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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFEST

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Magic, 347:must be dealt with in wisdom. Two things manifest when the spiritual vibration is exceedinglyMagic, 348:of the vibration on you, the aspirant, may manifest in various ways also. It may result in bodilyMagic, 514:apparently no physical plane ebb and flow, but manifest steadily an urge to work. These are peopleMagic, 516:cooperate with the Hierarchy of Masters and to manifest this cooperation by active participation inMagic, 536:The superman is with us. What will the world manifest when all mankind is tending towards aMagic, 549:and the form through which these three must manifest. Spirit, soul and body express the same ideaMagic, 555:of God Himself consists in this, that He must manifest a threefold recognition: Recognition of theMagic, 558:is as follows: The individual aspirant begins to manifest somewhat soul purpose in his life on theMagic, 579:who is the embodiment of a ray. The type will manifest primarily through what we might call dynamicMeditation, 56:egoic note in the three worlds. and prepares to manifest or to come into incarnation. The noteMeditation, 98:expression, that will enable the God within to manifest for the aiding of the world. Meditation, 101:that attend the practice of meditation as they manifest in the physical body. These dangers - likeMeditation, 150:through which the life he so much loves, has to manifest. He has to work at his mental body andMeditation, 168:Ray of Love and Wisdom. He must be love, and manifest it forth, but it may be love working throughMeditation, 233:I seek to impress upon you that though all rays manifest in the solar system, at certain stages ofMeditation, 240:expression, plus experience and the ability to manifest; plus all that constitutes the differenceMeditation, 354:beings in the solar system. These seven Kumaras manifest through the medium of a planetary schemeMeditation, 357:be said to be composed of two roots, "pra" to manifest, and "krita" to make; meaning, that whichMeditation, 357:make; meaning, that which caused the universe to manifest itself. Prana The Life Principle, thePatanjali, 9:when the lower nature is controlled it can manifest the higher. When the second aspect of the lowerPatanjali, 12:prevent the true nature of the soul becoming manifest. These are the externalities which hinder thePatanjali, 68:emanations of all living centers and will make manifest the conditions of the centers.Patanjali, 69:of the soul which is pure knowledge, and is manifest when the soul uses the mind as its instrumentPatanjali, 69:the realization of those Existences Who manifest through the [70] medium of a planetary scheme in aPatanjali, 102:to the Mother. Sattva (or rhythm) alone becomes manifest, rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia)Patanjali, 123:permit of the full flowering of the soul) will manifest as Sons of God with all the powers of thePatanjali, 135:leaves him. He makes contacts, and continues to manifest [136] and work upon the planes of illusionPatanjali, 138:of occult vibrations. The will to live or to manifest is part of the divine Life impulse, andPatanjali, 138:and therefore is right. The will to be or to manifest upon any specific plane or through anyPatanjali, 192:which has been thought and imagined, as it will manifest in the physical plane life. This will bePatanjali, 227:of yoga already considered, two results begin to manifest in him and he is ready to use thePatanjali, 265:rhythm, The amount of light which it permits to manifest, Its occult color. 2. Symbolic nature.Patanjali, 368:of the eight means of yoga the soul can manifest through the [369] lower threefold man, and in itsPatanjali, 399:faculties which the man is manifesting or can manifest (given the right conditions). These are, asPatanjali, 417:through which the life and love of God may manifest. [418] Problems, 117:still more wonderful expression of rightness to manifest. We can have no further expression ofProblems, 147:the passing of time and the discipline of life - manifest his essential divinity, as Christ did. Problems, 150:it possible for the human soul to express or manifest two aspects of divinity: Intelligence andPsychology1, 7:ways, therefore, the differentiations which manifest in nature are found in the realm of qualityPsychology1, 69:divine. All is of God. Quality - the power to manifest. Conform the shell to that which dwellsPsychology1, 88:only five rays dominate at any one time. All manifest, but only five dominate. A distinction shouldPsychology1, 95:to let the mind which was in Christ also be manifest in us. We are working towards the perfectingPsychology1, 130:these two aspects of divinity the opportunity to manifest as a trinity and the chance toPsychology1, 195:those qualifying energies which are seeking to manifest through the world of appearances. As theyPsychology1, 200:or the divine qualities as they seek to manifest. The processes of manifestation produce resultsPsychology1, 224:we are dealing with the mineral forms as they manifest in the concrete world. We are consideringPsychology1, 229:of this interplay of psychic potencies will manifest in the eventual transmutation of the earthPsychology1, 280:in its final stages, divine qualities [280] will manifest and change history and civilization. ThePsychology1, 287:Sons of God can find forms in which to manifest on earth. According to the scope