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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJORITY

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Healing, 172:center in the body, and is a basic cause of the majority of stomach complaints and troublesHealing, 192:occasionally (and only very occasionally for the majority of people) of the soul. Only when theHealing, 212:if the inner consciousness is harmless (and the majority of these people are guilty of a superiorHealing, 252:period lies thousands of years away, a great majority of people today are basically Atlantean inHealing, 296:the stress upon the subjective reasons for the majority of ills which attack the human frame. MyHealing, 315:(and therefore still fewer of the ordinary and majority of people) who have so transmuted emotion.Healing, 348:desire nature, as it predominantly is with the majority of people. But planned mental control isHealing, 351:no useful purpose. This preservation is, in the majority of cases, enforced by the subject's groupHealing, 351:to heal. Having no clairvoyant power in the majority of cases, and being time-conscious and underHealing, 368:which will revolutionize, though not negate, the majority of their theories. Individual studentsHealing, 391:sane anticipation. The morbid attitude of the majority of men to the subject of death, and theirHealing, 398:search; it is an unfortunate fact that the majority of the people (apart from a few enlightenedHealing, 414:functioning in his etheric physical body by a majority of the race, the dropping of the dense bodyHealing, 423:and the line of least resistance for the majority. But such is not the way for you. Look not eitherHealing, 455:The process works automatically with the majority, for (when the soul withdraws its attention) theHealing, 455:the "web in the brain," which is intact for the majority but is non-existent for the illuminedHealing, 456:biased human being, and therefore of the vast majority, and the head center for the mentallyHealing, 472:consciously established, as in the case of the majority of people at this time, death comes as anHealing, 487:of emotional sentiency. These are still the vast majority. In Atlantean days the astral plane cameHealing, 494:(mostly somewhat disorganized in the case of the majority of men) are no longer present. These areHealing, 498:necessarily be briefer in connection with this majority than with the kamic minority, because theHealing, 500:lives of the incarnating soul and for the majority of the cycles of life experience, the soul isHealing, 508:of the personality. I would point out that the majority of people are not personalities, no matterHealing, 525:seen"; that evidence is largely lacking in the majority. Faith is not wishful thinking or anHealing, 531:high-sounding affirmations. The sincerity of the majority of those who belong to these schools ofHealing, 545:he is enduring is the fate and the lot of the majority, and that he is not alone. A right handlingHealing, 545:the earth. Let me put it quite simply. When the majority of the inhabitants of the earth are beingHealing, 560:engendered by his world service for men. As the majority of human beings are at this timeHealing, 567:At the present point in racial development, the majority of people are swept into diseasedHealing, 592:as a result. Under this category would come the majority of the diseases of disciples and mystics,Healing, 592:the heart or the blood stream. They will, in the majority of cases, be confined to the area aboveHealing, 609:good health, but it is also dependent, in the majority of average cases, upon the life andHealing, 617:etheric body. There will be, however, in the majority of cases, a greater or less admixture ofHealing, 712:ray healer will not reappear. Today they are the majority, and their work is not good; it isInitiation, 58:mentioned. He is at present handling the majority of the third ray pupils in the occident inInitiation, 75:on all planes, and the energy which now, in the majority, finds expression through the lower orInitiation, 90:can contact his Monad with more freedom than the majority of the human race can contact their Egos.Initiation, 96:consciousness (such as will be achieved by the majority of the human family prior to the middle ofInitiation, 104:They are not very many in number, for the majority of the Great Ones pass on steadily andInitiation, 114:is always present, but the recognition of the majority as yet exists not. This "recognition" by theInitiation, 159:builds a form or vehicle in deva substance. The majority of human beings as yet buildInitiation, 215:the reader may understand their connotation. The majority of the definitions have been culled fromIntellect, 12:is true also that man is only now attaining his majority and is about to enter upon his inheritanceIntellect, 32:at a hoarding of information, has brought the majority." - Keyserling, Count Hermann, CreativeIntellect, 35:enter a spiritual world, which is sealed to the majority, and to function in a dimension of whichIntellect, 57:and desire, that acts most potently, in the majority of cases, upon [58] the physical body. ThisIntellect, 99:soul and direct knowledge of divinity. For the majority of those who take up the study ofIntellect, 101:The function of [101] the mind, in the majority of cases, is first of all to receive messages fromIntellect, 120:in some science or some way of living, but the majority never attain mind control. EducationalIntellect, 