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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MAJORITY

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Meditation, 89:not yet to be trusted with that power, for the majority are but animated by selfish desire andMeditation, 95:that center will be. This is the method of the majority. Then that point having been reached, a manMeditation, 98:bodies; it is the center of polarization for the majority of the human family; it is the mostMeditation, 122:and to the mental bodies, though with the majority these days it refers solely to the emotional. AtMeditation, 134:you the danger is as yet inappreciable to the majority, but more and more as time elapses shall weMeditation, 147:activity - the path of least resistance for the majority is that of the mystic, or the path of loveMeditation, 160:Forms for mental healing. These will be, for the majority of you, much more obscure, and in factMeditation, 184:organs are the secondary center in the majority of cases for the internal fire. The correspondenceMeditation, 195:the Sacred Word, pitched in the key to which the majority of the group respond. This key will beMeditation, 236:and consequent heaviness of color of the majority of the human race. There are, in the heaven worldMeditation, 245:out in the physical body, as is the case in the majority of physical ills today, can usually beMeditation, 336:force adapted to the need of the great average majority in all the kingdoms of nature. As progressMeditation, 349:the reader may understand their connotation. The majority of the definitions have been culled fromPatanjali, 30:is that "devachan" which is the goal of the majority of the sons of men. Devachanic experiencePatanjali, 45:that in the archives of the Lords of Karma, the majority of these three groups pass into the signPatanjali, 64:be trained in this sacred science. For the majority of people, the awakening of the mental body,Patanjali, 65:which we call the mental body. The majority of men have as yet to build that vesture which occultPatanjali, 134:sense which has a triple use. As yet for the majority of men it has but one use: Its first andPatanjali, 159:and the unspecific. It is as yet for the majority only "indicated." We surmise it is there. ThePatanjali, 165:from the control of those forms which hold the majority of men captive in the three worlds. HePatanjali, 219:facilitated by steady even breathing, and the majority of the breathing exercises when emphasizedPatanjali, 231:not be given in such a work as this. The majority of people have to master the first two stages andPatanjali, 277:enumerated to show how impossible it is that the majority of the claims regarding past incarnationsPatanjali, 296:or astral plane and the mental. At present the majority of us function on these planesPatanjali, 344:in the plan and become a white magician. For the majority it is as yet only possible for us toProblemsvalid today and remain largely ignored by the majority of humanity. The contribution of esotericProblems, 76:served to weaken the confidence and power of the majority. The fight of the workers is still goingProblems, 85:those who speak and fight for them prevent the majority from approaching [86] their problem withProblems, 86:fanaticism which borders on a hatred for the majority who (as the fighting protagonist sees it) areProblems, 91:rightly or wrongly - are making claims upon the majority. Some of the majorities are sincerelyProblems, 95:unique problem, with the Negro constituting a majority in that great (and as yet undeveloped)Problems, 116:and better era. Though a platitude is, in the majority of cases, the statement of a recognizableProblems, 127:exists in the mind of God, with Whose mind the majority of dogmatic interpreters claim familiarity.Problems, 144:and largely undiscovered as yet by the majority - to be found also in every man. In the comingProblems, 153:person of every man, unrevealed as yet in the majority but eternally present and moving towardsPsychology1, 54:the Self - a rare and unusual occurrence for the majority. Every form in manifestation does twoPsychology1, 87:of vital moment after the third initiation. A majority and a minority always exist in everyPsychology1, 87:at the end of the greater cycle (manvantara) the majority will find their way to the synthetic lovePsychology1, 87:(in the next solar system) will constitute the majority, finding their synthesis on ray one. ThisPsychology1, 107:be judged. These communications emanate in the majority of instances from the soul plane, and thePsychology1, 168:center of consciousness belongs. In fact in the majority of cases, the ray of the [169] center ofPsychology1, 183:eye." I would have you note, however, that the majority of true esotericists are found outside, andPsychology1, 199:an inner mechanism as yet unevolved in the majority, respond to the planetary consciousness andPsychology1, 231:All personality reactions are, in the majority of cases, based upon emotion of some kind orPsychology1, 279:place, mostly unrealized and unobserved by the majority of people. The seventh Ray of Law and OrderPsychology1, 290:age this will go rapidly forward. [290] The majority of people today live below the diaphragm, andPsychology1, 294:applies to the intelligent, well-intentioned majority whose standards will have developed as thePsychology1, 297:our ill-regulated system of cohabitation. The majority of the children who are born now have comePsychology1, 312:of material life and his head in heaven. In the majority of cases his eyes are closed, and he seesPsychology1, 