of the marriagePsychology1, 313:reality can, for the first time and in truth, manifest itself on the physical plane in an organizedPsychology1, 414:p. 590.) The human kingdom is seeking to make manifest the desire or the love nature of thePsychology1, 414:Logos. The three subhuman kingdoms seek to manifest the intelligent nature of the planetary Logos.Psychology1, 420:Divine Principle: Energy. Element: Earth. "I manifest." Instrument of Sensation: Nose. Plane:Psychology2, 4:and energies whose will is to create and to manifest. In dealing, however, with these energies andPsychology2, 6:the fourth kingdom in nature is to enable man to manifest as a soul in time and space and to tunePsychology2, 14:enable the man at the third initiation to manifest forth as "a full-grown man in Christ", andPsychology2, 33:on earth in light phenomenal. The Blessed Ones manifest not through form; yet are all forms and allPsychology2, 48:one. Naught more remains to grasp. The Word is manifest. The work is seen complete. The Whole isPsychology2, 81:manufacture of an appearance with which to manifest. Souls on this ray, as they come intoPsychology2, 82:they, in time and space, require in order to manifest. The third type of substance is diffuselyPsychology2, 99:and Venus are similarly allied in order to manifest or express a great Life. These facts constitutePsychology2, 126:Soul (and the Law of Service is no exception) manifest inevitably in two ways. First, there isPsychology2, 220:and types of activity which have been unable to manifest (fortunately for the planet) since thePsychology2, 291:Ray One In unevolved Man The will to live or to manifest upon the physical plane. The impulse whichPsychology2, 291:In the advanced Man The will to liberation or to manifest consciously upon the plane of the soul.Psychology2, 319:literature of the world, such as: The desire to manifest. The creative impulse. The evolutionaryPsychology2, 320:which is manifesting through the form of the manifest". This is "the soul and the form", and manyPsychology2, 325:of the forms, based upon the wish or desire to manifest, and proceed with our theme along the ideaPsychology2, 347:thus, as the Bhagavad Gita says, becoming "manifest through the magical power of the soul". [348]Psychology2, 645:the lines along which this potent spirit can manifest. Psychology2, 703:success of the soul to move and act, and manifest with freedom in the three worlds, as well as onPsychology2, 706:state some of the developments [706] which will manifest when the ray of the soul is admitted andRays, 53:the divine omniscience and prepare himself to manifest in full consciousness the divineRays, 68:that which will give body to form and so manifest the will. The group can be, and frequently is,Rays, 118:to advanced human beings. They only begin to manifest as tendencies between the second and theRays, 121:new and impending ideas must take shape and manifest have yet to be created, and that takes time,Rays, 184:Sons of God Who have reached perfection finally manifest. It is a vehicle created by the energy ofRays, 201:the Lives which, in cyclic rhythm, again seek to manifest. The entire story of incarnation isRays, 308:sources than the three worlds in which they manifest. This destruction takes place under theRays, 310:This higher form of destruction does not manifest under the activity or the non-activity of the LawRays, 387:and pure reason or true love is beginning to manifest itself through the quality of all the rays,Rays, 419:and certain aspects of life to unfold and manifest. The effect of these intentions of the ray LordsRays, 526:for Their aptitude to respond to invocation, to manifest certain divine qualities, and to attractRays, 556:unfold and die; through energy the kingdoms manifest and disappear below the threshold of the worldRays, 560:(again through its foremost exponents) has to manifest the spirit of love through wisdom; the basisRays, 570:will pass through this "birth" initiation and manifest the Christ life on a large scale for theRays, 647:united Hierarchy; it is this that will begin to manifest when He appears. You have here the trueRays, 660:and develop better forms through which to manifest that perfection. But in the last analysis, humanRays, 753:(which was one reason why the Christ chose to manifest in those days), was opened wider under theRays, 754:transferring itself into a new form which will manifest on earth eventually as the new worldRays, 756:an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteousReappearancean uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteousReappearance, 11:that of Love-Wisdom, the Love of God. He will manifest as the Savior, the Builder, the Preserver;Reappearance, 95:The beauty of this synthesis which Christ will manifest, and the wonder of the presentedReappearance, 113:and the next facet of the divine expression to manifest itself in human affairs - individual,Reappearance, 147:the desired and the designed perfection and can manifest on earth as a rightly functioning son ofSoul, 51:bodies in order that the next generation can manifest better psychically. Whether we agree withSoul, 152:an entity, who, using the mechanism, will [152] manifest its own nature, which is love, wisdom andSoul, 152:Spirit, soul and body - a divine triplicity - manifest in the world and will carry all forwardTelepathy, 68:very great. 2. Intuitional telepathy begins to manifest increasingly among advanced human beings in
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