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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJORITY

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Externalisation, 15:clear. The great hindrance to the work of the majority of the esoteric schools at this time isExternalisation, 51:willingly rendered by an intelligent majority, has never yet been seen. But we are moving towardsExternalisation, 98:to the more advanced among the animal-men in a majority of cases, the stimulation of theExternalisation, 102:the world of an esoteric network. For this the majority are not yet ready, but I would have youExternalisation, 104:of energy along some line; hitherto, for the majority, force has been used and its impact on otherExternalisation, 112:today is far vaster, embracing as it does the majority of nations in both hemispheres. No nationExternalisation, 125:are motivated by group good and the need of the majority. The test to which humanity was to beExternalisation, 128:of goodwill and understanding are in the majority but are - as I pointed out in earlier writings -Externalisation, 201:which is studied and somewhat understood by the majority of men. On theological interpretationsExternalisation, 208:exhaustion and a willingness on the part of the majority to accept almost any terms which willExternalisation, 230:my earlier article, written in April, 1940. The majority of those whom I sought to reach and withExternalisation, 250:the angle of dynamic usefulness, because the majority of those who used it turned it into a peaceExternalisation, 307:force enslaves the personality which, in the majority of cases, is but a shell. Of this, Hitler isExternalisation, 313:and given help. Many have longed to aid. The majority have done little or nothing. In this momentExternalisation, 340:was removed, and the enforced submission of the majority to the will of a ruthless minority broughtExternalisation, 344:naturally be still more difficult. For the vast majority of men, true love is still only a theory.Externalisation, 397:note was peace. It was used as a prayer by the majority and not as a challenging demand as had beenExternalisation, 412:personality," which is so characteristic of the majority of men. Personality holds so many inExternalisation, 415:stand, and a study of them will reveal that the majority of the unthinking masses (an immenseExternalisation, 415:majority of the unthinking masses (an immense majority) do accept them hopefully and with desire,Externalisation, 429:are universal and innocent sufferers. The majority scarcely realize what it is all about; they viewExternalisation, 461:of the world. These people are usually a large majority. Their attitude leads inevitably to troubleExternalisation, 469:punishment. To this vast multitude (probably the majority) His love and compassion apparently doExternalisation, 561:throughout the planet, via the Hierarchy in the majority of cases. Both the Hierarchy and HumanityExternalisation, 569:outer physical senses are in abeyance; for the majority of Masters Who still use these senses, theExternalisation, 583:years go by. But it must be remembered that the majority of disciples will not so react. They willExternalisation, 597:human need has its place in the teaching of the majority of the world faiths. Ever since HeExternalisation, 603:Its citizens are those who today (unknown to the majority) live in physical bodies, work for theExternalisation, 621:noted are the most common; the release of the majority of aspirants from these hindering conditionsExternalisation, 624:is based also on the trained selfishness of the majority of those who own the world's wealth andExternalisation, 629:connected with money. It is here [629] that the majority fail. It is relatively easy today to raiseExternalisation, 645:this energy, owing to the "little wills" of the majority of men and the developed strenuous willsExternalisation, 682:upon the subjective levels of life; the majority of Them, and particularly the senior Members ofExternalisation, 685:I may use such an inadequate expression, and a majority of the Members of the Hierarchy areExternalisation, 686:instead of lessened by the reorientation of the majority of the Masters and initiates. TheseExternalisation, 686:upon Them, but which will serve to release the majority to a new and more potent form of immediateExternalisation, 686:strength than has even before been the case. The majority of the Masters and initiates, in TheirExternalisation, 686:contact". Temporarily, the training which the majority have been receiving in "cosmic orientation,"Fire, 64:physical body, and its desires hold sway in the majority of cases; it demonstrates in time andFire, 139:column; hence two-thirds of its effect in the majority is yet confined to the stimulation of theFire, 285:outside the scope of the consciousness of the majority. As we have been told, the goal of evolutionFire, 324:that it was earlier pointed out that the majority of men function consciously on the fifth subplaneFire, 326:a medium. The fourth ether is that whereof the majority of the etheric bodies of men are made. TheFire, 328:Men, and it will be found that just as the majority of human etheric bodies are built of matter ofFire, 402:of transmutation is only just beginning in the majority of cases. In studying these subjects weFire, 474:to live consciously on etheric levels. The majority of men only function consciously on the threeFire, 511:the astral, and through the desire nature, the majority of men inevitably direct and control theFire, 578:second subplane of the monadic plane that the majority of the Monads have