367:be seventh ray aspirants and disciples in the majority of cases; their capacity towards integrationPsychology1, 388:The readers of this treatise are, in the majority of cases, far too nationalistic in theirPsychology1, 388:racial karma. The time has not yet come when the majority of the people of any race can see thePsychology2, 13:of forces and energies utterly unknown to the majority. Their only mistake is in the realm of time,Psychology2, 101:is above everything else the ray upon which the majority of human monads will, particularly, atPsychology2, 102:our solar Logos is concerned, and also for the majority of the planetary Logoi. This must bePsychology2, 112:This will not, however, be the case until the majority of human beings understand something of whatPsychology2, 120:to serve is an attitude which is true of a vast majority of the people in the world. Such has beenPsychology2, 127:it not, the point of evolution reached by the majority? When the rhythm of this law has beenPsychology2, 259:man as he is upon the physical plane, in the majority of cases. Speaking with a broadPsychology2, 260:in considering the subject of incarnation. The majority of the souls in the human family come intoPsychology2, 262:of this stupendous task, but they are, in the majority of cases, quite unconscious of theirPsychology2, 334:upon the downward or the upward arc. For the majority, the expert assistance of the modern trainedPsychology2, 364:by the fourth ray (by which I mean that the majority of its egos will have fourth rayPsychology2, 393:and something which lies far ahead for the majority of students who read these words. ThisPsychology2, 397:unexpressed as are the divine tendencies in the majority of human beings. It is with thesePsychology2, 423:will result in the liberation of a large majority of sufferers. It might perhaps be said that thePsychology2, 435:to be found in the etheric body, but for the majority of people it is energized mainly from thePsychology2, 472:that is the word I seek to use) in which the majority of human beings seem always to live.Psychology2, 473:this time than illusion, owing to the enormous majority of people who function astrally always.Psychology2, 478:mental living is still so difficult to the vast majority, why complicate the problem by trying toPsychology2, 480:response to a subjective urge. They are, in the majority of cases, blind leaders of the blind. WePsychology2, 494:because they revealed or indicated, in the majority of cases, the astral life of the dreamer. InPsychology2, 503:are, nevertheless, only partial records in the majority of cases, and mixed in nature, for thePsychology2, 533:consciously in some cases, unconsciously in the majority of cases - from the three worlds of humanPsychology2, 575:The throat center is now the most active in the majority of cases and the most significant. ThePsychology2, 580:use the word "Aryan" in contradistinction to the majority of the races found in Asia. SpeakingPsychology2, 582:and not for demonstration before the public. The majority of psychics today are solar plexusPsychology2, 590:consciousness (and they constitute the great majority) is functioning normally when displaying thePsychology2, 595:but the dangers involved in the case of the majority of [596] my readers negate any such action.Psychology2, 601:leader - or of any millennium) is based in the majority of cases upon the dreams and aspirations ofPsychology2, 622:are they not closely related) from which the majority of people have suffered in this age andPsychology2, 670:towards [670] unity and good will, but the majority seize upon the ideals presented to them, bendPsychology2, 696:This will not, however, be the case until the majority of human beings understand something of whatPsychology2, 703:nothing seemed to occur, it was natural for the majority to experience a sense of disappointment, aPsychology2, 712:are perhaps the most probable reactions for the majority. If there is nothing deeper in yourPsychology2, 723:wielded by great and powerful human beings, the majority of whom are out of physical incarnation.Psychology2, 749:Upon these two lay the emphasis, for by them the majority of human beings are reached. Let eachRays, 6:the real Man looks out upon vast and (to the majority) unknown fields of knowledge. Rays, 110:so it is very largely beyond the grasp of the majority of readers. It will, however, be useful forRays, 112:the glamor-making tendency and astralism of the majority of people and, secondly, with the rapidRays, 195:related to consciousness at all, for in the majority of cases these veils "lie on the earthwardRays, 255:of it can as yet be of real service to the majority of aspirants but a wide and general idea canRays, 281:in the three lower worlds. They forget that the majority are not so occupied. Have you everRays, 396:away from all that He has hitherto known. The majority of the Masters then enter into realmsRays, 414:and happenings are simply consequences: 1. The majority of liberated humanity, and therefore aRays, 430:of Great Britain, the United States and the majority of the United Nations or - must it break inRays, 569:not be expressed in occult terms, and in the majority of cases will not be; the individual initiateRays, 572:proof that humanity (through the medium of the majority of its advanced people) has undergone theRays, 603:all parts of the world testify and to which the majority of the world Scriptures bear evidence. InRays, 666:to be essential; the mystical way is for the majority at this time, and an increasingly large
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