathy, 66:basing them upon the reactions of the three major planetary centers to their environment. This is aTelepathy, 71:will, the Universal Mind. The three which are of major importance and which form an esotericTelepathy, 75:purport to register is regarded by them as of major importance: it is usually self-related and notTelepathy, 76:but usually have in them nothing new or of major importance; they are, again, the result of pastTelepathy, 78:sinlessness and extraordinary purity. The major impression registered in the second kingdom ofTelepathy, 87:a Master of an Ashram, he starts upon one of the major hierarchical tasks of mastering the ScienceTelepathy, 87:foundation for the practice of telepathy. If a major world test were to be made, those receptive toTelepathy, 92:second Ray of Love-Wisdom in one of its three major forms or Rays of Aspect, implemented by theTelepathy, 98:which a Master watches, and this is a factor of major importance in the life of the disciple. TheTelepathy, 106:psychism, his essential humility (which plays a major part in proper understanding), and hisTelepathy, 107:aspects of himself which have hitherto been of major importance: the astral vehicle and the soulTelepathy, 110:of a bridging faculty, for it is one of the major steps towards the higher impression; it alwaysTelepathy, 116:of substance; these four areas are close to four major centers. When the individual is strictly lowTelepathy, 116:population who use the sacral center as the major registering organ. The magnetic aura (when thisTelepathy, 116:part of the etheric vehicle. It is through this major center that the ordinary medium works,Telepathy, 121:Speaking practically (and that is always of major importance), it might be said that evolutionTelepathy, 124:body of the planetary Logos is necessarily of major importance in any consideration of the SupremeTelepathy, 125:our planet is what we might regard as the three major centers of the planetary Logos: The HeadTelepathy, 126:humanity stands is probably the primary and major aspect of the divine purpose. Pause and thinkTelepathy, 127:note, therefore, that though we call one of the major centers HUMANITY, yet - in the last analysisTelepathy, 128:possible for humanity eventually to act as the major impressing agent in relation to the threeTelepathy, 129:and (certainly, at first) in terms of the three major energies as they emanate from some center,Telepathy, 132:were created and en rapport, which constitutes a major event upon the involutionary arc; to this,Telepathy, 132:was destined to become and is today the third major center in the planetary life. Then anotherTelepathy, 133:and the interplay going on between these three major planetary centers; this produces a constantTelepathy, 134:nine aspects of divinity which connote the nine major initiations and those divine characteristicsTelepathy, 135:characteristics through which [135] the three major aspects of divinity reflect themselves. In thisTelepathy, 135:under the influence or impression of the three major planetary centers and are, therefore, finallyTelepathy, 135:are, therefore, finally conditioned by the three major energies to which I referred earlier in thisTelepathy, 137:human etheric body which correspond to the three major centers of the planetary Logos. There is,Telepathy, 142:humility. Both are equally bad. There are six major propositions which govern all consideration ofTelepathy, 143:Life, but we shall consider only the seven major [144] centers which respond to the inflowingTelepathy, 144:All lesser centers are conditioned by the seven major centers; this is a point which students areTelepathy, 147:response" from dense matter, and thus the seven major sets of endocrine glands slowly came intoTelepathy, 149:intention - through the medium of HIS three major centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and Humanity.Telepathy, 149:body. He works, however, through His three major centers: Shamballa, the planetary head center; theTelepathy, 151:of the body, via three main stations: The seven major centers, of which you have heard much. TheTelepathy, 159:Logos works through the medium of the three major centers: The Center where the will of God isTelepathy, 159:the evolutionary process: Humanity. The three major centers, both planetary and human, exist inTelepathy, 159:in Their cosmic etheric bodies. These three major energy centers are closely related to each other,Telepathy, 159:to each other, and through his own individual major centers (the head, the heart and the throat)Telepathy, 160:the Monad is to be found - one of the three major rays and, therefore, related to one of the threeTelepathy, 160:rays and, therefore, related to one of the three major centers - conditions: The disciple'sTelepathy, 160:- find their way finally on to one of the three major Rays of Aspect. The changes of shifts in rayTelepathy, 162:source, quality and purpose - create the seven major centers which condition the many smallerTelepathy, 163:finally externalize themselves through the seven major glands of the endocrine system. I have saidTelepathy, 164:which circulate through its medium the three major Rays of Aspect. The four Rays of AttributeTelepathy, 167:the angle of their relation to one of the three major planetary centers - Shamballa, the HierarchyTelepathy, 169:The above statement or definition is one of major importance. This point at the center is inTelepathy, 171:because the Monad expresses only the three major aspects of divinity, or the three major rays. Telepathy, 171:three major aspects of divinity, or the three major rays. Telepathy, 175:into activity by the cultivation of certain major virtues, and not by meditation or concentrationTelepathy, 182:secondary expression through the medium of three major centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy, andTelepathy, 183:into active expression by one of the three major Rays or Energies. The Center which is created byTelepathy, 183:Ray of Will or Power is called Shamballa and its major activity is bequeathing, distributing andTelepathy, 184:of this second Center, the Hierarchy, have the major and important task, in this particular solarTelepathy, 184:to perpetuate and the instinct to mate are the major incubating areas. The third Center is that ofTelepathy, 185:the third [185] Ray of Active Intelligence. Its major function is intelligent creation; but it hasTelepathy, 186:of energies carrying the qualities of the three major rays, and then the point at the center whichTelepathy, 187:instituted. At the close of the age, the three major Centers will be in complete, unified andTelepathy, 187:then the massed energies of the three major Centers will dominate the other four centers,Telepathy, 187:of the sphere of radiation of these three major Centers, it is interesting to note that, at thisTelepathy, 190:The student is well aware that the three major Centers have their correspondences in the humanTelepathy, 191:center and a measure of activity, the other two major centers can begin to awaken. TheTelepathy, 191:the eyebrows) works in connection with the three major centers but mainly, at this stage of humanTelepathy, 191:"that which has been purified" into the higher major center. Telepathy, 192:and therefore to each of man's individual three major centers. The three centers in the human beingTelepathy, 193:human beings are at this time working. It is the major controlling center, both for the receptionTelepathy, 193:much more to be said anent this subject of the major planetary and human centers, but I have hereTelepathy, 193:diaphragm and those above it. Between the three major centers with each other. Between the threeTelepathy, 193:major centers with each other. Between the three major centers and the three planetary centers. All
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