their habitat; there areFire, 578:for System III, the power system. The majority of the Monads are on the second subplane and theyFire, 662:controlling factors in the lives of the great majority of people. To the Heavenly Man, astralFire, 663:power, are as yet practically in control of the majority. Man usually does as his desires andFire, 706:for certain groups of the discarded, though the majority will be held over until another system.Fire, 735:functioning in his etheric physical body by the majority of the race, the dropping of the denseFire, 824:to unfold. For instance, in the case of the majority of men, being [825] Monads of Love, the loveFire, 951:desire bodies, and not the mental bodies of the majority of men are the most powerful, and set upFire, 968:of simultaneity. When (as is the case with the majority of the human family) the process is anFire, 973:the conscious builder. The thought forms of the majority of human beings are energized from no suchFire, 975:thought-forms. The energy used by them in the majority of cases originates in the solar plexus, andFire, 976:is owing to the currents which emanate from the majority of people being of such a low order thatFire, 992:under the force of the second aspect, and the majority respond to it, escaping from the meshes ofFire, 1002:point, fortunately for the human race, that the majority of magical investigators fail in theirFire, 1004:plane of mind is as yet an unknown land to the majority, - unknown in so far as its consciousFire, 1021:is forbidden under the Law of Economy. With the majority of men, who are oft unconscious magicians,Fire, 1067:of transmutation. They did not succeed in the majority of cases because, having located theFire, 1075:of the atom. This process, nevertheless, in the majority of cases covers such a vast period of timeFire, 1084:constellations of even greater magnitude in the majority of cases than ours, only one beingFire, 1251:an identification at present impossible to the majority, and a power to realize the nature of thatFire, 1259:altogether. The reason also why the majority of the sons of men follow this Path lies in the factFire, 1261:This ray Path is the one upon which the majority of the "Masters of the Wisdom" pass. In the sameFire, 1262:this fifth Path is the one that the majority of their adepts follow. Adepts who are on this Path,Glamour, 7:in the experience of the aspirant. With the majority of true aspirants, the center between theGlamour, 8:of people this study is relatively easy; to the majority it is not easy at all, thereby indicatingGlamour, 16:has been hoped, for the concrete mind of the majority of the group members simply increased theGlamour, 22:that is the word I seek to use) in which the majority of human beings seem always to live. TheGlamour, 26:this time than illusion, owing to the enormous majority of people who function astrally always.Glamour, 33:quality and is the major factor controlling the majority. The objective of all training given onGlamour, 45:recognized that glamor and illusion exist. The majority of people are unaware of their presence.Glamour, 46:freedom which comes when mankind achieves its majority and the freedom of the soul, lie all theGlamour, 55:to make them his own. At first, with the majority of people and especially with the averageGlamour, 76:nature of love. Love, for many people, for the majority indeed, is not really love but a mixture ofGlamour, 82:The Nature of Glamor It is illumination that the majority of aspirants, such as are found in thisGlamour, 116:history, for the disciple is polarized in the majority of cases in his astral body and is,Glamour, 128:emotional glamor dominates still and, for the majority of you, the second contrast, that betweenGlamour, 149:- economic, social and religious - control the majority. The man is under the influence of theGlamour, 221:have learnt to use the formula just given. The majority of those so working are sixth ray aspirantsGlamour, 251:the soul is concerned and it is not yet - in the majority of cases - a distributor of directingGlamour, 260:the etheric body. This concerns location in the majority of cases and is a mistake. Aspirants wouldHealing, 34:of mine? [34] The astral body is, for the majority of mankind, the major determining factor to beHealing, 38:produces much of the acidity from which the majority of people suffer. I would like to add inHealing, 42:the prime motivating factor in the lives of the majority. This is caused by the fact that: It isHealing, 47:three centers in supreme control today for the majority are: The ajna center, the center betweenHealing, 49:are latent in the physical vehicles of the majority of men, only awaiting predisposing conditionsHealing, 49:the determining life forces for the majority of men at this time) work out into manifestation is aHealing, 53:a student has to remember is that - for the majority of human beings, for the huge majority - theHealing, 53:- for the majority of human beings, for the huge majority - the influences and impulses whichHealing, 53:of the individual consciousness at which that majority finds itself. Men are swayed by the impulseHealing, 75:still others will be only partially so. For the majority of people, the centers below the diaphragmHealing, 94:the astral and of the dense physical levels. The majority of people are helpless to do anythingHealing, 107:you have in these two the source of the majority of the diseases and nervous and mental conditionsHealing, 152:is achieved, as it has been achieved by the vast majority of men who are at this time the aspirants
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