121:page 300. But this idea fails to satisfy the majority of thinkers and most of them - belonging toIntellect, 122:whose minds record that which is hidden to the majority. With this last class we have as yetIntellect, 133:of the experience. There seems (in the majority of cases) no sense of security or certainty ofIntellect, 156:heights of awareness, but his approach, in the majority of cases, has been the heart approach, andIntellect, 158:and discipline. For the vast and unthinking majority, it is perhaps true that the mystic way ofIntellect, 181:answer the questions of Why and Wherefore. The majority of men, no matter what their theology, whenIntellect, 218:are unsympathetic at the attempts. In the majority of cases this is the fault of the aspirantIntellect, 219:basis in our attempt to do something that the majority is not doing, and which sets us apart asIntellect, 222:cases leads me to sound this warning, for in the majority of cases of uncontrolled psychicIntellect, 244:nature (the line of least resistance for the majority) comes in touch with such a thought-form,Intellect, 261:the human body - are responsible. As the majority of people function primarily through theMagic, 28:The world in which we live is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessingMagic, 37:and part of him recognizes his divine soul. The majority however, at this time will be found to beMagic, 78:occult path, for that is the stage, and for the majority, the only stage at present possible. OneMagic, 83:we die" characterize the attitude of the majority of men. [84] Men deaden the inner voice thatMagic, 86:the astral body and the physical, which, for the majority, is the control, by the positive astralMagic, 112:of the monad to influence extensively. So the majority of cases come not under this category. Magic, 171:He finds that it is he who shuts the door in the majority of cases through lower psychism, physicalMagic, 202:in these energy bodies, and at present, in the majority of cases relatively static, is the soul. ItMagic, 239:people are peculiarly a prey to this. For the majority of them it constitutes the "dweller on theMagic, 258:in a blaze of intensest realization. For the majority, physical and emotional purity are theMagic, 266:- Fundamental Forms Up to the present time the majority of aspirants in the world express theMagic, 293:for there is the vehicle of experience for the majority, and few there are who do not pass theMagic, 294:Here also lies the safeguard for the majority of human beings, in the fact that they possess as yetMagic, 297:put first because it constitutes, for the vast majority, the Dweller on the Threshold and also inMagic, 304:and yet utterly beyond the mental grasp of the majority! c. A mass of individual distress and fearMagic, 310:liberation, for these do not constitute for the majority such a problem as the first two. One couldMagic, 324:the divine Life. What is lacking as yet with the majority of aspirants is a synthetic consciousnessMagic, 330:and the subjective band of mystics, is the majority of the new generation of young people who areMagic, 330:disorganized by the recognition of both. This majority do not belong to the past and refuse toMagic, 354:and unified by a common aspiration. Such are the majority of Christians, for instance, in theMagic, 374:The fourth subplane of the astral holds the majority of men when they pass over and consequentlyMagic, 415:inner triplicity, [415] usually dormant in the majority, of soul-mind-brain must be in alignmentMagic, 415:and have in it members on all the rays. The majority of the workers in the many groups have carriedMagic, 424:aliveness simultaneously. That is for the majority a common and ordinary condition. Where twoMagic, 450:The world in which we live is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessingMagic, 482:beings fall into three main groups: The vast majority, who are neither good nor bad, but simplyMagic, 484:embody, therefore, some intuition. But with the majority, the motivating impulse which sweeps theMagic, 488:that which has been desired, only to find in the majority of cases that the aspirant no longerMagic, 492:said from the standpoint of the inability of the majority of students to think with clarity. ClearMagic, 497:The process works automatically with the majority, for when the soul withdraws its attention theMagic, 500:the "web in the brain", which is intact for the majority but is non-existent for the illuminedMagic, 502:biased human being and therefore of the vast majority, and the head center for the mentallyMagic, 525:so equipped that they can respond. It is for the majority practically non-existent. I use the wordsMagic, 588:This is all that can be safely undertaken by the majority, and it is with this stage that the bulkMagic, 590:and the slower and safer method is (in the vast majority of cases) the more rapid. PrematureMagic, 593:when not due to physiological causes, is, in the majority of cases, due to the piercing of one orMagic, 607:They therefore can suffer more than the majority, and few there are who are not at this stage tooMagic, 632:for their vision is beyond the grasp of the majority, and they meet often lack of understanding,Meditation, 61:In this way what I will say will teach the majority who study these letters... The man undertakesMeditation, 81:fact that consciousness is at present for the majority polarized in the lower vehicles and not in
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